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New Post Coming This Weekend: Covid ScamDemic Narrative Coming Apart Globalist May Resort to War to Cover Their Tracks & Change MSM Propaganda Failure

 Hey Critical Thinkers, Front to back; HNLMS Evertsen, JS Izumo, HMS Defender, HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMCS Winnipeg, JS Ise, RFA Tidespring. UK Royal Navy Carrier Strike Group 21 HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS Defender, RFA Tidespring and HNLMS Evertsen from CSG21 sails with Japanese ships JS Izumo and JS Ise along with the Canadian ship HMCS Winnipeg in the Pacific Ocean, Sept. 2021. With increasingly strong talk in support of Taiwan, a new deal to supply Australia with nuclear submarines, and the launch of a European strategy for greater engagement in the Indo-Pacific, the U.S. and its allies are becoming growingly assertive in their approach toward a rising China. (UK Ministry of Defence via AP) I have an projects underway as the week comes to a close. . . . New post this weekend.. .I'm thinking... Drake AP News:  Huge Flotilla of Nato & Japanese Warships Headed to South China Sea  AP: China Sends 24 Fighters to Edge of Taiwan's Airspace . . . To Be Continued 

Japan Preparing for War Invasion NOW Includes 10,000 Haitians Drone Strike Did Not Kill Terrorist BUT Family of Eight

  Hello Again CT&Reasoning Visitors, Well...if you could have told me I would be making a post today after just putting the finishing-touches and proofing of my last post of a few days ago, I would be confounded; admittedly, I have several things planned for today, yet I want to be on record with this build-up in the South China Seas and the influx of George Soros funded refugees that have grown from a group of a few hundred--swelling to 10,000 people armed with Soros' provided cell phones and debit cards filled with hundreds of dollars, sources have revealed. First, let us look at this unprecedented deployment of Japan's formidable armed forces . The Battle Over The Senkaku Islands is About to Go Live Please do watch the various videos provided by The Sun [. . .still astonished I have to get serious news from a tabloid!]  We Will Have Plenty of Reporting on This When War Breaks Out . . . Meanwhile closer to home: The Hill: Ten Thousand Haitians Await Entry to the US NBC

Unprecedented Build-up in South China Sea for Exercises Spanning 14 Time Zones Ukraine Warns of War: 200,000 Russian Troops to Border

Unusual: USS Carl Vinson [CVN 70] and USS Abraham Lincoln [CVN 72]  As August came to a close, I was monitoring two super carriers bristling with their entire airwing aboard in North Island, San Diego; accordingly, there has been an understanding that part of the reasoning for ending the Afghan occupation was the need to counter Beijing's hostile practice drills for an invasion of Taiwan and increasingly bellicose rhetoric towards the island. Although seemingly dated, the September 1, 2021 story posted by War Zone's, Tyler Rogoway,   is in-depth and relevant. Today, CR&Thinking learned that the two carriers are about to enter the South China Sea; moreover, the newly completed sea trials of HMS Queen Elizabeth--now crowned with the carrier's first deployment in the South China Sea, is noteworthy, according to  Thomas Newdick, also, at the Drive/Warzone Couple this with the first-time deployment of a Littoral Class Ship, USS Tulsa, joining the US 7th Fleet. These ships

Censored From YouTube: Alex Jones Interview and a Leaked Document: Blueprint for Hi Tech Censorship Starting with Jones

 Hi There Critical Thinkers, It is Labor Day and being a blue-collar-kinda-guy for much of my life, I will not be writing as much--today--as this now has become work, fulfilling work, yet work, nonetheless. However, I have a special presentation for you: Yesterday, I stumbled-upon an interview that was banned from YouTube last month; emphatically, I want those who have shaped their understanding or opinion about Alex Jones from MSM accounts and late-night TV comedians' disinformation and propaganda to actually watch and evaluate what is being said. . . . I find most who have the strongest opinions about to have never been to the site or only have seen some of his memes [the gay frogs bit being the classic-case.] Here is the deal: For instance, there is Jones the showman who used to earn tens-of-thousands a month from monetized YouTube outtakes or skits from his own show shared on FB, The Gram, or Twitter; by comparison, there is the investigative journalism & news