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Growing Evidence Texas Power Outage Done Intentionaly

Hello again, I want to park this special report for your consideration: Banned.Video: Biden's Dark Winter Comment Materializes for Millions This is a very concise report [4:56m] demonstrating that an executive order which protected the bulk power infrastructure or power-grid, signed by President Trump in 2018 [Executive Order 12930,] was suspended for 90 days on January 20th, 2021, President Biden signing a new executive order. As is often the case, I have other endeavors on a Saturday and like to start a post and will be returning to look-into an additional angle: Did a Geoengineering or Deployment of Weather Weaponry Contribute--Even Cause--the Deadly Texas Cold Front? As I look across the room at my bookcase, Naomi Kline's, Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism (2007) is nestled among books on JFK's Demise, Waco/Oklahoma City, and the 911 Truth Movement; no doubt, one of the best selling-books that year. Largely a book very critical of GW Bush and the embedde

My Co-worker & Group W Radio Colleague Rush Limbaugh Has Passed at 70

Stand By:  I was looking for YouTube videos that should include my commercial productions that during the mid-eighties ran--not only--on the Adult Contemporary Sister Station, KAER 92.5 FM Sacramento--but on Limbaugh's #1 local show airing on KFBK NewsRadio 1530, Sacramento from 9AM-Noon. More importantly, legally, I am now able to air or post excerpts from Rush's fill-in for KAER Morning hosts, Robins & Cowan show, recorded in 1987. Using a three-head cassette-deck deploying metal tape, it should upload in pretty good shape. Mater of fact, I could bring down all of the airchecks I recorded in 1970's Sacramento of Bay Area Jocks at 610 KFRC. For the most part, Limbaugh made fun of KAER 92.5 FM, taking swipes at the station's format, characterizing our listeners as "Drug Addicted Music Radio Listeners," going-on to say they were out-of-touch and having no idea of what is going-on around them, politically.       ...perhaps that last one, an already factual o

FBI Asset Leading Insurection Received $250,000 Gates Poised 4 Genocide & Take Population Control Vaccine...Drop-dead

   Hello Consumers of Critical Thinking & Reasoning, As is often the case on Sundays, I have some chores going-on and will start a post, resuming to finish it over the next 48 hrs or so. I try to avoid posting videos from because Alex Jones is such a polarizing figure; risking derision or even desertion from my fledgling readership is not my idea of growing my blog. Yet on this entire Covid-19 agenda, vaccine side-effects--now sudden deaths--now coming to light, acknowledging Jones' understanding of Bill Gates penchant for Eugenics--proves him to be, spot on: Jones: At Least Take A Look at Gates Own Words [11:20-13:34] Laughing and Overjoyed by our Pain AND just now, I have unearthed further evidence of infiltration and false-flag type of activities leading-up to the events of January 6th: Yahoo Headline Should Be: Key Figure Leading Insurrection Received $250,000 in Bitcoin.   [Resumed: Tuesday  February 16, 2021] Bill Gates: The Gift That Keeps on Giving Well, i

FBI Section Chief Helped Lead US Capital Insurection Supressed Hunter Biden Influence Peddling Article & Remebering a Portland Radical Ace Hayes

 Hi There, About time for me to get underway with my tasks today. However, I wanted to post this before it gets scrubbed by our big tech overlords: NY Post: Federal Agent with Top Secret Clearance Among Those Leading December 6th US Capitol Insurrection the overall scheme of things...why is The New York Post becoming one of the last legacy media sources that publish [NY Post: Hunter Biden Crack Pipe in Hand Admitting to Receiving Millions From Red China ( October 2020)] real news, not disinformation? ...I will bet many of you will be reading or hearing about this Hunter Biden story for the first time. Considered to be our nation's oldest newspaper, founded by none-other than, Pounding-potter, Alexander Hamilton, who along with General George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were known to have grown vast acres of industrial, medicinal, and recreational hemp. ....I like to remind readers that our Founding Fathers were not just aristocrats signing stuff wearing wi

Time Magazine: How Election was Saved Fox Purges Hosts Dominion Files Suits

  Alright, CT& Reasoning Followers, Late Thursday and yesterday, talk radio and the several hours of streaming video shows I watch, daily, at your behest--so you do not have to--were outraged regarding an increasingly insignificant relic of last or 20th Century publishing, Time Magazine.   What did Time do to upset so many?   Well, with troops now in place and the tightening of the Covid-noose on our civil liberties, the publication decided to rub-our-face on how powerful foundations, non-profits, political action committees, big tech, dinosaur media, labor unions, and the very politicians who--allegedly--are on-the-take in regard to the Communist take-over of our nation--recapturing the levers-of-government, conspired. Once again, reporting on this does not make me a Trump supporter, just someone who follows things closely on a day-to-day basis and finds it rather easy to connect the dots.  Many of the classes regarding a mass media focused degree such as SFSU'