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Next Phase of Meltdown: Looming Rail Strike Could Further Impact Fertilizer Shortage Needed Chemicals for Manufacturing Unprecedented: China Uprising Enters Third Week Video: Balenciaga Pedophilia Ad Scandal Deepens More Economist Signal Alarm

[November 28, 2022 (4:00 AM PDT)] Hey there critical thinkers, Returning from a rather slow holiday weekend of news-offerings; apparently, everyone seems to be returning to newsrooms and divulging the wheels are coming-off the economy, China is undergoing the largest protests  since Papa Bush [41] was bragging about a new world order, and a mass-shooting in Colorado seems to be being used to vilify those who are resisting rampant push for sexualization of children. RT: Blaming Libs on TikTok for a Deranged Murderers Actions is Shameless Politicization    Axios: Collapse in Home Prices is Next Robert Kiyosaki on Market Watch: Biggest Bubble About to Pop I am up early and have not posted in almost a week; however, I have to weigh-in on what has transpired regarding this Balenciaga pedophilia scandal; namely, the bizarre characterizations of any opposition to Drag Queen Storytime or LBGT education to kindergarteners, alleging these events participants are  groomers being some kind hate

TRENDING: Double Vaxxed & Boosted NBC's Al Roker Hospitalized with Blood Clots The Hits Just Keep on Coming: Compilation of Sudden Collapse of TV Reporters & Vaxxed Health Officials Died Suddenly: Documentary Chronicles Greatest Die-off in the History of the World Vaxxed Americans Now Majority Covid Patients

Dude: You Are Like  a Top-Globalist Geo-engineering Denier Big AL Do You Not Get the Plan to   Kill Everyone ?   Vaxxed and Boosted Today Show Host Al Roker Says He Was Hospitalized for Blood Clots ( [November 21, 2022 (7:45 PST)] Good evening critical thinkers, I had a brief exchange with a woman who was taken aback by my "Arrest Fauci" shirt complete with the good doctor in his suit & tie, clutching iron bars--Hitler mustache added by yours truly. When Asked Why As is often the case, she did not want to hear any-of-it; accordingly, I pleaded for her to take my card, head to the site, scroll-to and read what was of interest to her, and look at my links from across the media landscape; explaining, peer-reviewed medical studies, and facts--censored facts and the de-platformed info---grounded in backing awaited her, assembled by an accredited media scholar [. . .according to our professors at SFSU upon graduation, Class of 2018.] Classic Stockholm Syndrome Tak

DEVELOPING: RUSSIAN MISSLES REPORTEDLY LAND IN POLAND Allegations Fly: Did FTX Syphon Ukraine Arms Funds Back to Dems in Midterms Evidence Mounting: Many Elections in Multiple States Have Serious Issues AGAIN

[November 15, 2022 (14:30 PST)] Hello again everyone, This story broke little-over 2 1/2 hours ago as I was leaving for an appointment: RUSSIAN MISSILES HIT POLAND NATO SCRAMBLES Now, this was reported as a missile on the top-of-the-hour network radio news carried on 560 AM KSFO which is one of several talk and news formats which I monitor throughout the day and night; however, NBC Digital is describing what occurred as an "explosion." Moreover, other media outlets describe it as "a rocket attack." So, here is a link to the Top-Fold Drudge Report: (UK) Express: Two Dead After Russian Missiles Land in NATO Member Poland Killing 2 Surfing around, there are still a lot of contradictions; subsequently, I would not be surprised if NATO officials or Poland's leaders walked this back to avoid escalation and deal with the incident through diplomatic channels.  Connecting the Dots Timing on this Suspicious as FTX Scandal Points to Ukraine Laundering Money for Midterms  


[November 14, 2022 (17:30 PST)]  AZ Gubernatorial Race: Katie Hobbs (D) Wins Tight Race Over  Kari Lake (R)    Associated Press: 27 min ago  Kari Lake (R) Has Lost AZ Race  to Hobbs (D)

