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Racist Black Man Plows-down Christmas Parade Killing Many: Released Just Days After Crime Spree by Another Soros Funded DA Russia Ukraine Conflict Looking Imminent

 Hey Everyone, Frantic news-cycle requires another post at the beginning of the week. Check this out: Top-fold of Drudge Reports: Alleged Racist black man commits mass murder in Waukesha, WI Note: The Sun is short on motivation or the suspect's MO and prior social media posts including all-kinds of hate speech incidents; however, As the day's events received further examination, The Daily Mail made his intentions clear  Infowars: Soros DA Released Christmas Mass Murder Suspect Just Days Before Christmas Parade Attack Better yet, my last post detailed the Soros-funded District Attorney of SF continuing to not prosecute violent crime: Once again both SF & Walnut Creek, CA hit by racially motivated Smash & Grabs. Congress Person  Marjorie Green: Biden and Dems Who Framed Rittenhiuse acquittal as White Supremacy Need to be Held Accountable Bloomberg Update on Ukraine: Russia Poised for Invasion As is often the case, we post important breaking news--let it speak for itself-

Blogging is Like an Addiction: Okay I Will Do Some Limited Posts While I Prepare for My Own Troop Movement

  Hey There Critical Thinkers with a Sharp-eye for Real News, Some pretty cool photos from the stern of the Destroyer USS Porter; foremost, is the image captured into a sailor's Binoculars showing a reflection depicting another USN ship--yeah that is my favorite: Wall Street Journal: Black Sea Maneuvers  Going Toe-to-Toe with The Ruskies  Even though I have recovered one of the missing blog-posts [why that is not one word at this point and still calls for a hyphen is beyond me!] and always back-them-up for safe keeping, it is annoying; some further housekeeping learning the operating system of my new ChromeBook, I think I will drop this into Google Drive--it is kinda KOOL 106.7 how everything links-up. Google can monitor my thought patterns and online activities, I presume.  The Big Story: Rittenhouse Acquitted on All Charges Accordingly, this Chicago Tribune story electronically posted on MSN starts-out pretty even handed until you get about a quarter-way through the post w

Last Two Blog Post Disappeared: I think I have a shadow Ban Situation Putting Blog on Hold While I Move

 Hello Critical  Thinkers, I have had two blog posts mysteriously vanish, traffic is way down, and I am experiencing what seems to be some kind of cyber attack. I am going to have to suspend this blog for the time being; I am having to deal with a lot of activity related to someone who I have a restraining order on. Can not go into many details, but law enforcement, the legal system, is completely falling apart in San Francisco. With a do-nothing DA under recall--who had the lion's share of his campaign funded by none other than George Soros.--nothing is being done to protect me from a woman who has used hot grease to burn me and other residents, and that's just for starters. Please come back again, but for now, I have to completely abandon my efforts to focus on moving. Best, Drake