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Hello Again Everyone,

After finishing my spiritual morning activities, I open the (once) Drudge Report to see the headline, "300,000 to be dead by Christmas."

Good Lord, I would suspect so much from this Covid-19 and would rightfully figure so.

How many in the US will become homeless--an area I brand and market myself as having overcome despite tremendous odds this last decade--commit suicide, divorce after losing their businesses, slip-back into narcotics or alcohol abuse/use due to the 12 Step meetings many had depended-upon not being there for the last five months, or loose every vehicle you own--even if paid for--your credit ruined and unable to feed ones' self?

Been there…done that. 

The New World Order I have Studied Half-Century is Now Being Implemented

I know this instinctively, so as everything you have ever worked for dissolves right before our eyes, why not put down your brainwashing device you stare into 24/7 and wake the hell-up?

We are supposed to believe that ANTIFA does not exist or is, " a myth," according to Congressman Nadler?

Or, that 6,000 elderly were not murdered. in my opinion, to get the hysteria and death-count up at the hands the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo; moreover, it is okay to empty our jails of felons and lifers over a cold virus most of us have tested positive for, survived, and would not even be aware of if not for this lousy flawed George Soros funded attempted overthrow of the United States?

How about this subtitle:


What happened to discernment, reason, and critical thinking?


We lost 58,000 in the Vietnam War stretching out from whenever that creeping from a police-action into a major conflict after LBJ's 1965 Escalation and by 1975 Saigon collapse and US Troop evacuations' end.


How about the Soviet Union losing over 20 Million People in WW II--mostly on the Eastern Front but in Indochina and the Pacific Theater too--just to get a little prospective, people?


In other words, this is Fucking Bullshit!


Destroy the US and World economy over what is a virus equivalent to an annual flu season becoming deadlier than usual, we have governors of four NE States and one--Michigan--governor ordering the diseased into nursing homes when told this would put what has become recognized as the only really at risk group of dying demographic--people over 60 who have chronic conditions such as COPD, Immune dysfunctions like Lupus, diabetes, obesity, or other serious, compromising diagnosis?


I have many tipping-of-my-Libra Scales bunch of conditions, myself, which I have picked-up over the years, time John Lennon's Birthday (1943) rolls around this October 9th (1960.) 


AND, I could give a crap if someone wants to steal my identity using that info; like most in the US-- I don't have much after these boom-and-bust cycles the globalist have subjected us to.


...swooping--in to scoop-up the aftermath--or pennies-on-the dollar--of what had become our broken, struggling lives.

We Are Facing the End of the USA

This morning, I am listening to the President sounding like Martin Luther King in Memphis the night before he was assassinated, MLK exclaiming, "...I may not get to the promised land with you."


The Mainstream media [I am a member of the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA)] has covered-up the videos of countless doctors, virologists, and health experts--Big Tech and Big Pharma suppressing low cost treatments such as Hydroxychloroquine, coupled with Zinc and simple antibiotics, such as Erythromycin that when taken together enable people to recover from this virus in many times...


A couple of days.


Where are the protests over our inability or reluctance to restart the economy due to this planed-demic?


I do not have time to upload pictures of demonstrations I attended or helped lead in 1990's and early-to-mid 2000's Portland, Oregon. That said, I am intimately familiar with the Mark Hatfield Federal Courthouse [(1997) with an inscription from Thomas Jefferson etched into the cornerstone of the building topped with a green-space partially shielding the weather “with a hat”] That federal courthouse was across from the now scorched and destroyed Pissing-elk fountain/statue a block-width park where the Occupy Movement set-up shop a frozen water-bottle's throw from the Multnomah County Courthouse--a courthouse I stood in front of every Tuesday for over a year.


Every week jurors, on Tuesdays, reported for duty; accordingly, FIJA Chair, Floyd Ferris- Landreth, myself, and a handful of others provided potential jurors, a simple tri-fold pamphlet.

Most took the pamphlet--some did not--yet we were effective in that officials could not legally confiscate what we passed-out and every courtroom where jurors assembled, the first order of business was a statement from the presiding judge to "...disregard what you may have been are to follow the judge’s instructions."

In a nutshell, the members of a nation-wide movement known as the Fully Informed Jury Association [FIJA] was for the most-part born out of providing a response to how mandatory-minimums affected people of color and poor folk being unfairly targeted--oftentimes executed in their own home--their property confiscated before having a day-in-court. The goal was bringing an end to persecution of those engaged in various other victimless crimes of consent, the FIJA movement raised awareness that Jurors had a right to nullify laws and bring in a Not Guilty verdict if those citizen jurors decided to do so. 


We also espoused that jurors should be advised of differing sentencing options crimes carried, should not be picked by both the prosecutor and defense for how easily malleable or manipulated they could be, and not be disqualified just because they read a newspaper [in those days] or had heard of the case in the media.


…if you watched Beavis and Butthead, regularly, knew nothing about the law or our system of government, and thought that drinking over-priced, watery, Butt-wiper Beer--then the city with the most microbreweries per-capita in the US, Portland, Oregon--while watching something involving Ducks and Beavers?

Then you were the perfect juror!


I am about to wrap this up...

 Point being:

 I was a political activist for some twenty-years in Portland/Vancouver Metro Area culminating in the nomination by the Libertarian Party and run for a US House Seat in 2006--1st District Oregon--running on a platform of "Restore the Bill of Rights."


Everything I warned mostly uninterested Oregonians about has come to fruition, and we are in The End Game; furthermore, groups of liberty-loving people actually handed-out CD-R and DVD-R burned videos of the Alex Jones' Produced documentary, End Game (2007) through-out Portland's Living Room, Pioneer Courthouse Square that year.


I was one of them and you may want to set-aside the poisoning of the public's mind, daily, in the mainstream media regarding Mr. Jones until you can watch End Game where Jones spells-out how the globalist have planned to release a bio-weapon [...even if an over-hyped common Corona Virus that under an electron microscope was clearly weaponized in a lab] to consolidate power and bring-in global governance.


I am announcing a rekindling of my political activism today. 


Will You Join Us?

George Soros Funded Siege on the White House Starts in September

...sure-as the Bee Gees voiced in the song "Night Fever,"

 “…We know how to do it!”




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