The Increasing Censorship and Stranglehold on Reliable Information

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Hello Again Everyone,

It has been a  challenging environment to operate in as it has become clear that our mainstream media or fake news media [FNM] is worsening the situation, fanning-the-flames of this on-going and over three-and-a-half-year attempted coup. The FNM is complicit towards inciting violence and property destruction.

After weeks of MSM accounts of, “...mostly peaceful protesters" being dragged-off the streets by, supposed, paramilitary federal goon-squads.


Nothing, nothing could be further than the truth with a couple of well publicized instances of a handful of protesters mistakenly detained and released. Briefly, one man was held, authorities thinking he was the supplier of the green laser pointers that may have permanently blinded several officers. He was shortly thereafter, released.


AP: The Intensity of Terrorist Attacks Inside and Outside PDX Hatfield Federal Courthouse

Increasingly, people who had been supporters of the president are becoming vocal in questioning why Trump is holding-back on prosecutions of these radicals, the enabling deep-state operators, and George Soros Foundation (s) funded tactical operations as the country heads for a complete collapse.

Can the President Trump not get the information-out?


Let Me Put on My Media Scholar Hat

Currently, I am listening to 560 KSFO and am amazed at what the Fox Network News [Top-of-the-hour News] has up until now been broadcasting regarding the "...mostly peaceful protests in Portland."

AND, yes, I do understand how we all have our own media bias or bubble information-wise--our own algorithm--yet, I do surf the radio listening to KCBS, PBS on the weekends, and get plenty of stories from media outlets around the nation and world, daily. Drudge Report, directs me to everything from Slate, Mother Jones, The Nation, Reuters, to the LA Times.

As usual, just as Alex Jones was ignored in the press up until the Fall 2015 run-up to the election, when the MSM loses control of the narrative, then they capitulate to relaying the truth.

...usually, Russian Conspiracy the big exception--still beating that dead horse!

I bring-up Jones because most people I talk to who do not like or believe him, have formulated their opinion of him from the barrage of late night TV hosts berating him, comments from President Obama and Hillary Clinton, and misrepresentation in the MSM. More importantly, most have never gone to his site--or if they did so--spent very little time there, concentrating on characterizations of his--admittedly--over-the-top live show.


Please Set Aside A half-hour to Take-in What is



Of course, I have no problem believing this, at all. 


It was revealed within my Broadcast and Electronic News class [BECA 460.] The class was a hybrid lecture class led by the esteemed Journalist, Professor Yumi Wilson, for both Journalism and Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts majors. For instance, according to the Pew Research Institute, we learned that college students spent only several minutes a week in pursuit of logging into a credible online news-site and almost none spend any time watching TV News.

Here is one for you:

When I shared with the class that in the 5th largest TV market, San Francisco Bay Area, they could capture up to thirty or more free channels via HDTV Broadcast using an under $30.00 stick or what I have, a $60.00 HDTV Antenna from Costco...


Most, well, they looked at me like I was screaming a rant about Jones' Gay Frogs--not the BECA Majors:

We learn of this in two of our three prerequisite classes and our Upper Division English [GUAR] classes the first semester of our major, yet I was astounded that about 90-95% of students watch neither network or local TV News, viewing habits having changed radically over the past decade.


The ratings system has adjusted expecting what TV is on is oftentimes Over-the-Top Television [OTT] comprising entities such as Hulu, Netflix, and so-on. Multiple screens open in a living room with Dad doing work on a laptop, the daughter texting with friends while--her and her friend somewhere else--are watching the same show, while the TV in the room runs a program in the background, the son playing video games on his tablet!

Oftentimes, while on break at their parent's house, local TV may be relegated to running in the background.

...also, a real shocker for me?


That such an overwhelming polarity of those who incorrectly believed one had to have cable to watch newscasts from the network affiliates just as you would have to pay for CNN or MSNBC; obviously, the sands were shifting in 2017 regarding the quickly changing media landscape, as CBSN and the former big three and others played catch-up in the streaming world with most of the legacy media--on cable and satellite having beat the broadcast industry-to-the-punch--with a stronger streaming process a few years ahead of the shortfall.

I will try not to disparage my fellow Journalism majors too harshly...

However, for people who want to be in the news profession, it became apparent how a lack of understanding--for many not all--of the world around them was lacking, in many areas; oftentimes, locations of nations, history, and, most importantly--zero of what used to be called Civics seemed to be the norm; a couple of generations back, California's K-12, State Universities and the UC system were the envy of the nation; for example, a high school civics class buttressed an earlier [middle school or more likely about 5th Grade as I recall] course on the fundamentals of the three branches of government, the electoral process, powers left to the states, and so-on. 

Drake Putting-on His Sounding Like an Old Curmudgeon Hat


The lacking of just plain reasoning--devoid of critical thinking--seemed to be a common thread.

Now, to be fair, some of my colleagues on the TV-side may be super-smart but lacking in this arena of ideas yet look great on TV and are quick-witted. Naturally, much of this is hormonal as young people of that age have other priorities--myself at the time included--and will build those skills covering and researching for news stories as the years accumulate; of course, I would not expect this if wanting to be a sportscaster, for instance.

That is, I could not tell anyone about who had the most RBI's or pass-receptions any given day or year, but if you need to know the succession of people who held the position Secretary of State under the Clinton Administration, what Barry Goldwater quote stuck at the 1964 Republican Convention at the Cow  Palace, or how drunk we got in-line waiting to get into the Cow Palace at Paul McCartney's first US Concert Tour [Wings Over America] in 1975?

I've Got This!

Instead, most people under forty just get their news from web browsers, such as Bing [celebrities and pop culture,] yahoo, google, and apple and increasingly linking to or through social media domains posted within FB, Instagram, Google, and Apple.

Please Set Aside A half-hour to Take-in What is

Medical Doctors Censured by YouTube,  Hold a Press Conference at Supreme Court

Here are some links. I am done for tonight.



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