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Right Out in the Open: Mainstream Media Admits Pfizer Vaccine is Spreading the Virus Big Pharma to Control Food Supply We Are Now in a Recession: Back-to-Back Near 1000 Point Market Loses & Worse Month Since 2008 Covid Overlord Gates: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Welcome back Critical Thinkers, Okay, thought I should post this before it is disappeared down the memory-hole:  MSN/Bloomberg: US Seeks Urgent Data on Covid Relapse After Using Pfizer Vaccine . Resse Reports: Big Pharma & Billy Boy Strikes Again!  [4:55m] Market Insider: Not Good as Dow Craters 939 Point Loss at Closing Bell Gotta-go but I will be doing another post soon. Brandon Smith Alt Market.US: Food Shortages in 3-6 Months Stay Strong & Live Free or Die, Drakester May Day 2022: The Daily Mail [. . . as the character played by Peter Falk used to exclaim in the 1970's TV Series, Columbo , "Oh, one more thing. . .?"] Top Globalist PlannedDemic Orchestrator: Gates, "We Have Not Seen Worst of Covid." Okay, after church I will most likely head to UN Plaza, order some borscht, and watch an Anarco/Communist March down Market Street to Union Square!  Labor-on, Drakester

FBI: Cyber Attacks on Food Processing Coming Plants Being Firebombed & Attacked with Planes Fascinating: Russian Navy Dolphins Deployed French Fiberoptics Severed

  Hey Everyone & Welcome Back to Critical Thinking & Reasoning, Well, we must be over the target because the flack I am receiving from those who are--completely oblivious to what is being done to us---find my discussions of the destruction of food processing plants makes me somehow Un-American. Zero Hedge: FBI Warning of Cyberattacks Food Plants Under Siege from Arson & Bombings Economic Ninja: You Tube [10:07m] Food Processing & Distribution Centers Going up in Flames So, he was a Marine about the same time I was a US Army Infantryman which is problematic from my experience in many cases; buffoonery aside, he could not answer the question, "Where do you get your news?" most likely he does not , just betting, dude fails to vote, and spent years in and out of the CA penal system. . . . trust me, it is how we roll here in San Francisco's TL Yet, I am not a journalist --Pursey- -but do practice journalism, was news director of streaming station, KSFS, at SFS

He is Risen: Happy Easter British Sub Deployed to Mediterranean More Domestic Oil Issues Among Reported Easing of Drilling on Federal Land Engineered Food Shortages Coming to the US 800 Million Ukrainian Aid Package Means Trouble Ahead for US

  Good Morning Critical Thinkers, Let me prepare for my next post by parking some defense related news items: This HMS Audacious sub is quite the technological feat. We always have an emphasis on military hardware and maneuvers, but I have to run along and will be putting more news items up later today. Sputnik International: Oil Exec Claims Higher Fees on Opened Up Federal Lands Offsets the Move  Best, Drake [Back Jack 4.17. 2022 (19:25 PDT): " I'll Have More After This . . ."]   As CR&Thinking Has Reported Before:  Food Water and Fertilizer Shortages are Coming Natural News:  EMERGENCY ALERT: On the heels of rail carriers canceling grain shipments, CF Industries warns that FERTILIZER rail shipments are now being halted during spring planting Okay, I gotta take some time to get away from this sh*t, Drakester [Following up: April 22, 2022 (Numerology at work, right?)] Israel National News 7: IMF Warns of Global Food Shortage as Ukraine War Rages  Seems not a coinci


