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Update: Down Time Needed for Personal Business

 Hi Everyone, As I have stated before, these shootings always seem to bear the trademark of mentally ill who oftentimes are taking SRI inhibitors--anti-depressants. MSM seems to drop continued coverage of other recent mass shootings if it does not fit the narrative of White Supremacy or is carried out by a racist of Asian or Black Nationalism in the last two months.  Please See CT&R Last Post of May 16th  Once again, we seem to hear reports of police standing around as events unfold, and just like Parkland, the person was known to school administration and law enforcement for making threats and carrying out exactly what they said they would do. I have some pressing issues this week and hope readers will understand my need to take time off from the blog. Thank you for your understanding, Drake

Third Day of White Supremacy Shooting Blanket Coverage I Contend What is Going On is By Design Taiwan Under Continued Threat from Mainland Fertilizer Shortage Already Wreaking Havoc in Latin America Once Neutral Sweden & Finland Move to Join NATO Russia Moves Mobile Nukes to Shared Border

 Hello Again Critical Thinkers, Despite a strikingly similar number of victims and also being racially motivated, we just had this previous shooting last month which slipped-out of the news-cycle--pretty much the next day: CNN April 13, 2022: Racially Motivated  Black Gunmen Kills 13 Leaving 19 Injured in Brooklyn Subway Shooting NY Post: Clearly Could Have Been Prevented So, we ignore some mass shooters and the eerie similarities of these people being known to authorities [Remember the Parkland High Shooter who was referred to by other students as "The High School Shooter"?] telegraphing to many and on social media, yet law enforcement does not intervene. As the Following Article Points out There is a Pattern of Censorship Through Omission Townhall: Biden Rushes to Buffalo yet NOT Waukesha and other Mass Killing Events  [May 16, 2022 (17:30 PST)] Follow-up from Townhall on Inconsistencies  of Narrative Tip-toeing Backout of Racially Charged Issues: Let's Change Gears  We


  Too Much Sampling of the Product? I Smell a Rat Gateway Pundit: Gates Zuckerberg & Bezos Invest in BioInfant Formula Scheme BIOMILQ Press Release Okay, it is quickly becoming Fun-day and after a hike to the top of Telegraph Hill, Sunday shall transition into Funday. I am trying to substantiate these claims that diversion of Infant formula to feed the offspring of the 250,000 people pouring into the country--each and every month--is contributing to the shortage; obviously, if the GovMint is running a massive child smuggling--human trafficking operation--resulting in Soros funded NGO's & Catholic Charites funding and completing the process, you gonna need lots of formula. . . . what is next for all of those crying babies?  A Massive Disposable Diaper Shortage . . . kinda Depends, right?

As Critical Thinking & Reasoning Declared on April 29 2022: We are Officially in a Recession Tech & Musk Pummeled in Sharp Decline Gen Z Fleeing High Home Prices in Major Metros MSM Will Not Address the Elephant-in-the-Room: There is a Nursing & Labor Shortage Because 25-30% of Workers Will Not Be Bullied Into Taking BioWeaponized Jabs

According to Trevor Noah: "Things are definitely Looking-up."  According to Market Watch: Market Snapshot Dow suffers longest losing streak since 2001 as stocks benchmarks extend weekly losses despite closing sharply higher Friday Last Updated: May 14, 2022 at 7:09 a.m. ET First Published: May 13, 2022 at 3:41 a.m. ET Bummer Dude: Glad I am NOT continuing trying to run a pressure washing & deck staining firm while gas prices surged over $5.00 per GL. as the housing market collapsed in 2008/09! . . . all of this whining [$3 Buck Chuck(?)] over what should be more like $8.00 or $9.00 per GL gas if we factored in the true-cost-of-inflation some 14 years later! DNYUZ: Cryptocurrencies Melt Down in a ‘Perfect Storm’ of Fear and Panic May 12, 2022 in   News   Lastly, according to Fake News site, Microsoft News, Musk is C apitulating--Billions Lost in the Last Week or so . . . In Other News: Expensive NYC & SF Rank at the Bottom of the List for Gen 'Z Home Buyers And as


Please excuse lack of digital/textual imaging: Both the author's website & Amazon had poor quality Many of you are not familiar with the Army Vet turned Travel Nurse, Erin Marie Olszewski ,  who has now published a Simon & Shuster hardcover, Nurse Erin Be Brave. Nursing | I just ordered my signed copy from that site. Last night, Olszewski shattered the censorship of the mainstream media--appearing on Tucker Carlson Tonight a second time--with allegations of her hospital purposefully putting non Covid patients with those infected to get the numbers up. Mysteriously Video of Carlson's Interview with Nurse Erin Cannot Be Found Previously, CT&Reasoning had included interviews with her allegations of murder and cover-up at Elmhurst Hospital at the height of NY Governor Cummo's maleficence and--in my opinion---purposefully facilitating the murder of thousands to get the numbers-up as the lockdowns and Covid hysteria was coming to a crescendo. In a n


Good Morning Critical Thinkers, I am clicking-around to get confirmation of the following story which is a red-link--top-fold--on Drudge this morning: The Sun May 6, 2022 (11:31 EDT) Russian Frigate Admiral Makarov has reportedly been hit by missile We finished-up our last post with reports that the US used satellite targeting to aid the Neptune missile strike which sunk the Cruiser  which was the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet a week ago. I assert we are already at war with Russia and am bracing for a retaliatory strike in the not so distant future. Once again, not seeing this reported elsewhere, but if and when I see confirmation, I will be back to post a follow-up link. Meanwhile, ponder this scenario from Selwyn Duke in  American Thinker : In a Whopper of A Conspiracy Theory--could the entrenched elites be planning to consolidate power using an open conflict with Russia thereby canceling the midterms or at least steal by stuffing drop boxes or mandating [They love that word] mail

BREAKING: DOW SLIDES BY 3% Nuclear Brinksmanship Russia Drills Near NATO Border Upcoming: Taking Stock of the SCOTUS Leak & 1984 Style Proposed Ministry of Truth to Censor What is Being Done to Us

  Welcome Back Critical Thinkers, CT&Reasoning posted on April 29th that we were in a recession; this, after a two-day--back-to-back--near 1,000-point loss. . . .that is a lot of hyphens, Davis! Again today, Dow Slides More Than 1,000 Points as Investors Reassess Fed Comments , according to The Wall Street Journal.  Update: According to CNBC The Numbers Worsened in the Last Hour of Trading  The Sun : Nuke Exercise Accompanies Threats of How Quickly Warheads Could Hit Berlin  or London.  I wanted to get a couple of news items up: What is being referred by critics as the establishment of an Orwellian Ministry of Truth --under the administration by The Department of Homeland Security--is a huge developing story I will be weighing-in on. Also, the news of the leaked [written in February] brief authored by Supreme Court Justice Alito. Circulated to other justices as part of their deliberative process, the reasons why someone what have violated the law has been widely speculated and th

Food Shortage Nightmare: MSM Acknowledges Food Plant Sabotage & Fertilizer Production & Shipping Bottleneck More on Flawed PCR Test & How CDC & FDA Altered Data Suppressed Whistle-blowers Gallop Poll: 76% Feeling Economy is Tanking

 Hello Critical Thinkers, Reported on CT&Reasoning weeks ago, the predicted food shortages and slump in fertilizer production--hampered by the continued supply-chain issues and Russian sanctions--have now appeared in the mainstream media [MSM.] Gosh, even MSM & corporate syndicated talk radio is reporting on how these food processing plants being destroyed is statistically not an anomaly.  Yahoo: Historic Fertilizer Shortage Crunch Threatens Global Food Supply The Globalist Have Moved to the Next Phase of Their Operation: Starvation  Now, we have 100,000's of poultry stocks being euthanized from some--supposed bird flu: US News & World Report: Organic Chickens from Pennsylvania to France WSJ: Food Bank Dependency up by 25+% in many US Metro Areas The Entire Data Base of “Covid-19 Confirmed Cases” is Invalid.   “ The PCR is a Process. It does not tell you that you are sick”. Dr. Kary Mullis , Nobel Laureate and Inventor of the RT-PCR, passed away in August 2019. This mis