Back to the Drawing Board

Hello Fellow Burka-style Mask Wearing Subjects of the Emerging New World Order

Ahh, we meet again,

Day-in-and-day-out, I am distracted by the demands from social agencies, theft of many of the boxes stolen during the long-anticipated move of my stuff stored for over half-a-decade in Sonora, CA, and the emerging fruition of the New Normal which I swore was a phrase I would never use.

Hence, it keeps me from what really needs to begin to take precedent:

My love of writing on issues of substance, the avenue driving my pursuit of regaining relevancy as a social commentator, blogger, and multimedia CaliDude.

Yep, I get to break some grammatical rules, according to my Creative Writing for Nonfiction Professor, Jackie Davis-Martin; more importantly, I came to find-out while finishing-up the Spring Semester, 2020 at San Francisco City College [CCSF] that I am not a writer, nor--perhaps--shall I ever be a writer of the traditional story curve style or definition. Furthermore, concocting something that resembled Algebra towards the end of the course, taking-apart and compartmentalizing different twists-of-plots, character developing, assembling different endings...

Not gonna happen!

I remain standing at the precipice of a New Age, the most important era of my lifetime; do you not think or feel this to be the case?

According to Davis-Martin and what I did learn was that those who cannot spend laborious years perfecting the craft and revising and rewriting their memoir, work of fiction, or creative non-fiction with the guidance of an editor can still--However--make a living or enjoy pursuing writing on matters of consequence; naturally, I am of this Op-Ed style wanna-be pundit in the shadow of those writers I have come to admire most:

  • The Molly Ivans' of the world as we had known her, locally, my conspiratorial book shelve displaying a copy of Shrub [Co-written by Lou Dubose (2000)] the book on the lightweight of the Bush Crime Family, George W. Bush.
  • Self-identified Libertarian humorist, PJ O'Rourke 
  • Populist Jim Hightower who leans Progressive 
...I will spare you comparisons such as Populist, Will Rodgers.

Well, maybe not on second guess!

Rodgers, had part of his estate that ran to a CA State Park just down Sunset Boulevard in Pacific Palisades, continuing towards the California State Beach that bears his name near the western terminus of Sunset Boulevard and Pacific Coast Highway [PCH.]

Part of Rodger's estate became a development in part of what still standing--had horse stalls-and-all was my off-limits playground, nearby Riviera Country Club.

The neighborhood was referred to as The Polo Fields.

A Mid-Century development located in Brentwood [the LA County one] neighborhood, I spent many of my formative years in this rather coveted and historic Hood. In fact, Governor Ronald Reagan [1967-1974] regularly passed our home at Allenford Avenue and Sunset Boulevard escaping the boredom of the State Capitol, Sacramento, to he and Nancy's ocean-view property in the heights of Pacific Palisades, CHP Motorcycles leading the-charge off-of-the OJ Simpson slow-chase I-405 off-ramp.

Moreover, another amorality:

The rather bizarre synchronicity or happenstances regarding my parallel travels through the Sierra Mother Lode--prior to landing in San Francisco still puzzles me; after all, Samuel Clemens was editor of the newly founded in the 1850's newspaper, The Sacramento Union, at about the time my Paternal Great-Great-Great Grandmother arrived in SF from Chile.

More recently, and perhaps even weirder, was driving regularly from Columbia College based Tuolumne County, through Calaveras County on HWY 49 back to Jackson for every other week, cheap groceries at Cost Less Foods or The Sac, only to get the chills as I passed one of those mid-century California highway markers proclaiming the area had been a settlement of Chilean Miners during the Gold Rush!

...I am one-sixteenth Chilean, according to a published --Sacramento Bee article featuring five Generations of women attending a 1925 family reunion in Oakland!

Also, Mark Twain's cabin lay just across the Tuolumne County Line [New Melones Dam's midpoint signals crossing into Calaveras Co.] on HWY 49 my having completed my AA at Sonora, CA based Columbia College, Class of 2016.

Seren-freakin-dipity, people, hence my odd--understatement--eclectic Forest Gump of a Life!

 Increasingly, Serendipity seems to be my middle name, Old McDonald's, aside.

So let me move-on or as Professor Davis-Martin of CCSF was always quick to remind me:

"Oh...a blog!"

"...Is that not just writing whatever pops in your head, an antidote--a variable stream-of-conscience--lacking the mechanics of a story curve?"

Yeah, Petty Much

Lastly on this class? Let me praise the talented class members of all ages and backgrounds who submitted papers we work-shopped: Emma, Judith, and all of you--You know who you are! An extremely talented pool of creatives and eclectic writers who really "Got it" as I, repeatedly, fell short.

...amazing San Franciscans

Lock-Down # 2: Medical Tyranny Enters Month Four

So, we find ourselves under almost as severe of a mandated lock-down as the initial one that was to last, only, two-weeks, extended for a month-or-so until we flatten the curve, or the economy--that is not a light-switch--actually was beginning to come back with unemployment half of what it should have been last month--month three of our Color Revolution.

