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Aug 12, 2020: Identical Post from Flawed URL


Hi Everyone,

I just read an article about The Daily News. Apparently, buried-in-the-lead [as my publisher at the Inglewood Excelsior Light describing a story this once intern had written in Spring Semester 2017,] is the fact that once fugitive, Ghiselaine Maxwell's Father is the Owner of the NY Daily News.

What the hell? 

...say again?

Ahhhh, this would explain something I had commented on in my previous post entitled:

Bang Bang Maxwell's Silver Hammer Came Down Upon Our Heads--please note the excerpt below posted 7/12 on Drudge Report:


The New York Times reports that the Daily News is basically dead, even if it will continue on like the Walking Dead.

Today the News will close its newsroom downtown and employees will have til the fall to come and get their things.

Will the paper continue a print edition? No one knows yet. Online edition? Why not?

The paper was sold to Tribune Publishing– then known as Tronc– in 2017 by Mort Zuckerman, who bought the paper out of bankruptcy in 2003. The previous owner was Robert Maxwell, who died mysteriously on his yacht. Robert Maxwell was the father of Ghislaine Maxwell, now in prison and awaiting trial in the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandals.


The senior Maxwell has been well documented to have been some-kind-of double agent--for both Mossad [Israel] and Great Britain's, MS 16 intelligence agencies.

What I discussed at length in that post is how media accounts--for the most part--always push the narrative of Epstein, Prince Andrew, and Bill Clinton [long published flight logs from the time of Epstein's 2007 trial, whereas, Clinton had flown to the island aboard the Lolita Express between 23-27 times,] are thought to have had relations with women aged, "... sixteen and seventeen." In the blogpost, I pointed-out that an overwhelming amount of countries around the world--if they do have an age of consent--consider this to be consensual adult sexual behavior.

My point being that the scuttlebutt and much evidence points to or has alleged that children and pre-pubescent human trafficking is at the heart of Mr. Epstein and others' alleged criminal behavior; in other words, The NY Post has been as much of a Gas-lighting diverging move, publishing pictures of fully developed Mid-to-late teens regarding the Epstein trafficking syndicate. 

Similarly, many alternative media outlets such as Zero Hedge and Infowars have speculated that #MeToo is providing the same kind-of cover as The NY Post did for the same casting-couch behavior amongst minor-aged performers at the hands of industry moguls, casting directors, agents, rumored and/or alleged by several prominent actors.

Now before everyone gets their collective panties and jockey-briefs in a wad, I know we are all trained to raise our eyebrows when such controversial statements of fact comes from a white-male [always important to characterize everyone by their skin-color, nowadays] well past their prime, in my case, regarding the age-of-consent.

In Late '70's Resonate, Drake Davis' Radio-voice...

...BUT, Wait There's More!

Moreover, the creeping chill on speech driven by the #Me Too phenomenon does facilitate a continuing and now on steroids, climate for corruption, political blackmail, and people being tried in the press--statute of limitations pretty much a thing of the past; my point being,  people several years well past puberty and being of childbearing age for three or four years have been getting married or starting a family--even on wagon trains heading west or as the surprisingly young looking grandmas in the five generation photo published in a 1925 Sacramento Bee article in my LinkedIn thumbnails demonstrates.

What did Mom say?

"It Takes Two-to-Tangle" and "All is Fair in Love and War."

Then again, Dad liked to say, "Boys will be boys" and you can imagine the PC backlash this author suffering from "Toxic Masculinity" creates when I write of such in a Patriarchy

Now, on CA Senator Kam-ALL-A-Harris [phonetic voice-over guy warning, do not pronounce it as "Cam-a-La."]

Lastly, I have heard several MSM outlets describe US Senator Harris as "The Junior Senator from California"

Elected to a six-year term in 2017, Harris is a "Freshman Senator."

...much like Obama, having been just elected into the US Senate from 2005-2008 shortly after a brief stint as an Illinois Assemblyman; while not unheard of--think US Senator of CA, George Murphy (1965-1971) or former SFSU Chancellor, SI Hiwakawia (1977-1983) who also was a one-term CA US Senator serving in the other seat, for comparison yet...

President Obama ascended rapidly after a keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention boosted him into the national limelight.

Once again, we have someone who is acclaimed to have pulled-the-levers of power [that would be former longtime CA Speaker of the Assembly (1981-1995,) onetime SF Mayor, and SFSU Alum, Willie Brown's lever-of-power] to climb the proverbial political ladder to power in an incredibly short period of time.


Most importantly, she is a woman of Black and Asian ancestry which means everything to the long-waiting in the wings & radical emerging millennial voter-base now having achieved their chunk of the DNC political pie--rightly so as we are in a generational change, boomers headed-out-to-pasture.


Stay-tuned, feeble minded Biden will not complete his first year--or even few months in office, Harris is the perfect trojan-horse for the end-of-our imperfect union, bringing in the New Green Deal, and merging us into The New World Order.

Going forward and at the precipice of what I believe will be a Chinese Communist-led UN Invasion of The United States, it will be interesting to observe what happens as pension funds for once solid companies such as PG&E and the Teachers Unions collapse, how committed to the One World or Think Globally, Act Locally SF Bay Area Folks will hand over their private property and assets-- earned through decades of hard work feel--opening their homes to foreign troops.


...hey wait a minute!


The Third Amendment says "Foreign Troops Cannot Be Quartered in Our Homes"


Sorry, no more Bill of Rights or Constitution, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN AND GET WHAT YOU WANT. 

Okay, Bi,

Drake M. Davis


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