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       BREAKING: A CBS 46 TV Tweet clearly showing squibs igniting at the onset and continuing at the structures critical columns--collapse then happens near or at those areas!  See For Yourself: Sputnik has CBS 46 Tweet Initially, I did not notice how many go-off at the start of the building being pulled [no fewer than 8 or 10 explosions] until I had watched it four or five times. Spread This Link Far and Wide Thanks, Drake

Russian Wargames Now 35 Miles Off Hawaii Russia Demands UK Stop Black Sea Incursions Condo in Florida Looks Like A Planned Demolition Taiwan FM Says Prepare for War

  Hello Critical Thinking and Reasoning Consumers, Did anyone see the big story on the USS Gerald R. Ford taking-on or surviving what reports characterized as a hit after a huge underwater explosion? The new super carrier is nearing deployment after what seems like nearly a year of sea trials. With everything that is going on with India having to deal with a ChiCom build-up on it's border, naval exercises with the US, and its allies in the south China Seas, and the Russian military's forward deployment in the arctic... Would it be far-fetched to say that The USS Gerald R. Ford or a submarine or another surface ship used the depth-charge or a nuclear device to destroy a submarine (?) preparing to attack the USS Ford? It is my contention--we play armchair defense analyst at CT&Reasoning--we are already in a silent 21st Century state of war as defined by all of these infrastructure & ransomware [Just days-a-go, Iran's sole nuclear power plant mysteriously shut-down c