It is Almost Over: Dems Take Control of Senate with Nevada Win House Still a Toss-up at 216 (D) 219 (R) AP: AZ Gov Race Over: Hobbs Defeats Lake

NBC: Decision 2022: Real Time Results by Hovering Cursor on Particular States I don't have much to add, except, the last thing the globalists said about  election month is for Gubernatorial Candidate, Kari Lake (R) AZ, to win and make good on campaign pledge to put Arizona National Guard on the boarder to stop what has become a 2 million per year invasion and child trafficking operation. Funny Thing As you read the above linked NBC Story, they are quick to point-out many of the of the seats lost in both chambers were backed by Trump; subsequently, an additional loss in the expected Herschel Walker (R) v Incumbent Raphael Warnock (D) runoff in Georgia's US Senate race, will give Dems a much more solid lock on the senate so moderate holdouts like pesky Joe Manchin (D) of West Virginia are of zero consequence: A Warnock victory would make it 51-49, giving Democrats one extra vote in a chamber where they have often been stymied by internal dissent from members like Sen. Joe Man

More Stolen Goods than UN Plaza on an Afternoon in SF: Gubernatorial Senatorial & House Seats Inexplicably to close to call Lost & "Found" Ballots Abound

WELCOME TO BANANA REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES We Need to Return to Paper Ballots  . . . with one republican and one democrat poll observer watching over the shoulder all night until all votes are tabulated. This Ain't Rocket Science People [WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 9, 2022 (14:00 PST)] I stayed with election coverage until about 1 AM this morning and could not believe that this level of inconsistencies which happened again. Not as glaring as last election yet calculated to be just enough. Wikipedia: Definition of a Banana Republic I have some prior commitments but will return with more--specifically Kari Lake in AZ.  NBC News: Hobbs & Lake about 5,000 votes apart. [November 10, 2022 (18:42 PST)] Just a quick update, They keep "finding" more ballots in this Hobbs v Lake saga; similarly, there seems to be odd goings-on in Washoe County, NV regarding the Laxalt lead for US Senate continuing to shrink. Sensing Not a Lot of Interest: will update as final results come-in on p

Continuing Election Night Coverage: Newsom Positioned for Presidency Move-over Zuckerberg: Cyborg Uncle Festerman First Transhumanist US Senator Nominee

 After Midnight: Dem Front Runner Set to Replace Biden, CA Gov Gavin Newsom, Wins Reelection Handily, Tonight T BREAKING: According to CBS, Fetterman Announced Winner in PA Senate Race   . . .going to bed--certainly hours after Sleepy Joe, the predicted red-wave did not happen--to a large extent--projected, Republicans take the House with a very small majority---Deep-state will steal several US Senate seats just like last time. Say You Want a Revolution? [November 10, 2022 (10:00 PST AM)] Back to Newsom Sacramento Bee: Why CA Governor Will or Will Not Challenge for Nomination

Let the Cheating Begin: Despite Increased Scrutiny the Usual Suspect Municipalities Appear to Be Engaging in Shenanigans Again

  My Every Two Years Favorite Night: Better than the Stupor Bowl Mid-morning mountain time, details of problems in Arizona's most populous county--Maricopa--emerged throughout mostly pro-Kari Lake precincts with 25% ballots being rejected by tabulators and long waits in line to vote. Home to Phoenix Metro, this was a well-known target of Stop the Steal in 2020; once again, Philly-- is having incredible early returns for Fetterman [. . . name like that of a small-town Upper-Midwest hardware store.] Fetterman's or as many on the right call Uncle Festerman, is ahead by a whopping 80%. At this hour, Fetterman is clobbering his US Senate race Republican opponent, Dr. Oz, with an over thirty percent lead. In Florida, Desantos has been declared the winner. I am going to link to excellent live coverage and analysis at Yes, they have their Libertarian--some would say Christian-right representation expressed by some hosts--but whom is the powerhouse whose site began to su

It is Getting Ugly out there: AZ GOP Senate Hopeful Blake Masters says Fauci Deserves to See the Inside of a Prison Cell Google Caught Manipulating Search Queries AGAIN