 BREAKING: COMUNIST CHINA LOCKS DOWN CITY OF 26+ MILLION   Scary morning having to report this to you. Just as we have submitted to the lockdowns gutting our small businesses, destroying our standard of living, decimating children's development by masking them and withholding in-person education, injecting the citizenry with experimental vaccines [documented in too many peer-reviewed medical studies causing organ failure sterility and death] fertilizer, food, and fuel shortages, crops not being planted portending to us being starved-out in the coming year--California water taps--perhaps running dry. Purposefully, that is a long sentence which could have made a much bigger paragraph if I included what I have written about regarding the drought in the west and what looks to me to be San Francisco's intentional (?) waste of our water supply--pressure washers that pump 4.0 Gallons-per-minute--washing the same sections of sidewalk twice a week or more!  NYC Subway Shooting Knocks

Hundreds of Athletes Suffering Cardiac Arrest After Taking Jab CA Bill AB 1993 & Mandatory Vaccines Jury Finds Majority of Gov Witmer Plotters were FBI Agents

Hello Again Critical Thinkers, It was brought to my attention that there is a California Assembly Bill Mandating Vaccination. AB 1993:  Putting in Place Law Prior to the Next Bio-attack  On a recent post, we pointed to how many athletes are succumbing to fatal heart events.   Gateway Pundit: 769 Athletes Suffer Heart Issues Average Age of Death 23 Years-old “Coincidence? When the Pfizer vaccine is known to cause heart inflamation? No. In fact, many doctors treating these players list their injuries and deaths as being directly caused by the vaccine… This is not a coincidence – healthy teenagers dying after getting the Pfizer injection. Doctors warned the FDA before they released the experimental vaccine that it would ‘almost certainly cause terrible organ damage.'” . . .coincidence? I have discussed with many in my sphere about the recent proliferation of Phizer ads running on our local Bay Area market radio stations and interviews with UCSF health professionals on KCBS 740/106.9 r

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NY Post & Business Standard: Hunter Biden Linked to US Funded Biolabs in Ukraine ABC News: Secret Service Spending 30,000 per Month Locating Nearby Hunter Biden's Malibu Mansion MSM Laptop Narrative Pivoting to Turn Against Bidens

NY Post: Hunter Biden Role in Ukrainian US Contractor Run Biolabs Why is this not being covered?  . . .but wait. . .there's more! Business Standard: George Soros & Biden's Son Financed Ukrainian Biolabs  Say What? Last Week, Jill Biden was Vice President Now Michelle Obama? Although I try to stay apolitical as much as is humanly possible, the dam is beginning to break regarding a compromised President Biden--the tenacles which are undeniable regarding corruption and perhaps money laundering from Ukraine, payments from military/intelligence Communist China, and how this squinting near 80-year-old teleprompter gazing buffoon who poops his pants on a regular basis puts all of us in danger.  Christi Leigh @ Free World News TV: Phizer Sponsored Oscar Awards False Flag to Distract from Hunter Biden Laptop [5:05m TRT] It is Time to Invoke the 25th Amendment Citing the NY Post story, "Laptop from Hell" in October 2020, Critical Thinking and Reasoning reported on this stor

Woke to Tragedy in My Hometown: 6 Dead in Downtown Sacramento Shooting More San Francisco Nonsense: The Biggest Water Waster in the State Blackwater CEO Finds Time to Address Shareholders While Buying up 30% of the Nation's Homes Hundreds of Russian Troops Poisoned

 SacBee: 6 Killed 12 Injured in Shooting by Capitol at 10th & J' Street Morning Everyone, I have been rather out-of-commission when it comes to posting & treading water in a news cycle of constant despair, grim future predictions, and the real possibility of Californians actually dying from thirst due to lack of water. . . . couldn't happen here? Look at the foolishness and lack of leadership I wake-up-to every morning: Multiple commercial pressure washers running throughout the late night & early morning; obviously, I am pro-pressure washing having ran Drake's Surface Clean & Stain for better part of a decade in Portland, Oregon; primarily a concrete cleaning, fence and boutique hand-brushed deck staining operation focused on high-end properties and builders such as my biggest client, Renaissance Homes, in the PDX/Vancouver metro area. It is Almost Like They Are Doing This on Purpose For instance, like so many things that defy what we need to be doing or se