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The Public is Waking-up

 Hey Everyone, I have been doing a lot of thinking during this very dark period of wide-spread rioting, the radicals starting wildfires and innocent bystanders, dinners, and young mothers--just going about their business--being screamed at, assaulted, and murdered on a daily basis, now. The Rural Oregonian v PDX Metro Divide: We the People v Arsonists & Looters [...I am back this September 28, 2020 after a glorious afternoon basking in the sun at Washington Square, North Beach SF, CA] The peeling skin from the sunburning without a good-base at Baker Beach a few weeks back during the last heatwave had healed, so I picked-up some take-out in Chinatown and let my man-boobs hang-out with no apologies. We had some pretty talented football addicts decked-out in '9ers apparel, a jump-roping girl who was nice enough to retrieve a Wahl Groomer after discussing all of the stolen loot

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Influence Peddling: Paid-out 275 Million for Positive MSM Coverage

  Hi Everyone, As they used to say in Top 40 Radio: "The hits just keep on coming!" The newly purchased URL, now, does not work unless I go to it through, I have had Microsoft send an update which made their "Edge" browser my home page, and it screwed-up all of my settings, removing everything on my taskbar. ...and it was 91 Degrees in SF, Saturday, this Labor Day weekend! Being responsible and thinking all of these problems with my blog are finally over, I dropped my plans to be on the beach, Saturday, to load the last three months of blog post on the new host (?) Split screen, minimizing icon, my entire taskbar erased, I am having a great freaking weekend this [now] Sunday night after another five hours with a second friend/internet guru who got a few things corrected. Here is what I have to say: We are supposed to take a vaccine from this Mr. Rodgers look-alike in his gay-pink-sweater that will reassemble our RNA? There has never been a vaccine of thi

Wild Fires Accelerate Exercises in the South China Sea & Soros Funded Coup Attempt

  Hi Everyone, We have so much going-on both here at home and abroad; at home, we are experiencing wildfires stoked by high winds, many sparked by the electrical storm which ushered in a twenty degree drop in temperatures following a several day heatwave--now back, yet the mercury plummeted on Sunday as the Golden Gate acts as a giant conduit, funneling high-winds into the inland and central valleys.  The fires encompassing at least seven blazes in multiple NorCal Counties--known as the LNU Lightning Complex--has some 25,000 structures under threat after 100 structures having been lost, including some homes, according to an AP News story filed by Janie Har & Martha Mendoza. Currently, large swaths of Vacaville are under evacuation and checking CalFire to look at the fires in SoCal, I see the one east of San Jose in the Santa Cruz mountains has grown exponentially. CalFire Website Of course, we have the ongoing virtual

This Just In: An Interesting Omission Regarding Jeffery Epstein Madame's Father & Reporting on Kamala Harris

  Aug 12, 2020: Identical Post from Flawed URL   Hi Everyone, I just read an article about The Daily News . Apparently, buried-in-the-lead [as my publisher at the Inglewood Excelsior Light describing a story this once intern had written in Spring Semester 2017,] is the fact that once fugitive, Ghiselaine Maxwell's Father is the Owner of the NY Daily News. What the hell?  ...say again? Ahhhh, this would explain something I had commented on in my previous post entitled: Bang Bang Maxwell's Silver Hammer Came Down Upon Our Heads-- please note the excerpt below posted 7/12 on Drudge Report:   The New York Times  reports that the Daily News is basically dead, even if it will continue on like the Walking Dead. Today the News will close its newsroom downtown and employees will have til the fall to come and get their things. Will the paper continue a print edition? No one knows yet. Online edition? Why not? The paper was sold to Tribune Publishing– then known as

Are You People Out of Your Freaking Minds

Aug 7:Identical Post to Flawed URL Hello Again Everyone, After finishing my spiritual morning activities, I open the (once) Drudge Report to see the headline, "300,000 to be dead by Christmas." Good Lord, I would suspect so much from this Covid-19 and would rightfully figure so. How many in the US will become homeless--an area I brand and market myself as having overcome despite tremendous odds this last decade--commit suicide, divorce after losing their businesses, slip-back into narcotics or alcohol abuse/use due to the 12 Step meetings many had depended-upon not being there for the last five months, or loose every vehicle you own--even if paid for--your credit ruined and unable to feed ones' self? Been there…done that.  The New World Order I have Studied Half-Century is Now Being Implemented I know this instinctively, so as everything you have ever worked for dissolves right before our eyes, why not put down your brainwashing device you stare into 24/7 and

Something Big is Breaking This Afternoon & An Open Letter from A Patriot

  BREAKING:   We interrupt your Plan-ed-demic   Speaker Pelosi's Son is Involved in the Ukraine Corruption   I have been hearing a lot of buzz about an October Surprise consisting of FBI's Durham Report, the Epstein human trafficking caper with a revival of the Pizza Gate [WikiLeaks Roger Stone and Julian Assange,] and the Ukrainian deal that Biden admitted to--in front of The Council on Foreign Relations--being involved in withholding money unless a member of the government were fired.   That last one, a classic quid-pro-quo or a combination of all these if coupled with indictments, blah-bitty-blah-blah-blah.   Frankly, I never followed the Q ' or QAnon nonsense. The main narrative was the deep state leaders were “...heading to Guantanamo...any day...really...any day, now."   A Letter from a Patriot to the Nation   What is being signaled by the President before the press on August 7th, last Friday, is that he "...has made many rich and

The Increasing Censorship and Stranglehold on Reliable Information

 Content Posted to Flawed URL Hello Again Everyone, It has been a  challenging environment to operate in as it has become clear that our mainstream media or fake news media [FNM] is worsening the situation, fanning-the-flames of this on-going and over three-and-a-half-year attempted coup. The FNM is complicit towards inciting violence and property destruction. After weeks of MSM accounts of, “... mostly peaceful protesters" being dragged-off the streets by, supposed, paramilitary federal goon-squads.   Nothing, nothing could be further than the truth with a couple of well publicized instances of a handful of protesters mistakenly detained and released. Briefly, one man was held, authorities thinking he was the supplier of the green laser pointers that may have permanently blinded several officers. He was shortly thereafter, released.   AP: The Intensity of Terrorist Attacks Inside and Outside PDX Hatfield Federal Courthouse Increasingly, people who had been suppor

The Sunrise Movement is a Radical Brainwashing Operation

Identical Content Posted to Flawed URL: July 24, 2020 As the propaganda or info war continues, I am posting this for Juxtaposition4reconciliation followers: Millinial Millie: Compelling Investigative Journalism that All of This Was Pre-planned;postID=65001316007179989;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=0;src=postname Please Stay Tuned: I am known to put my writing process online as I go. Drake

Back to the Drawing Board

Link to Flawed URL Originally Posted on July 24, 2020 Hello Fellow Burka-style Mask Wearing Subjects of the Emerging New World Order Ahh, we meet again, Day-in-and-day-out, I am distracted by the demands from social agencies, theft of many of the boxes stolen during the long-anticipated move of my stuff stored for over half-a-decade in Sonora, CA, and the emerging fruition of the New Normal which I swore was a phrase I would never use. Hence, it keeps me from what really needs to begin to take precedent: My love of writing on issues of substance, the avenue driving my pursuit of regaining relevancy as a social commentator, blogger, and multimedia CaliDude. Yep, I get to break some grammatical rules, according to my Creative Writing for Nonfiction Professor, Jackie Davis-Martin; more importantly, I came to find-out while finishing-up the Spring Semester, 2020 at San Francisco City College [CCSF] that I am not a writer, nor--perhaps--shall I ever be a writer of the