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Caterine Austin Fitts Interview: Twenty Years Ago Big Tech Partnered with USA to Take Planetary Control

 [parking this timely interview of Catherine Austin Fitts] Hi Everyone, First, thank you for your interest in Please enjoy this interview with privacy and finance expert, Catherine Austin Fitts: Fitts: Begining Twenty Years-ago We Had A Financial Coup  lockdown-catherine-austin-fitts-full-interview/

See...I Told You So

Hello Again Critical Thinking & Reasoning Consumers of Media, We start-out another weekend after plenty of finger-pointing, unrest that will not be ending anytime soon regarding the banning of Stop the Steal proponents from the web and the six or seven swing-state shenanigans, and even the criminalization and undermining of business people who supported Trump--he is gone, and the media does seem to not quite know what to do now!                                     NY Mayor Cuomo Should Face Some Kind of Charges A few blogs back, I continued to restate the mounting evidence that NY Mayor Mario (Brothers) Cuomo whose brother runs cover-up operations for him at disgraced Fake News outlet, CNN, is finally feeling some heat from his---alleged--attempt to boost COVID-19 deaths last spring by shoving Covid positive patients into nursing homes. I do not take this lightly. There was federal money, ventilators, and military assets deployed to help by that point; sadly, these are peop

Unprecedented Censorship is Our New Normal

  Hey You All, Please try to get-over that this 9m Total Run Time [TRT in BECA Parlance,] video from 29% invested Saudi Arabia controlled Fox News having now been posted for your consideration. We are witnessing those who control the servers in Big Tech, now taking-down the last vestiges of the 1st amendment or enshrined free speech in The United States of America. ...I prefer that label to the really insensitive and inaccurate depiction of our country as "America," Central and Southern America be damned, right? Over the last few weeks, following some 25 million people or Facebook accounts moving from FB to the fledgling Parler app--in an effort to flee big tech censorship--they have pulled their Amazon Web Services [AWS,] base, attacking the free exchange of ideas and speech on the web: Carlson on Attempt by Big Tech to Destroy Parler As every hour transpires, I watch our system of governance, branches of government, checks and balances,--states rights v federal-

Ground Zero for Homelessness: Impromptu Campsites Establishing A Foothold Block After Block

    Hey There Everybody, I just ran across this Zero Hedge story on the poverty rate rising at the sharpest rate---over the last six months--since the 1960's. In the Mid-Market Area of SF, I get a boots-on-the-ground vantage-point that is particularly brutal as our Mediterranean climate gives way to the lowest temps of the winter--now a huge pineapple-express poised to slam the Cali Coast; unbeknownst to me, just south of here, The Santa Cruz Mountains, just SW of San Jose, gets over 5-10 inches of rain, sometimes, and are being evacuated at the time of this blog posting. ...twelve inches forecasted for this storm and the burn-scars from recent fires--much of the damage I reported on as news director of KSFS while at SFSU dating back to the Fall of 2017 when most Bay Area residents were focused on the devastating Atlas and Tubbs Fire which ravaged the more heavily populated North Bay communities of Napa and Sonoma. ...twelve inches? For comparison, Portland/Vancouver r