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Japan Recalls 2.6 Million Moderna Doses Supply Chain Enters a Period of Unrecoverable Freefall Revisiting the Battle Plan to Destroy The United States

Information Liberation: Metal Nanoparticles [. . . still a conspiracy theory with the magnets?] found in batches of 180,000 already administered jabs manufactured in Spain. Hi CriticalThinking&Reasoning People,  So, I last posted on the day of Afghan's falling-off of a C-17 as it gained altitude upon leaving Kabul's airport. Much has transpired in the last two-weeks: There is clear evidence that this lockdown and destruction of our economy is an act of war People have begun to move the grassroots school board pushback into direct protest and demonstrations against mask mandates, being required to carry a vaccine internal passport issued by the CDC to go about ones' business, and be coerced to take an experimental mRNA--supposed--vaccine Despite the disinformation on a bevy of alternative treatments, people continue to take these toxic injections Desert Review: According to Top Doctors at Harvard Yale, a 97% cure rate using Ivermectin in India has cured 97% of Covid pat

The Epidemic of the Uninformed

  Image Credit: Don Sainte-John Radio Consulting  Let Us Do A Little Review of Previous Links Posted on CT&R Oftentimes, I am asked how--what seems to be half of the US population--is so easily stampeded into being vaccinated, still cleaning surfaces under some perceived Covid protocol, and why are they not even aware that the entire basis of the overwhelming majority of Covid-positve diagnosis since the pandemic started was based on the flawed PCR test? CDC: Chance of Contracting Covid from a Hard Surface is 1:10,000     Findings of these studies suggest that the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection via the fomite transmission route is low, and generally less than 1 in 10,000, which means that each contact with a contaminated surface has less than a 1 in 10,000 chance of causing an infection   How would people not know that the  FDA issued a recall  two months ago and ordered healthcare professionals to stop using the PCR tests due to the huge number of false-positives? The FDA has identi

Hawaiian First Responders File Suit American Parents Begin to Resist Medical Tyranny & Critical Race Theory Marches Expand Here & 100,000 Turnout in Montreal

Welcome Back Critical Thinking & Reasoning Readers, To no avail, I have been looking for a Bay Area protest against mask mandates and what can be best described as an internal passport: KHON 2: 1,200 Hawaiians File Class Action Suit Against Forced Inoculation  One of many school board meetings across the country explodes with parents fighting mask mandates Sometimes, it is just better to get out of the way and let the links to news sites offer testament; unfortunately, with my TV on local news as background most of my waking hours, there has been a complete absence of reporting on anti-mask and resistance to forced inoculation protest in other parts of the country--and world, for that matter. France 24: Fifth Week of Protests Against Macron's Covid Pass Right now, I need to get out and get some real sunlight and try to restore some semblance of normalcy. [. . . to be continued] [Back to the Blog: August 15, 2021 PM] As They Used to Say in the Early Nineties: It is Time to Act U

CDC: PCR Test That Diagnosed Most of All Covid Cases is Inaccurate and Under Recall Organ Harvesting Update Push for Digital Health Certificates

Hello Again Critical Thinkers, Let me get straight; quietly, the CDC which issued a statement about two-months ago that the chance of getting Covid-19 off of a hard surface is 10,000:1, is now declaring the PCR test is not to be used to diagnose Covid infection. Not once in this document does it use the term "PCR Test" in order to try to save-face, but just as the term "Rare" always precedes any main-stream media [MSM] account of blood clots leading to stroke-type events,  people contracting neurological disorders, or dropping dead within days or weeks of receiving the second Moderna or Pfizer toxic injections. I urge CT&Reasoning readers to run the audio from that last link where a panel of MDs [4:38m] discuss "Medically Induced Injury" from these Covid Vaccines; currently, I have plans today and will not link back to previous posts about this--too numerous to list--PCR test being dialed-up to produce up to nine-out-of-ten false positives.  The invent