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Theeeey're Back: Masks Back in Vouge Vaccine Pushers Begin Going Door-to-Door Mask On Mask Off MASK ON

 Hi Everyone, Once again, a lot of news breaking on their desire to imprison us in our homes-- Again.    The beginnings of our next blog posts is now parked and soon, we will plunge into our latest rabbit-hole, together. [July 29, 2021 AM] Hello Again CT& Reasoning Connoisseurs, I am finishing up the morning surfing-of-the-web for the purpose-of saving stories for when the post comes together over the weekend; meanwhile, I wanted to get some breaking content up-and-running. . . . hope you like hyphens! Check-out this short excerpt from the story that correctly states that Griswold v Connecticut (1965) was one of the Supreme Courts precedents' in which the jurisprudence [methodology to arrive at the decision,] Loving v Virginia (1967) is another building block that laid-the-foundation for Roe v. Wade (1973) becoming the Law of the land: Though North Carolina’s “door-to-door” vaccine outreach program has been called “not confrontational,” a health advocacy group said it veers

Nuremberg Code Relating to FDA Unapproved Vaccines Evaluating Media Sources Cited Global Lockdown Protests Censored in US

    Hi Critical Thinking & Reasoning Visitors, As usual, we deal with the scientific or vetted evidence, going around big tech censorship, bringing you the latest evidence that the Covid lock-downs having been by design about bringing the United States into a collapse--on multiple fronts--ushering-in world government. Peer Reviewed Study: COVID is a BIOWEAPON Keeping with tradition at CT&Reasoning, I usually start a new blog post with a few news items collected since the last post, continuing to ferret-out breaking news and statistical data, completing the blog post over a period of several day. This morning a planetary cyber-attack is underway; naturally, we predicted this was coming along with the Internet Kill Switch being implemented if all of the censorship or the public being Not allowed to organize against this high-tech authoritarian takeover--outlined in the World Economic Forum and hundreds of other documents from globalist organizations--continues to unrave

Bombshell: Dr. Fauchi & Peter Daszak Funded & Covered-up Pandemics Origin SF Crime Surge Fueled By Judicial Reform An Example of the Violence Set to Spread to Your Neighborhood

   Welcome Back Critical Thinkers, Judging by both of these preliminary pieces of media I am posting at the onset, I do not think I need to use the word "allegedly" in this post's title. May 10, 2021 Censored Tucker Carlson Episode: Tony Fauchi & Peter Daszak caused the epidemic NY Post June 4, 2021: Peter Daszak: the nonprofit exec who sent taxpayer money to the Wuhan Lab  In fact, I am not a big fan of Fox News, either, and have plans to take one of my "CNN is Fake News" shirts to have my screen printer add: . . .Fox (Faux) News is Fake News Too! So, as I many times do on these posts, I start them with a couple of items or links for you to digest and come-back to it--returning to the post in real-time; thereby, my readers can observe the creative process--adding more content over a period of days. . . .actually, it never fails that I find the initial proofreading to be flawed when I see how things sized-up on my smartphone! Regardless, I used to hate proof

US Navy Plane Intercepted Amid Black Sea War Games Trump Class Action Suit Filed Against Big Tech A Look at US & Haitai Poll: Half Think Biden Unable to Lead

  Two SU-30 Fighters Intercept a Boeing P-8 Anti-Sub Reconnaissance Plane     The US Sun: Multiple Incidents and Maneuvers Around the Globe Signal Escalation Greetings Critical Thinkers, Hey, once again we have an opportunity to take a swipe at the state-of or condition of the lame-stream media when we have to get our news from tabloid outlets such as the NY Post, The Star, and this time, The US Sun. Several of our most recent posts have been--at least partially--about these multiple war games involving NATO in the Black Sea, The Russian naval maneuvers just 35 miles off-of Hawaii, and the ramping-up of tensions in and around Taiwan and now Japan. Looking over my choice in what to include for you guys, I am unpacking a flurry of important stories:   France 24 : US Troops in Iraq Hit in Retaliation for our recent drone and missile attacks on Iran Jerusaelm Post : The Mysterious Explosion at the Port in Dubai  Daily Caller : Trump Chief Litigant in Class Action Suit Targeting Big Tech Ce