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Hot War with Russia Moves Closer: Nord Stream Pipeline Explosion US Increases Surveillance on Russian Forces

Greetings Critical Thinkers, This early afternoon, there seems to be an emerging consensus throughout the mainstream media after a morning of taking a more cautious tone on the cause of the blast.  Fortune: Sabotage Suspected in Russia's Nord Stream 2 Pipelines to Germany   BREAKING September 27, 2022 (14:15 EDT)  ZeroHedge: Nord Stream 1 & 2 May Have Been Sabotage According to Danish Prime Minister A German Security Official Claims: The evidence points to a violent act, rather than a technical issue, according to a German security official, who asked not to be identified because the matter is being probed. -Bloomberg   The US has pledged to help. Help what? . . .destroy not only our own energy infrastructure but help implement the World Economic Forum's Great Reset by plunging Europe into a cold winter of power outages? In closing, the graphic within the story shows three different blast sites. I am sure this escalation will elicit a response--the question

Revisiting Denver Airport Conspiracy Nuclear Brinksmanship & Putin US Military Recruitment Shortfall Worsens

 Hello Again Critical Thinkers, Our readers are really either intrigued by some of my claims and not so sure regarding some of my links--a sort of cognitive dissonance which is understandable if things are as bad as I demonstrate--or they are top notch in their discernment and comprehension of how dire the situation has become. Let us start this new post with a couple of videos & return for some news items: Greg Resse Reports: Bugout Bags Underground Bases &The Denver Airport Now, this is one of the funniest conspiracy theories I have ever run-into Living in The Mile High City in 1990, I got to see some of Denver International Airport's [DIA] construction, appreciate those wild late afternoon summer thunderstorms, and loved the drive-thru liquor stores! Seriously, this whole subject of DIA compartmentalizing a Deep Underground Military Base [DUMB] had some pretty substantial evidence surrounding it. Interestingly, the mural described in the Resse video [TRT 4:10m] and the m

Politically Weaponized FBI: The Pillow Guy and 35 Other Opposition Leaders to Regime Under Siege Vaccines Deaths Continue: Take A Look at What is Being Found in Covid Death Corpses Outrageous: SFPD Float Policy of Commandeering Homeowners Security Cameras

  Hilarious Photoshopped Image of Booty Seized Greetings Critical Thinkers, I can try to stay clear of the pollical factions' back-and-forth but have to weigh-in that what seems to be going on is truly unprecedented. Clearly, I have a track-record of opposition to the FBI dating back to Randy Weaver's wife being shot by a sniper on private property while holding her baby; the worst example, the parishioners in WACO being burned-out of their church--again--on private property; tragically, when the inferno ignited by flashbang grenades--after the church was pumped full of butane gas--failed to kill all of the children, they were summarily gunned-down and others runover with tanks as revealed by Flir camera footage which emerged in an award-winning documentary in the late nineties.  . . . that is a lot of hyphens! In my opinion, the FBI became an KGB-style fascistic instrument of our police-state many decades ago; yet this use of it to go after the populist political opposition to

The Day of Reckoning Now Here: Not Holding Assassins Accountable for JFK or Mass Murder of 3000 on 911 Has Caught up with US

  A not so good morning, How does it feel to wake-up and know that our parent's--or many of you much younger than me--great grandparents did nothing about the conspiracy & assassination of JFK, nor the mass murder of 3,000 people on 9-11? . . . come-on you guys. . . box-cutters, hollow-nosed aluminum-frame aircraft flying through iron and steel reinforced concrete buildings which collapse in an hour, video of building demolition-type explosive 'squibs' seen taking down the structures--no air force fighters from Langley AFB or Norfolk Naval Air Station just minutes away? 911 Explained in Less than 5:00 Minutes A Technocratic Authoritarian Medical Industrial Complex Bio/Infowar So, now we are facing a situation where we have a mass depopulation scheme run by billionaires at the World Economic Forum [WEF] & their new world order cronies embedded into non-profits, charitable foundations, and globalist think tanks which actually are at the helm of governance. I will keep

Breaking: Queen Elizabeth Passes at 96 Fauci Allegedly Colluded on Big Tech Censorship

This is weird how a rainbow appears at the time of her passing, huh?  Hello Critical Thinkers, BBC: Quen Elizabeth II has Died   Get ready for more troubling data surrounding the deadly vaccines to be dumped as the media will go into Michael Jackson's death-mode resulting in wall-to-wall coverage; similar to how MSM has obsessed over the Mar-a-largo raid which has allowed an avalanche of negative news about vaccine harm to be swept under the rug.   Good Lord, I am getting word that the funeral may be up-to 12 days from now--cue "Billy Jean" for a CNN continuous 'B-roll video loop! As we used to say on the radio:   "Non-stop. . .In a Row. . .Continuous. . .Back-to-Back. . .Guaranteed" Okay, your intrepid news aggregator here at CT&Reasoning will be ever vigilant to dig-up the stories which will be dumped sure as the Friday night news feed and bring 'em to you. I will leave you the latest on public distrust of federal law enforcement: The Epoch Times: