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Special Report: Chronicling the History of Eugenics 1880's- 2020 The World Economic Forums Plan Making Way For Culling-the-Herd Using Deadly Vaccines

Redirect-issue Regarding Google Domains Persists If you are trying to log onto lighthearted musing within my original companion blog [ from my 3 semester music radio show at SFSU ] s elect the Blogger B' in the upper L eft- hand corner of your screen. Then, select the upside-down triangle and a drop-down menu will soon appear. Click on the URL for Simpler Time and Place Sorry for the distraction, Drake The Image's authenticity has been in question and floating around the I-net for years While I have a link to an NBC Story of "Top-Globalists Secret Meeting" from 2009. . .The Above  image is dated 2001     Hello Holiday Readers of CT&Reasoning, As your skilled citizen journalist highly trained in conducting Internet research, I have come across an extensive document that includes much of the info I have been aware-of or having had previously read many of the articles within and hyperlinks provided; surprisingly, this Author, Don Paul's We

Just One Wish This Christmas Day: I Wish I Were With You

After all of these years, this picture endures front-and-center capturing the essence of what remains to be the love-of-my-life: The Carpenters: "Merry Christmas Darling" Merry Christmas... Stephie. . .Stephie. . .Stephanine Gibbons. . .Darling Granite Bay Folsom Lake, CA with Trademark Coors-tall, Marlboro 100 & of Course "Baby," Stephanie Gibbons in the Summer of 1985 Enjoy The Philadelphia Sound on Vinyl: Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes"The Love I Lost" 1) For reference, the image on the btm-left was taken looking NEastern from The Gattenbein's Dock over-the-levee and otherwise next-door to 1606 McClaren Drive, Carmichael, CA [Photo Credit: Shawna Davis] on The American River with my tree climbing squirrel chaser, Yankee Davis, circa Spring 1973. 2) Willard S. Davis Jr. (L) and his Brother, Devin Davis [UD,] are pictured shortly after leaving Los Angeles, Late 1971 at our Carmichael, CA living room. After a five-year love-affair--two years enga

The Hill: China Triggers Growing Fears 100,000 Russian Troops Pushing-up on Ukrainian Borders Poking Fun at San FranPsycho

[Originally Posted in Mid November and Ended-up on simplertimeandplace after Working with Google Domains to Restore the Site/URL] Good News! We are awaiting a second atmospheric-river or pineapple-express bearing-down on The Bay Area, yet for this Sunday morning, it is going to be a glorious fall day with highs into the upper 60's Bay-side, Inland Valleys and South Bay into the low 70's, currently, in The City the mercury should eek-out a high of 60 degrees! ...hmm, sounds like a radio weather forecast, no? Anyhow, as we get back to the weekly blog-posting routine, it has become routine to park a few news stories for readers over the weekend and return to post during the week. So, I will leave you a reminder of my sentiments of how close we are to a regional war--South China Sea & Ukraine where tensions are running high--or a conflict akin to a world war: The Hill: China Triggers Growing Fears CNN: CIA Chief Dispatched to Moscow Let us hope [...and pray] that our cognitivel

The Hill: Fauchi Funded $376,000 for Research Torturing Puppies High Stakes Naval Encounter: US v Iran in Persian Gulf Banned.Video: Evidence of Recent False Flags Since January 6th

  Re-posting These Which Got Posted to Other Blog While Trying to Restore the Domain:    [ Clarification: This was originally posted on November 1, 2021 ] Hi Again Critical Thinkers & Readers, Just trying to find my sea-legs after a pretty rough month for me. Right now, I am shifting through some stories from the last few weeks, but as usual, the current news-cycle is delivering a bevy of stories, hot-to-go. Consider this one?  The Hill: Fauchi Sent $376,000 to Tunisian Scientist to Torture Puppy's   Man, You Just Can't Make This Sh*t Up! Nevermind the ERs across the country filling-up with people suffering from heart inflammation, collapsing dead just days after receiving the second jab, and Colin Powell dropping deader than a Hank Arron Hammer.  ABC News 7 Washington DC is reporting on a strange  attempted drone attack on a Pennsylvania Electrical Grid Substation. Does anyone remember the many sightings of drones near our southern border and Rocky

Reminiscing About the Heyday of Cruising The Great Reset is All In Our Heads A Blast from My Radio Past Tucker Carlson: Alex Jones and Other Last Remaining Opposition Are the Real Targets of this Political Witch-hunt

Welcome back Critical Thinkers, Keeping With Our Christmas Tradition:  An unearthed Official Beach Boys [1966] Video of "Little Saint Nick, " provides a characteristic snap-shot of what was unfolding in 1966 United States; arguably, Flower Power was in full-bloom, the price of color televisions becoming more affordable, The Monterey Pop Festival & The Summer of Love were a scant-- just-over--six months away, setting the stage for a generation.  A generation that became th e dominant force and demographic of the 1980's '90's and, Aughts. Personally, I always had a connection with this song because it strengthened my idolization of The American Muscle Car-era; the tune speaks to a Santa with a candy-apple red sled with a 4-speed stick--California taking-the-cake for being--the if not the epicenter--of cruising, track & street racing, and for me, Sacramento's Central Valley Cali was the cruising mecca of Street Rodding, in many ways. There were others in

