Administration Reverses Ruling-out Using US Troops in Ukraine Smollett Racially Charged Propaganda Pushed by Mainstream Media Exposed Strange Inconsistencies evidenced in cell phone Videos of January 6th

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Busy morning, but I did want to post a few news items:

RT: Flip-ity-flopity US Considers Using US Troops in Ukraine

Normally, I do not comment on pop-culture or celebrity icons, yet this Jesse Smollett story is anything but:

Epoch Time Editor at Large, Roger L. Simon, Blows-the-lid Off One of the Largest Racially-charged Propaganda Campaigns Run by the Mainstream Media

[December 20, 2021 9:00 AM]

Can you believe how time flies?

I think I will soon start a new post and was debating whether the expose I read yesterday would be considered far-right or just so far-out on the Wacko-lunatic-fringe to damage my credibility?

I will leave this up to the readers of CT& Reasoning to decide for themselves; once again, I have followed many of the things that this Revolver story corroborates; namely, videos posted by largely amateurish pod- casters hosted on sites such as regarding infiltrators and agent provocateurs operating alongside or just prior to the breach of The Capitol on January 6, 2021.

For instance, some of those Bit-shute videos that take apart and analyze different smartphone footage from inside the building from a vantage point that shows the pistol emerging and Ashley Babbit being shot, and the chaos--yet strange actions of police in this stairwell and hallway; moreover, there are numerous people who seem to be coordinating the attack with communication gear, hand signals, and exhibit uncharacteristic body-language, and so-on.

I am going to not reference any further regarding bitchute as it is a non-curated wild west of a site that is oftentimes questionable or just down-right inaccurate, journalistically; for the same reason, there are posts/pod casters who are racist and or demonstrate anti-antisemitism; however, and although Revolver definitely does lean-far-right as a news source, the story is well cited, providing plenty of hyperlinks to bolster the authors assertions going-down the rabbit-hole.

Is This Why the 1/6/2021 Commission Will NOT Be Reviewing Any of the Security Camera or Smartphone Footage?

In one of the most visited posts on this blog, I posted another Revolver expose that clearly demonstrates involvement of not only ANTIFA and BLM types--changing into MAGA gear--being led-in by supposed capitol police and purports to point to FBI involvement using agent provocateurs. 

Regarding this recent investigative report, there is enough that stands-out---or does not fit---regarding the military-manner and cool demeanor of this man on the ground who is able to breach the perimeter & approach capitol police in a friendly exchange; surprisingly, he then just nonchalantly spends considerable time and effort rolling-up the perimeter fencing without any interdiction.

This causes those surging towards the capitol to not even realize they were already in a restricted area--still some hundred yards or so from the capitol steps and the building.

Then there is this other character with a megaphone who is also urging people to break into the US Capitol, and seems to be directing things from a what amounts to a awkwardly placed kinda crows nest which should have been manned by law enforcement if anything.

We know of the requests for national guard were denied, capitol police being drawn-down or otherwise being put on traffic patrol and the diversion of resources due to the discovery of two pipe-bombs nearby.

So, set aside some time for this lengthy, yet thoroughly intriguing in-depth report in the hyperlink above.

. . .you are probably going to need an adult beverage or two for this one!


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