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Davos & The World Economic Forum: They Want to Take Everything From You

  Stand-by CT&Reasoning Consumers, I am going to park some links here in order to help bring together my creative concept for my--often--more than weekly post.  ...most likely, tomorrow  The Drakester in full Retro-seventies mode: Summer 1993 Pioneer Court House Square Portland, Oregon Thank you for sharing the links. My visits are increasing exponentially. URock, DMD Time to Get Organized & Fight Back with the Facts [Back at Ya (updated) December 29, 2020] Hello Again Everyone, Wow, I just spent about a half-an-hour scrolling-through that link above. An extremely detailed and diligently posted site with a ton of links to postings dating back to April of this year. Although it is maintained and run out of United Kingdom, you will find it has an array of information included from our side of The Pond, too. What I wanted to revisit is this idea of The Great Reset and how much of this was cooked-up ["cocked-up" according to those Brits' which is

This is What A Country Looks Like When Being Conquered

Hello Again, Today, my volunteer work was canceled because someone's roommate tested positive for Covid; this afternoon, walking around the Tenderloin, I see people washing clothes in the gutter, using water from a hydrant set-up designed to provide water to the homeless camp at Jones and Turk.  I thought to myself, "The United States of Calcutta, India." A couple days ago, a man was shot near here; daily, I watch the neighbors on my floor walk over to St. Anthony's to get their three squares ; this provides supplemental income--basically--for their drug of choice. At virtually everywhere one looks around here, there is food handed-out in one manner or another. Case-in-point, we have $40.00 per month in fresh food--must be fruit or vegetables--vouchers redeemable at corner stores issued by my SRO's management.   not complaining, but... In another example, if using an EBT card at the UN Plaza/Civic Center Farmers Market, tokens for $10.00 are issued if $5.00 is sp

I Am Not Outta My Mind

 Today, let us start another post as tomorrow may be a quite unusual news day. ...Why? Well, I switch from 560 KSFO being my background station running from wake-up until about 6 PM, weekdays; thereafter, on the weekend, it is KGO 810 that rules the roost--KSFO all infomercial-all the time with the Laser Fund dominating per-recorded investment nonsense on the weekends. So, I do enjoy the measured and thoughtful commentary of John Rothmann and his callers. Last hour and just now at the top-of-the-hour ABC News reported on recently pardoned former National Security Adviser, Retired General Flynn, attending high-level oval office meetings with Trump, yesterday, and the supplementation or speculation that Steal-the-Vote attorney, Sydney Powell, may be named a special prosecutor; accordingly, I sat on this story after hearing of such on Friday and do not want to come across as some-kind-a Q' or QAnon-type. I am not. Currently, Gil Gross is hosting in front of the hack story regarding S

This New Cold War Turning Hot in the Wake of Cyber Attack and ChiCom Election Interferance

What is Going On Here: The Battle Against the Deep State Takes A Curious Turn  Above is a direct link to a press release from the US State Department.  ...To Be Continued, Tomorrow, DMD    12.19.2020 Good Morning Critical Thinkers, Check-out the Anti-American rhetoric in the globalist run [Rothschild Dynasty] wire-service , Reuters. ...wire service? Reminds me of my rip & read [teletype connected to UPI or AP] of the news following a relatively moderate earthquake in and around Mt. Diablo while on air at 1470 KXOA, January 1980. The venerable AM and Sister Station, K108 FM were located in Old Sac; abruptly, the quake had been felt, and as I ventured down the hallway, chandeliers in the lobby were still swinging. Anyhow, the article frames a sort-of How dare you sail your Arleigh Burke-Class Destroyer through our South China Sea! Now the weekend and having scanned all of the days news for the last two-hours, it is time to do my Grocery Outlet run in the Mission or Outer Richmond. Sp

Short Post Big on Links: Biden & His Son Owned by ChiComs US Risks Losing Nuclear War MSM News Blackout of March

  The Hill: US at Risk of Nuclear Pearl Harbor Hello again, everyone, I wanted to park this link here and will be writing about defense related issues after some appointments and my twice-a-week volunteer commitment over the next few days. Thanks for being here; hopefully, some or much of this is beginning--or if a well researched individual coalescing--to make some sense. Later, Drake   Wow...What A Difference Two-days Makes! Okay-Doe-K,   Greg Reese Reporting: Two Weeks After Stop the Steal Million Man March on DC Another 12/12/2020 ...the march of 500,000 plus people on Washington you where told by MSM was a few thousand white supremacist or perhaps, you never even knew happened!  BOMBSHELL: Canada's PM Trudeau Trained ChiCom Troops in Winter Warfare Flood Gates Opening Against Biden Corruption A National Security Issues   Eloquent LA Small Business Owner Talks Common Sense: The Covid Narrative is Falling Apar Alright everyone, There is so much news th

The Growing Continental Divide: The Gulf Between Big Tech/MSM & The Alternative Media is Widening

Hello People, I am going way-out-on-a-limb from this point on; arguably, most the public has not connected that the Covid-19 hype is part of the larger plot to bring-down the United States and put us under either UN or Communist Chinese control. I plan on hanging my hat on this to accelerate my future goals of becoming an astute populist political observer and social commentator. Regardless, and risky and potentially damaging to my other media pursuits, yet, I cannot stand-by and watch what is happening without going on record. Please read the following article, authored by Paul Dowling, complete with some pretty convincing hyperlinks providing the needed backing/grounding for his assertions: American Thinker: Far-fetched yet Plausible Hand Me A Larger Shovel: Rabbit Holes R' US I have been following Alex Jones' since he appeared--albeit infrequently--on Portland's cable-access channels in the late 1990's. Soon after, Jones busted onto the scene as one of