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Super Villain Claus Schwab Explains Global Takeover of the World Developing: Taking A Deeper Look at Bioweapon Labs in Ukraine USA's Military Attacks on Countries have killed Millions of Civilians

  Natural News Mar 2, 2022: US Embassy Website Removes Evidence of Ukrainian Bioweapons Labs   Hi Everybody, I wanted to park this image and get to researching what is being disclosed about Covid being a part of this softening-up for a war on the US, the world, and further destabilizing of governments, institutions, and society. For example, just look at the trauma of mask-wearing and two years of what inferior online education has done to the nation's children. Higher rates of suicide, drug addiction. higher incidents of alcohol abuse--losing your two or three generation restaurant or family business will do that to you as the Big-box businesses flourish--by design. Previously, the Globalists have succeeded at getting us to fight among ourselves since the 2020 BLM George Soros-funded riots and would prefer a civil war between all of these divided factions here at home. Notice how as the Truckers in Canada stood-up & now, as US truckers undertake their Convoy to Washington DC,

Russia Invasion of Ukraine Accelerating

Hi Guys, Tonight, I have been monitoring news feeds from around the globe, specifically, Kiev, Ukraine. That said, expect MSM to dump or correct admissions much like they do on a Friday Night or Sunday afternoon to create the scenario of, "Oh, we reported on that." Anyhow, getting later and having stomached watching events in Ukraine, yet I think the intensity of the warfare will be much more precision-like than another George W ' Bush [President Cheney]  Shock and Awe-- sleepy-time is quickly approaching.  At least for now: A different situation with the several generational period of Russians and Ukrainians inter-marring during the Soviet era and family trees' proceeding for hundreds of years prior, etc. Complicated? Yeah, but the Russians have given the west plenty of time to disavow our pursuit of Ukraine joining NATO; honestly, your supposed intrepid foreign policy dude just realized the down-play that was underreported regarding The Baltic States--Latvia Estoni

UPDATE: Russians Moving into Ukraine US Heightens Alert for Cyber Attacks CDC Hiding Info on Vaccines Ineffectiveness

Hey CT& Reasoning Consumers, Once again, we here at CT&R just get out of the way and post the stories your social media "newsfeed" censors: Daily Mail:  Putin's 'peacekeepers' in tanks roll into Ukraine separatist regions | Daily Mail Online Fox New York 5 News: Potential for Satellite and Cyber Attacks  ...well, maybe not so much these two, but check these next one's out: What Better Way to Hide What Has Been Done to US Than Yet Another War? Daily Mail: Stats on Vaccine Effectiveness   CDC Complex Atlanta, GA The Federalist: The CDC's Lies Have Destroyed Its Legitimacy Last summer, guided by the CDC, President Biden  claimed , “If you’re vaccinated, you’re not going to be hospitalized, you’re not going to be in the IC unit, and you’re not going to die.” Biden also spread misinformation about vaccinations preventing the spread of Covid-19 by  stating , “You’re not going to get Covid if you have these vaccinations.”  Who is harmed the most by health

DEVELOPING: UN in Emergency Session Putin Gives Generals Orders for Troops into Two Regions of Ukraine Oil & Other Markets Bracing for Disruption

SPUTNIK INTERNATIONAL: RUSSIAN TROOPS TO ENTER TWO--NOW--BREAKAWAY REPUBLICS OF UKRAINE AFTER MIDNIGHT PACIFIC STANDARD TIME Hi Critical Thinkers and Readers, CriticalThinkingandReasoning will be monitoring the situation--overnight from our San Francisco Newsroom--posting updates on potentially the biggest war in Europe since the end of WW II begins to unfold. RUSSIA TODAY: DETAILS OF DONBASS COOPERATION TREATY EMERGE JURUSALEM POST: RUSSIA CLOSES AIRSPACE OVER SEA OF AZOV While we do not like to make predictions on the geopolitical stage, CT&Reasoning has speculated in previous posts that after the Olympics wrapped-up in China--the US could become preoccupied with the saber rattling since October 2020 in Ukraine [proxy war underway since 2014] and now imminent military incursion--creating an opening for the ChiComs to make a move on a Taiwanese invasion. . . .we will have to wait and see, yet the US is entering a unipolar world--no longer the world's only reigning superpower.

Despite MSM Censorship John Hopkins Study is Being Talked About Among US Breaking: Project Veritas Video of FDA Executive Reveals Millions Given to Approve Dangerous Vaccines Video: History of Illegal Medical Human Experimentation

 Special Thanks to New Friend and Social Media Influencer, Corina, for Spreading ST&Place URL Hi There Critical Thinkers, First, let me repost the [Follow the Science] John Hopkins study which has been ignored by the MSM: Surgeon Dr. Makary clearly states,   “Johns Hopkins itself did not even put out a press release about this study, and if you look at the media coverage, it’s one of the biggest stories in the world today, and yet certain media outlets have not even covered it,” he said.   Studies in Applied Economics: A Literature Review and Meta-analysis of the Effects of Lockdowns on Covid-19 Mortality Okay, you guys. Chew-on that and I will get back to this post over the next few days; undoubtedly, an update on Late '70's Farrah-foxette hair Justin Trudeau's latest authoritarian crackdown on freedom to assemble: Red Pilled: Is Justin Trudeau the Bastard Child of Cuba's Fidel Castro? . . .wow, talk about conspiracy theory, but look at not only the facial features

Canada's Trudeau Removed from Residence as Truckers Occupy Ottawa John Hopkins Study: Lockdowns Failed Made Nominal 0.2% Dent in Virus Spread White House: False Flags to Justify War with Ukraine Idiocracy: Hilarious Video on Mass Formation Psychosis [AKA: Stockholm Syndrome]

  Canadian PM Trudeau Goes into Hiding  Covid Narrative Falling Apart Globalists Start More Wars to Cover Their Crimes Infowars:  We Are All Canadian Truckers Now!  [Updating post started a few days ago: February 4, 2022] Welcome back Critical Thinkers, Breaking yesterday, this should be the biggest story since lockdowns began [...for just a couple weeks to Flaten-the-Curve. ] Now, the medical institution that war-gammed how to implement vaccination, mask and sanitizing protocalls, has published a study that they got it completely wrong. Drake Was Right: Lockdowns Do Not Work Daily Mail: Media Outlets Ignore John Hopkins Report Revealing Lockdown Failure   Meanwhile, the big story to relegate or bump the report from coverage? We Are All Alex Jones Now: I thought False Flags Do Not Exist? WSJ: Russia to Carryout False Flags to Present Need to Intervene Militarily WND: Israel's 90% Vaccination Rate Leads to 80% of New Cases Among Vaccinated Oftentimes at CT&Reasoning, we just pos