 [November 8. 2022 (3:45 PST)]  Happy Election Day: Starting to Park News Items WaPo : In Closing Pitch AZ Gubernatorial Hopeful Blake Masters Calls for Fauci Incarceration  WA PO : Democrats Feeling Anxiety Epoch Times: Google Impacting Election by Flipping Low Information Voters Across Multiple Platforms Okay, short post it is now early afternoon, and we are seeing multiple problems with voting machines throughout precincts in many counties & states. I have to go take in my ballot and run some errands before a full night of coverage. PS. I just watched a Kari Lake (R) nominee for governor in AZ---total fraud underway. Drake

Midterm Count Less Than Two Days Away Twitter Changing Social Media Landscape Jones: Germany US & Swedish Governments Admit Massive Drop in Fertility Stillbirths Directly Linked to Covid Shots

Countdown to Midterms   November 7, 2022 (2:00 AM PST) Wow, that whole jetlag from the  fallback  to the PST has--this time--hit me like the preverbal Pelosified hammer; anyhow, up early and as soon as I finish checking the news-cycle, I wanted to park a few stories. Ben Shapiro: An Overview of the Censorship Landscape & How We Got Here Pittsburg Post-Gazette: Musk's Twitter Upsets  Liberal  STATE CONTROLED Media Dominance AP: Musk Threatens to Boot Twitter Account Impersonators  WND: New CA Law Punishes Doctors Who Challenge Official Covid Narrative The McCullough Report: DARPA Working on mRNA Vaccine Since 2011 Infowars: Sunday Emergency Broadcast on McCullough Being Stripped of Medical License Calls Mount for Nuremburg Tribunals [2hrs & then Friday's Exclusive Dr. Peter McCullough Interview] . . .hmm, I am looking for the Kari Lake "White powder in an envelope" story and it is completely scrubbed from Drudge [?] Hit Jobs too Late to Stop Kari Lake in AZ

Election Coverage to Begin: WSJ Reports 15% Swing to Right in Suburban Women Biden Falsely Claims Oldest Son Died in Iraq Again

Hello again everyone, With just under six days until the increasingly important midterms, our usual keeping clear from the Left-Right paradigm---keeping it more than an arms-length or avoiding politics in general---will be suspended, at least for the next few weeks. However, we have looked at Biden's deteriorating mental health on several past posts, and with him--again--declaring his Son Beau's died while serving in Iraq , forgeting what FEMA stood for, claiming he meet the inventor of Insulin, and not remembering the name of Hurricane Ian, this is becoming frightening! . . .please note, the inventor of Insulin died before Biden was born! NY Post: Biden Claims having been Speaking to More Dead People All of this Happening in the Last 24 Hrs According to  Wall Street Journal: Poll indicates 15% Surge in White Suburban Women Shifting to Republicans So, as our election coverage begins in earnest, we will continue to focus on the 4 'Fs: Food Farming Fertilizer Fa

How Long Can Deadly Vaccines Continue: 5x Vaxed CDC Chief Back in Isolation DHS Expanding Surveillance of Citizens

  Hello again critical thinkers, Just to touch briefly on my last post and the picture becoming clearer on the Paul Pelosi attack. Accordingly, your editor & chief held back on speculation which grew over the last weekend about this being some kind of gay [Bi?] hook-up; clearly, there are still some inconsistencies or anomalies, yet with this cat, DePape [finally agreeing on the capitalization of the letter 'P,] spilling the beans that he had planned to kidnap,  where is Nancy, according to what was discussed at yesterday's press conference. Here is a link to the latest from CBS 5 KPIX from his arraignment about an hour ago for those interested. MSM Covid Narrative Collapsing  BREAKING: Five Time Vaxed CDC Chief Comes Down with Covid OAN: Vaxed Populations Suffering Strange New Illness & Doctors Report Contaminated Vaccines Several posts ago, I explained our news gathering or journalistic ethos at CT&Reasoning, and just as in these two links above, we are finding--