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Video: The Deadly History of Vaccines Big Tech Censorship By Ommision & Powerful Evidence of Biden Suffering From Dementia

 Hello Critical Thinking and Reasoning People, Looking pretty bleak, this current news-cycle leaves your writer & editor-in-chief, scratching his head on where to begin and what to cover. Regularly, we focus on problems with the--oftentimes false--narrative surrounding Covid-19 & vaccines, military moves in the South China Sea concerning Taiwan, Russian military activities in The Arctic regarding their forward deployment of strategic bombers and submarine launched ballistic missiles--three of which broke through polar ice in unison earlier this month--and the Ruskies closing the Black Sea in preparation for a conflict with The Ukraine. ...I have not used that pejorative since my Cold War US Army Infantry days! So, let us start with our global depopulation overlord, Bill Gates, and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's latest human experiment foisted-upon the public: Sputnik: Gates Foundation Funded Biotech Company Poised to Release Genetically Modified Mosquitoes in Flori

NCBI-NIH Study: Prolonged Mask Wearing Cultivates Disease & Negative Mental Health Outcomes

Yesterday, I met a nice couple at the Embarcadero in front of the Ferry Building; understandably, I identified with the middle-aged man wearing a Portland, Ore shirt, giving him a shout-out.  Turns out, they moved from PDX ten years earlier to Lodi, CA for a much more inexpensive and less crime-ridden lifestyle. Handing the woman my card, as I am always trying to drive folks to take a look at Critical Thinking & Reasoning, the woman asked about my comment summarizing my last post on "The Covid narrative being inconsistent with what we are being subjected to..." She replied, "Don't you believe the science?" As they began to go about there way, I said, "Go to my recent post and there is a peer-reviewed medical study authored by some fifty scientist, doctors, and health researchers explaining that there is evidence that Covid-19 is a bio-weapon and that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is engaged in illegal and unethical processes and require inter

News Item: CNBC Reports Phizer CEO NOW Says A Third Shot Needed & Russia Ukraine Update