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Groundbreaking: Newsweek Reports A Secret Army is Operating Domestically Infrastructure Attacks Worsening

Hey Everyone, I had to drop my planned 2nd half of the last blog post when poisonous ingredients were found to be in the Moderna vaccine. Moreover, there has been a huge uptick in serious ill health effects, and miscarriages: MSDS Sheets Reveal SM 102--Listed on Vaccine Insert is Not For Use in Humans AND Causes Neurological Disorders & Cancer Obviously, an important development; however, as another oil infrastructure [attack?] failure--this time at a West Virginia Oil Refinery transpires and Russia continues to act as if it is preparing for a land invasion of North America, I will park this story as a preview of what is planned. Consequently, I have several alarming articles on the provocative military moves by our adversaries. As what keeps looking like continued sabotage of our oil and other infrastructure, could Russia and other bad-actors be planning for a coordinated military attack?  Check-out these chilling photos of Russia's forces--including the completion of a 10,000

Breaking: Moderna Vaccine Insert Reveals Toxic SM-102 Poison Defending Infowars as Eugenics Vaccine Program Showing Results

Greetings Everyone, I do not know about the rest of you, but I am seeing a massive uptick in deaths of those in upper-age or with co-morbidity [other chronic illnesses,] and those of child-bearing age losing their ability to be empragnated or having a miscarriage after taking these experimental vaccines. [8:31m] They Lied and People Died: News Report After TV News Report of Vaccine Deaths Preview: Moderna Insert & Material Safety Data Sheets Featured in Upcoming Video Reveal SM-102 is Poisonous to Humans  [Back Jack:  PM May 27th, 2021] Hello Again Everyone, I have had a few things arrive on my plate the last two weeks, yet have been archiving news stories on a variety of fronts we tend to drill-down-on at Creative Thinking and Reasoning: Namely, the military escalations are accelerating regarding--primarily--Russia and China, the absolute amplification of people getting extremely ill and dying after taking the vaccines, and the reversal of what myself and many of my

124 Retired Top Military Brass Warn US Could Be in A Marxist Takeover Bridge Shutdown More Fuel Pipelines to Be Shutdown

Hello CT&Reasoning Visitors, Currently, I have been experiencing cyber-attacks on the blog which tells me we are over the target! As a result, we will just post some very telling links to news sources; not surprisingly, I just reached for my phone to see if the image posted below is displaying for people's devices other than a laptop and find my camera on!  News Wars: Retired Generals Warn America Is Undergoing A Marxist Revolution January 20th, Executive Order Shut Down Most of US Domestic Oil Production Zero Hedge: Infrastructure Attacks Continue 800 Barges Stuck in Lower Mississippi Now, with all of this going-on and looking at the crack of the massive cracked beam on the Hernando Desoto Bridge in Memphis, how hard is it for us not to speculate the following: With between 120,000-175,000 people per month pouring through our southern border--many OTM or Other than Mexican according to The Border Patrol--how hard would it be to surmise that special forces-types or gorilla squa

Covid MSM Narrative Collapsing Chronic Health Complications From Vaccines Skyrocketing AND Double Standard In TV News Reporting

Greetings Critical Thinking And Reasoning Companions, Increasingly, people are in what appears to me to be or what can best be characterized as a global pandemic of Stockholm Syndrome.  Despite  all of the web-based news reports of the vaccines severely altering women's periods/cycle [many contend a depopulation agenda is underway using vaccines that make it no longer possible for a new life/zygote to successfully attach itself to the woman's uterus--among other severe side-effects now being documented.] Unfortunately, this subject continues to be  framed  as "vaccine hesitancy" generated by "Internet conspiracy theorist!" Again, despite all of the reports of sudden death--especially after receiving the second Pfizer jab--and these seizure progressing into Mad Cow disease-type neurological disorders, there is little discussion on what is occurring by the dinosaur press. Unfortunately, the television network affiliates in this Top 5 TV Market--The San Francis