Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Influence Peddling: Paid-out 275 Million for Positive MSM Coverage


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As they used to say in Top 40 Radio:

"The hits just keep on coming!"

The newly purchased URL, now, does not work unless I go to it through, I have had Microsoft send an update which made their "Edge" browser my home page, and it screwed-up all of my settings, removing everything on my taskbar.

...and it was 91 Degrees in SF, Saturday, this Labor Day weekend!

Being responsible and thinking all of these problems with my blog are finally over, I dropped my plans to be on the beach, Saturday, to load the last three months of blog post on the new host (?)

Split screen, minimizing icon, my entire taskbar erased, I am having a great freaking weekend this [now] Sunday night after another five hours with a second friend/internet guru who got a few things corrected.

Here is what I have to say:

We are supposed to take a vaccine from this Mr. Rodgers look-alike in his gay-pink-sweater that will reassemble our RNA?

There has never been a vaccine of this nature ["Chips" under the skin are so yesterday] an irremovable type of patch that has been patented, already; arguably, do I need to remind you that this is one of the key players in placing us under this now clearly tyrannical Digital Gulag?

Curious why Bill Gates is the go-to guy on getting a multiple dose vaccine regimen under the skin of everyone on the planet? Hit the link below from the highly credible Columbia Journalism Review to find-out how much has been given away to promote sound science.

...oh, my mistake: How much was given away to promote Bill Gates' anti-human eugenics agenda. 

Columbia School of Journalism: Bill Gates has spent $275 Million to Buy Positive Media Coverage

Where do I start...

The year is 1984...really! Recently, I had come back from my having been stationed with the US Army Infantry in what was then, West Germany. ATM's start showing-up, the Internet begins coming into widespread use in the next ten or fourteen years, mobile phones becoming ubiquitous by the end of the decade/century.

...whatever happened to Nokia and Motorola, right?

Nothing seemed to be attractive to me in either owning a cellphone until--as a pressure washing and deck staining contractor--nor a computer until my largest client insisted on the need to contact me while hanging-off the side of a building and no longer would accept paper billing.

Heck, my mother wanted a laptop, so I bought her one two years earlier in 2004!

That said, I have been what we call a late-comer--not an early adopter--technology-wise, a former technophobe; For the same reason, I have been deeply suspicious of Mr. Gates motives and did a research paper on not only The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations track record with vaccines but other studies that showed efficacy-rates are consider successful when as low as 40-50% of the annual flu vaccines are effective in blocking infections!

Every year, the batch is made to protect against infection using best science and computer models on what the strain will be or mutate into.

Wrapping-up, the very large scale tests in India involving 100,000's of prepubescent and coming-of-age girls/women allowed by the government of India resulted in hundreds of deaths and thousands maimed or sterilized. 

The result of the Guardasil trials for prevention of the Human Papilloma Virus [HPV.] by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; unfortunately, many of the articles on what was allowed to happen have been scrubbed from the web. Be Continued





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