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WA PO: Pentagon Plans Ai to Replace Humans in Battle POLITICO: Eric Shmidt of Google Taking Over Science for Federal Government Fauci Unmasked

Hello Again Critical Thinkers, I have had some kind-of week off; honestly, I have been trying to avoid weighing-in on what amounts to an unprecedented amount of propaganda from both or all sides, regarding The Russian/Ukrainian War.   Washington Post: DARPA & Military Plan to Take Human Reasoning Out of the Equation Obviously, I am a quasi-journalist/blogger who really-- Not-- can shrink from difficult situations which present themselves. Alright, gotta-go, hanging-up laundry, but wanted to get this post started.  Meanwhile, I am formulating my thoughts, locked-into the news-cycle, and will have fresh analysis for you, soon. Politico: Googles Eric Shmidt's Engineering Corporatocracies Take-over of Science InfoWars:  [3min + Video]  Why are so Many Vaccinated TV Anchors, Professional Athletes, and Presenters Passing-out or Collapsing on the TV? Thanks for coming here, Drake

President Biden Announcing A NEW WORLD ORDER

Infowars:  Secrets of Biden’s New World Order Speech Decoded 

How Did CT & Reasoning Miss This: US has been Funding Ukraine Insurgency Since 2014 WSJ: Russian Drones Entering NATO Countries

  Yahoo Jan 13, 2022: CIA Trained Paramilitary & Creating a Defacto NATO Client State Reading this article, one can surmise that this undisclosed location in the SE United States is Fort Benning, GA; at the age of twenty, I lived there for three-months--sleeping briefly for four or five hours a night--in the Summer of 1981. Benning is the home of US Army Infantry School [Basic Training,]  the 197th  Infantry Brigade,  Airborne Ranger School , a Special Forces, Green Beret contingent, and Army Jump School for those heading to 82nd and so-on. Drill Sergeants where often referring to John Wayne in a give-me-twenty, push Georgia away from you , military-manner. . . .that was one hot M-Fu*king humid summer with a new stinging insect for every day! Drill Corporal, Jackson, pronounced his name as "Yawn-Waayne."  Being from California, I was referred-to as a "cheese-eater," and when I replied, "Oh, yes Drill Cpl. Jackson. There is nothing like an Amador County Wh

So Obvious: We Are Being Drawn into WW III

 Politico: At Estonia NATO Base We Rest Now  Hi There CT&Reasoning Readers, Oftentimes, we have lamented about the foolhardiness of admitting these Eastern European--former Warsaw Pact countries--into NATO. Thus, violating the compact or spirit of the agreement in which NATO would not advance upon Russia's borders when the Iron Curtin collapsed in 1991.  Drake

RED ALERT: We Are Experiencing Unprecedented Censorship on the Internet Update: Banned Russian News Outlet Sputnik Has Published Declassified US Docs on Funding These Bio Labs Dating Back to 2005

  Hey U Guys, It is late and I will get back to this in the AM [not the FM] yet, first the Russian Sputnik News and Russia Today were banned in much of the US & the West by our own loving of censorship government; Now, I am having trouble just getting an Associated Press story [AP] to load so I can read it and post a story for you. . . . What is going on here? HAS THE CYBERWAR BEGUN? Also, check out this latest propaganda from NBC News.  NBC Reaches New Lows Why did they not care about us when they were helping to censor medical data & information, propagating the worst ever genocide in modern human history, Covid 19? The Fact of Most Americans Waking Up to What Has Been Done to Us is Why All of the Mental Health Problems Have Rose Exponentially Please note the Healthy Habits to Help You Handle and Reduce Stress [5:10m TRT] paid for spot embedded in the piece of PR disguised as information. Edward Bernais would be thrilled, no? Gosh Golly, Gee-wiz  You Have Come a Long Way, Ba

Breaking: Russian Armored Column Suffers Heavy Losses Putin Moving Closer to Kyiv Ancient Tactic of Hydraulic Flooding Employed by Ukrainians

Hi CT&R Readers, I will just get out of the way and post a few new developments from the battlefield: The Sun: Video of Russian Armor Destroyed Wow this is intriguing: The Telegraph: Sat Images Show Evidence of Deployment of Hydraulic Flooding Looks like we are going to be quite busy in the CT&R Newsroom over the coming days, As we used to say in the '70's . . .  Labor On DMD

Breaking: Poland's Mig 29s NOT Headed for Ukraine Ukrainian Stealth Drone Armed with Munitions Disrupting Russian Resupply Lines US Halts Imports of Russian Oil Biden to Continue Blocking Much of Our Domestic Oil Production

Correction: San Francisco March 9, 2022 17:35 (PST) Yesterday, it was reported throughout the day on many platforms that this transfer of late 1980's Soviet Mig 29s was going to occur; however, by early evening there was a walking-back. Then, by this morning, official Washington said the plan was "Untenable," and could escalate or even draw us into combat.    Furthermore, CT&R has loaded numerous links on multiple posts over the last year or so of this Charles Schwab of The Davos Group--alternately known as The World Economic Forum--regarding his statements of how they or going to "transform humanity in the next few years, needing a 'Great Reset.'"  The plan being announced in which "We will own nothing, rent everything, and be happy about it," and how they have groomed many of the leaders of the west through their global leadership curriculum; actually, their own website speaks to all of this and my recent post, Super Vallian Claus Schwab

Is This Real or am I Being Spoofed: Biden Proclaims Putin has Invaded Russia

Going Viral in Real Time Good Morning CT&Place News Analysist Consumers, Sputnik International [Supposed to be banned like Alex Jones] . . . Dig This DMD . . .you cannot make this sh*t up. Drakester

Here We Go Again: War What is it Good 4

  Jimi Hendrix ~ All Along the Watchtower ~ US Navy & Marine Fleet Air ~ Vietnam War - YouTube Building Upon the Last Post Here are the Facts WND: Uncle Sam Still King of All Invaders Anyone remember the depleted-uranium tank killing munitions used in the Iraq War which left over a generation of birth defects? How about some Agent Orange used on North Vietnam which violated international agreements against using chemical weapons? Alright, short post as I think all of us are enveloped in a fear not seen since those mid-sixties drop-drills I experienced at Brentwood Elementary in Los Angeles. Pray for both sides--soldiers and civilians--and all of the world's people; remember, "The first causality of war is the truth," and all sides are now engaging in massive propaganda and disinformation. Drake 

The Bigger Picture: CIA Role in Ukraine's Post WW II Government Did Indeed Bolster Putin's Claims of Nazification US Trucker Convoy Approaching DC

According to Greg Reese, the same Nazi thread that seems to have survived from Post WW II using Operation Paperclip in the US does have a Ukrainian counterpart: Reese Reports: The First Casualty of War is the Truth Especially to the novice news consumer, there is an awful lot here to unpack and digest; however, we are continuing to uncover how governments, banking institutions, intelligence agencies, and global non-profits and foundations [WEF Bilderberg CFR Davos Soros] really undermine the will of the people--having gotten us into this mess. Just Maybe the End Game is We Take Back Our Liberty Reject Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace* AND Exert Sovereignty of Our Bodies Living How We Choose to Live and Whom to Associate With. ...just maybe, visualize  Atlas Shrugged  [Ayn Rand 1957] *Gore Vidal [3.3.2022] Epoch Times: Trucker Convoy Arrives in Indiana