Administration Reverses Ruling-out Using US Troops in Ukraine Smollett Racially Charged Propaganda Pushed by Mainstream Media Exposed Strange Inconsistencies evidenced in cell phone Videos of January 6th

Welcome Back Critical Thinkers, Busy morning, but I did want to post a few news items: RT: Flip-ity-flopity US Considers Using US Troops in Ukraine Normally, I do not comment on pop-culture or celebrity icons, yet this Jesse Smollett story is anything but: Epoch Time Editor at Large, Roger L. Simon, Blows-the-lid Off One of the Largest Racially-charged Propaganda Campaigns Run by the Mainstream Media [December 20, 2021 9:00 AM] Can you believe how time flies? I think I will soon start a new post and was debating whether the expose I read yesterday would be considered far-right or just so far-out on the Wacko-lunatic-fringe to damage my credibility? I will leave this up to the readers of CT& Reasoning to decide for themselves; once again, I have followed many of the things that this Revolver story corroborates; namely, videos posted by largely amateurish pod- casters hosted on sites such as regarding infiltrators and agent provocateurs operating alongside or just prior

As I Have Written About Many Times: San Francisco is in a Free-fall Societal Collapse with 713 Drug Overdose Deaths v 261 Covid Deaths in 2020

Alright Critical Thinking and Writing followers, It is depressing and alarming what I see when leaving my residence mid-morning in which most of the bus stops have busted-out tempered glass, the once operable Clear Channel digital ad billboards having been destroyed---fully occupied by drug addicts with junk. Zero Hedge: SF Overdose Rate Three Times Death from Covid: Usually, these Fenti-addicts, are bent over and picking through whatever trash or minuscule pieces of food on the ground--ass-cracks exposed--and after an hour of such activity--abandon the trash they have accumulated or have extracted out of trash cans to go pass-out for a few hours. . . . and I thought I had neck pain! This, as a never ending flow of people with stolen goods arrive at UN Plaza. Some with just under $950.00 of stolen goods up for sale to feed their drug habits. If memory serves, Measure 47 was passed in 2014 decriminalizing shoplifting and stealing in general if under that amount. Admittedly, yesterday on

5G is a Weapon Propagandist Brian Williams Leaves NBC Musk Announces May Step-down From Companies China Vows to Fire on US Troops if Comes to Taiwan's Aid

 Hi There Critically Thinking People, Wow, we have a lot of news continuing to develop on the world stage. Let us start with what we have covered before regarding 5G in this excellent Greg Resse Report. Global Elite Fleeing to Their Armored Redoubts Globalist Propaganda-spewing Brian Williams who lied about a helicopter he was on being forced-down in a war zone, is cutting and running, again: Posted by Tim Hains at Real Clear Politics and leading this morning on the top-fold of Drudge Reports:  Williams: "They’ve decided to burn it all down with us inside. That should scare you to no end as much as it scares an aging volunteer fireman." American in 2021 is Unrecognizable This, happening on the same day Elon Musk ponders quitting his jobs, according to Globalist controlled Reuters. Interesting fun fact: Musk has a tunnel-boring company,  so makes it pretty easy to create an underground home in New Zealand, Kauai (HI,) or Uruguay where the Bush Crime Family purchased a large t

Waking-up With JP: Propaganda and Lack of Critical Thinking Absolute Insanity: Tuker Carlson Points-out Territorial Integrity Regarding Ukraine While our Southern Border is Being Invaded by 200,000 Mostly Military-aged Men and Kidnapped Children a Month

 Hi Critical Thinkers, Let us start-out with some comic relief: Waking-up with JP: Critical Thinking Carlson: The national suicide of intervening in Ukraine Okay, digest this and I will back to add to this post in days forthcoming. Best, Drake. [12. 8, 2021 14:00 PST] Once again there is a whole lot unfolding news-wise, so rather than resuming here, I think I will be starting a new post sooner rather than later. Okay, Bye

Hair Sniffer & Chief Stops Short of Incriminating Himself A Masterful Parody of The Scooby Doo & Covid-19 WaPo: US intel indicates 175,000 Russian Troops set to Invade Ukraine as Soon as January French Citizens Occupy Shopping Mall in Mass Over Covid Mandates

   Please feel free to enjoy  The Quintessential Post-Modern Era Christmas Song Hey Everyone, A lot is unfolding and this post will be completed this weekend. Considerably, traffic has dropped to CT& I am constantly immersed in the daily news-cycle and ready to resume weekly postings. I have an anticipated move in the coming weeks due to a stalker whom has a long history of violence and threats to harm others in this building. I will post  Real news t his weekend and in the upcoming weekend. Thank you so much for your patience and continuing interest in Our Site.  Drakestr [ Back Jack : 9AM December 4, 2021] Hi There Critical Thinkers, Let us start-out with an extremely creative comical bit: Greg Reese Reports: Scooby Doo Just Solved the Covid-19 Myster y [TRT: 1:00m] Child Hair Sniffer & Chief Has Completely Lost his Mind WTF: Yesterday, Biden seems to have stopped one word short of saying he has committed incest in an anal-way  Wow, bazaar-o-land  ...In other ne