Trump cannot be allowed to win in November...Make It Stop!

...please google the events earlier this last decade in The Ukraine, a Fifth-Column--George Soros funded operation few know of. I do understand, you have lives, many of you with children to attend to--not single or semi-retired such as myself, I get-it, yet we need your civic-engagement now!

The End of the United States May Be at Hand.

If we ditch-it and so be it, this is our choice according to Thomas Jefferson spelling-out our options in The Declaration of Independence; once again, we all need to weigh-in on how to proceed, remembering that The Toothpaste Cannot Be Put Back in-the-Tube if taking a course resulting in a loss of our sovereignty.


A big Jeffersonian-word that means having a country where we dictate--We the People--what happens not some foreign entity such a the UN, World Court or World Bank in the Hague, deciding on a global scale or rule of law administered above-and-beyond our current system of Federal/State/Local jurisdictions. 

Meanwhile, the near daily protests continue here in what San Francisco Chronicle Columnist, Herb Cain called, Baghdad by the Bay, San Francisco, having mellowed somewhat. Even the 1/4 sticks of dynamite being used on ATMs to fund the revolution, also having had subsided, substantially.

Uh, one last blast of serendipity, okay?

My Mother took me to Fanny Ann's Saloon [really an eatery or tavern] in Old Sac, around High-noon, for my 18th Birthday. Just after being seated, she pulled-out an SF Chronicle and pointed to Cain's daily column, proclaiming "Drake Davis of Sacramento [San Francisco (?) as the years pass no one really knows] celebrates his 18th Birthday today." The following year, I was talking over the AM air-waves a block west of Fanny Ann's on Front Street along the banks of the Sacramento River at 1470 KXOA.

Now, you may be saying: "Drake please--You Make It Stop!

 The Stupid Virus & The Many Faucets-of-Monumental Change Ushering-in  

Regardless of the fact that the Corona Virus is real, before this up-tick of the last ten or fourteen days, the mortality rate remained at 0.2% or is it 0.02%?????

As I used to say [and for proper attribution, it was Rick Shannon of Group W' Radio who said, "I really don't KAER [Care] 92.5"] Yet, radio jocks steal others' really good lines, unfortunately, this is ...where am know that place, I am not my wife, Uhh, I am Like--you know...what I mean and stuff, Joe Biden."

Fact is--and someone else needs to do the math as I never have met a quadratic equation that I could wrangle--if there are 340 Million people, roughly, in the United States, why are we destroying the global economy over some 128,000 [or their other figure of 215,000 +] deaths in the US thus far?

Here is the Latest From the CDC

Just looking at the table I have provided, demonstrates the amount of discretion or lack of certainty when these statistics are gathered. Once again, the phrase about Statistics and Damn Statistics comes to mind.

Examining the CDC site leaves lots of room for interpretation with columns involving many contributing conditions or complications of Influenza, Pneumonia---AND Zero consideration given to the risk factors we have come to understand as being responsible for the huge miscount regarding those over 60 years-old who have COPD or other lung ailments, sleep apnea, obesity, and heart disease.

Most of us are familiar with the two Bakersfield, CA MD's who run eight clinics and their YouTube video detailing that the diseases-of-misery (?) resulting from social isolation and a lack-of acquiring Herd-Immunity, and so on. Unfortunately, the video along with an RN's more recent video alleging what is happening as nothing short of murder, describing and providing hidden camera footage of what she called, murder of Old -folk--the revelatory causing their deaths along with a regime of drugs, "Putting people in a coma that they will never have chance of coming-out-of."

Clearly, patients admitted without not having any Covid symptoms, being coded wrongly in order to obtain financial gain from the stimulus and other funds available to these supposedly swamped with patients, hospitals.

Oh, many of you have not seen the plethora of medical whistle-blowers' because our High-tech Overlords at YouTube have tens-of-thousands of real-time fact checkers taking down as many of the some 4 million videos posted...was that hourly or daily?

Regardless, let me ask:

Still think the media censorship at the hands of Big Tech is perfectly alright because these are private companies protected by Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act (1996) that shields platforms such as FB and Instagram from being held accountable for libelous, inaccurate [Fake News] and other harmful content?

Wrapping-up, I launched this site to make going on record with what the frantic and in a panic mainstream media is shoveling-out, having become the driver of the dystopian nightmare our country has become.

When the dust settles--I am counting on an uncloaking of the press-ti-tutes and the forces hell-bent on destroying the United States--being drug-into the sunlight, so that I may be hired by a media company as someone who "...knows where the bodies within the architecture of The New World Order are buried."

After all, "I am 'Still' Drake Davis" and my destiny will continue to unfold this year--once proven accurate on the plethora of issues I will be covering--God willing and with your readership--at






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