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Is Addiction to Screens Causing Unquestioning Compliance with Covid Restrictions

Hello Again Everyone, I had a great day at the beach with a friend, and all of this being cooped-up needs to come to an end. The good news? This planned-demic hysteria continues to lose traction. I talk to security guards at government offices, retired folk on SFMTA or MUNI platforms and buses, working class, and techies [that last group bringing-up-the-rear or oftentimes--still--going along with the official narrative.] ...hence: This Posts Title:  Is the addiction to screens at the heart of people's lack of logic or willingness to apply commonsense, critical thinking and reasoning?   [The following Smartphone link to my colleague's monologue, Clyde Lewis, was added to this post tonight, November 16th, 2020.] I have a smartphone , yet have some ground-rules governing its use; for instance, I never walk looking into the device, refuse to wear earbuds while walking on city streets or around autos--the scooters & motorized bikes going 25 MPH THE WRONG WAY on Mid-Market SF sid

More News on Training for A Conflict in the South China Sea

Hi Everyone, I continue to point to a shooting war with China becoming a likely hood before the end of the year.  This morning, I ran across this interesting article regarding US Marine Corp troops preparing for such an event, and I would urge readers of Common Sense and Critical Thinking to continue-on to my last post regarding the forward deployment of Missiles and material to be in range of not only Taiwan, but US Forces stationed at Guam: The Guardian: War Games Emphasizing Capture and Destruction of Enemy Missiles   Clearly, there already is a form of cyber-war and some hybrid Twenty-first Century Infowar; by comparison, Naomi Klein's book, Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism spells-out how a strategy to create problems--in order to fix them--has become the order of the day . Published in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Klein's 2007 best seller chronicles her supposition that the weather weapons developed in the past few decades--building-upon the work

Meanwhile As We Fight Among Ourselves: China Will Move to Invade & Occupy Taiwan

Several years now past, I used my platform on SFSU's streaming radio station, KSFS San Francisco, on my once political talk show [and as news director] to relay developments on the build-up of the Peoples' Liberation Army [PLA] island-base construction and military maneuvers pointed at Taiwan. I even veered-away from the usually lighthearted music show and blog, Simpler Time and Place, to bring news and information on the Freedom-of-navigation and military maneuvers in and around the long-disputed claims regarding The Spratly Islands. Map:   Just this weekend, I pondered writing today's post just before the election; understanding, the odds are pretty high that the ChiComs will launch an attack and attempt to occupy Taiwan as we devolve into worsening civil strife following what surely will be a contested election two weeks from now. As I perused today's news-cycle, I ran across this: South China Evening Post: China's Upgraded Missile Forces Fully Dep

Looks Like The Epstein-style Pedo-blackmail Rings Have Compromised Many Within of Our Nation's Leadership

[It is Sunday Zoom Church transitioning into an afternoon with my friend is in order. However, the story that began to break last Wednesday--the MSM regurgitating claims of Russian interference--is being suppressed by our high-tech overloads] Breaking: MSM & Big Tech Covering-up Hunter Biden Compromised By Communist China I will get back to writing tonight or tomorrow as more information emerges; meanwhile, share Jones' emergency report from Saturday. It needs to be shared, and I will provide a link to this Sunday's follow-up report. Share and Spread These Links! Compromised: Owned By the CCP and the Technocratic New World Order ...and just to be fair, let us take a look at a story just-out today that does seem to shed some light on the origins coming from Russia. My guess is that just like HRC's emails were hacked from the unsecured and illegal server at the Clinton's home by multiple governments' intelligence agencies: Daily Beast: Rudy's 'Russian Agen

The President Tests Positive for Covid

I wanted to state that I think President Trump's positive Covid test will result in one of two very divergent hypothesis: Either The Deep State is going to kill the president while at Walter Reed Hospital [Remember, Admiral Forestall jumped-out of a window at National Naval Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland supposedly on LSD-25 as part of a CIA Majestic 12 gone-wrong .] The narrative goes something like this: General Forestall having loose-lips regarding the Nazi/Project Paper-clip and the supposed alien base in Antarctica was forced to--or his bad-trip rendered him to--plunge to his death from the Bethesda Psych-ward.  ...if this sounds absurd, declassified documents released decades-ago depict something along those lines! AND, just as a collective guilt-trip fell upon the nation after JFK [...cue: The Rolling Stones, "Sympathy for the Devil" (1968) famous lyrics, "We Shouted-out, 'Who Killed The Kennedy's...When After-all it Was You and Me.'" ] an