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Red Alert: West to Increase Combat Forces Tenfold

  HUGE DEPLOYMENT MAY SIGNAL WIDENING WAR British Mechanized Troops on Maneuvers in Estonia At the height of the cold war, 325,000 troops were deployed in Western Europe if including naval vessels deployed in the theater; if I recall, the number was around 275,000 when I was deployed with 2/48th Infantry--Third Armored Division--outside of Frankfurt, Federal Republic of Germany [FRG,] in 1981. Sky News: NATO to Increase High Alert Forces from 40,000 to 300,000 BREAKING RT NEWS:  US to Deploy Medium to Long Range Air Defense System This seems to be WW III, no? Pray people,  Drake

Breaking: Roe v Wade Overturned in 5:4 Decision Not Mentioned: Shortage of Workers due to Vaccine Mandates Golden State Championship Madness: 100,000+ Gallons of Water Flushed into Bay

Hello Again Critical Thinking & Reasoning Readers, This morning, Roe v Wade (1973) was overturned; arguably, the decision sends it back to the states and will not "Outlaw" abortion yet will be more than just an inconvenience in solidly conservative states such as North Dakota & Oklahoma. We could rattle on forever on this with the country split pretty 50:50 like on so many other issues. . . .but I will not. My Body My Choice: Result of Vaccine Coercion Leads to Worker Shortage Throughout multiple industries and institutions, there is a shortage of workers, yet the mainstream media [MSM] continues to ignore people's not compiling with vaccine mandates being a huge factor in people choosing to leave their profession. Locally, I have met contractors and nurses at St Francis Hospital who were on their last day, various union workers walking away from their positions, and right-out-in the-open, the shortages in the airline industry are a concrete example of people doi

Breaking: Food Supply Attacks Accelerating Administrations War on Oil & Gas Strange Anomalies Found Growing in Autopsies of Fully Vaccinated

  Hello Critical Thinkers, I tend to rely heavily on Greg Resse's excellent research and editing provided in his multiple posts per week; understandably, we oftentimes just begin a blog post by posting some news items--and just get out of the way--leaving the visitors to CT&Reasoning to evaluate and decide for themselves. Greg Resse Reports: End of Oil & Gas [4:46m] Just taking a look at a fact-checking site to get a fair take on the above report seems to say that none of this is credible while listing incident after incident detailing what is--obviously--happening. ZeroHedge: Farmers Freaking Out About Disel Costs Unable to Plant & Harvest An outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza has resulted in nearly 38 million birds dying or being killed to contain the virus. Despite social media claims, there is no evidence of a targeted effort to reduce U.S. food supply. (Shutterstock) . .  . . Huh? State Not Happening and Then Go on to List Example After Example PolitiFac

Effects from Slashing Domestic Oil Production Shuttering Pipelines Some Insurrections Are More Equal Than Others China Threatens War Over Taiwan

 Hello Everyone, I want to thank followers of CT&Reasoning for their patience while taking time off for personal reasons. Primetime TV Special Dressed Up to Look Like a Congressional Committee  Last night, there was a slick piece of propaganda which much of the MSM televised & streamed; as usual, portrayal of January 6th as an insurrection--5 people did not die just 1 of the trespassers--yet, continuing to ignore the over 500 riots, hundreds of police officers injured, and a doubling of officers killed from the previous year [2019.] Not to mention the billions in property damage as our cities burned during--not just the Summer of 2020--but throughout much of that year. So. . . Burning Down A Church on Private Property--Murdering Women & Children is Okay? I am not going to spend any more time on this and do try to steer clear of the left-right paradigm. What is top of everyone's mind is these gas prices, the predicted food shortages, and run-away inflation impacting ever

Long Time No Post: Globalists at World Economic Forum Sheltered by Emerging Coverage Thanks to Shift in Coverage on Mass Shooters

Hey Again Everyone in the CT&Reasoning Community, An emphasis on Military and Geo-political news here, I had a bit of a troop movement, myself. Settling into my new apartment, I have successfully fled the tyranny and oppression of the Single Room Occupancy [SRO] lifestyle--once again! . . .read Flophouse, affordably,  where I spent the last three some years since graduating from SFSU. Goodness Gracious: The Life of a Bohemian Turned Writer in SF I need to bail for now, but here is a piece which really spells-out what is unfolding--as planned with these Davos WEF private jet flying globalists hellbent on taking a wreaking-ball to our lives; unfortunately, I deem this pretty credible summation of what we are up against. Those are a Lot of Hyphens Davis HA-ha! banned. video: Klaus Schwab's Publicist Advises Super Villan Claus Schwab on Wardrobe Reality-check Labor-on, people. We are witnessing a military--infowar sociopathology-style destruction of the US & Western Civilizat