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Welcome back Critical Thinkers,

Keeping With Our Christmas Tradition: 

An unearthed Official Beach Boys [1966] Video of "Little Saint Nick," provides a characteristic snap-shot of what was unfolding in 1966 United States; arguably, Flower Power was in full-bloom, the price of color televisions becoming more affordable, The Monterey Pop Festival & The Summer of Love were a scant-- just-over--six months away, setting the stage for a generation. 

A generation that became the dominant force and demographic of the 1980's '90's and, Aughts.

Personally, I always had a connection with this song because it strengthened my idolization of The American Muscle Car-era; the tune speaks to a Santa with a candy-apple red sled with a 4-speed stick--California taking-the-cake for being--the if not the epicenter--of cruising, track & street racing, and for me, Sacramento's Central Valley Cali was the cruising mecca of Street Rodding, in many ways.

There were others in all those smaller valley towns, such as Modesto where the movie, American Graffiti was to have taken place in what if, I recall, was Summer of 1963 or '64; this, right at the birth of the muscle car with the 1964 Pontiac GTO and by '64-&-a-1/2, the Ford Mustang debuting.

This scene replicated itself in the biggest cities too:

Shout-out to here in SF, The Mission & Sunset Cruise out on 19th and The Great Highway, LA's Van Nuys Blvd, yet, for me, it was those American River Drive (s) daily, that ingrained my strong embrace of Detroit's best offerings.

Meanwhile, back in the Sac: Fair Oaks Blvd, Sunrise Mall, Madison at Greenback or Arden and Watt, Cal Expo--an almost month-long California State Fair during sticky-tire-months of Late August & September launches street-racing on Arden Way.

AND, the new Alta-Arden Way Expressway; oftentimes, or a more nostalgic take, we would head downtown where previous generations experiences played-out, J' Street replaced by what was K' Street once that ugly outdoor mall went in around 1950-something in The Sac. 

If you like that kind of stuff, try my old companion-blog to my three-semester stream-cast at SFSU; accordingly, it is a look back at growing-up in both Northern and Southern California, set to a soundtrack of music from 1968-1980:

Homepage and Playlist:

Photographer Rick McCloskey's Stunning Black & White Images of Van Nuys Cruise in 1972

Along the Same Lines: NY Post Recalls Essayist Joan Didion 

Let Us Move On

Now, having dispensed with the ramblings of a relic Okay Boomer, where were we?

Oh yeah, be sure to see what I just wrote this morning, finishing my last post started on December 14th.


I am hearing lots of chatter from multiple sources that further evidence in which elements of the deep state--agent provocateurs--were running a psy-op, on January 6th and there is to be more damning evidence to be released tomorrow.

As for now, I want to post some news items and look at what is expected to be a big news story regarding Congressman Liz Cheney [R-WY] somehow being involved in the planning of the attack on the US Capital on January 6, 2021.

. . .not sure if this will materialize, yet there are rumblings. 

Get Ready for a False Flag or Other Big Distraction if this Leaking Story Comes to Fruition 

. . . In Other News:

Please enjoy this humorous post regarding the Conspiracy Theory existence of our undergoing The Great Reset, run by Klaus Schwab of The World Economic Forum:

If you are not familiar with this plan to bankrupt The West, cut-off our fossil fuels by shutting-down pipelines, domestic oil production, and destabilize the citizenry of the US using the game-plan laid out at their conference last year:

If surfing around their site is a bit couched-in Do-gooderism and generalizations, please find this link from my January 2021 post on the subject:

A Bit of a Blast From the Past While Tying-into Some Inside Bays' Ball

Having heard him talking in the background of what resembles a newsroom--I am always streaming multiple shows and local TV affiliates also drone-on via HDTV as I write or surf for content. Listening to KSFO, Dan Bongino, spent the better part of a segment on the ongoing dispute; according to Bongino, he just cannot quit as many others employment, etc, is at stake, and commitment to major market media outfits are contractual.

He has over 300 affiliates with Sean Hannity capturing the lion's share of former host Limbaugh's stations [well over 500.]

Kind of an interest being a former radio-guy who never thought to get a picture with the then local host, Rush Limbaugh. Occasionally, I did deliver commercials I produced and voiced to the control room of Sacramento's 50,000W Flame-thrower, KFBK News Radio 1530.

Here is a 1986/87 picture:

What was his famous quote relayed by KAER Morning Personality & Producer Kitty O'Neil?

"Kitty, where is the Big O' Tire spot?" O'Neil: "I think Drake is still working on it"
Limbaugh: "What is a Drake?" O'Neil: "The overnight guy on 'Care'"
Limbaugh: "Oh....the long-haired maggot infested FM-type who fried his brain on drugs in the '70's."O'Neil: "Yeaaaahhh, I'll go see if we can squeeze-it-in the next break."

...may have been thinking of 9-Noon Bob O' Conner, but who knows. KAER 92.5 was an oftentimes--target of Limbaugh's derision--management encouraging him to do so in order to drive people to our dial-position and become listeners.

My famous quote not too much later, hanging-up my headphones, "I make more plunging toilets, and I have had to moonlight at another station. . .Northgate Chevron in North Sacramento!"

Not an endorsement of Limbaugh's much different ideology than mine, but just another example of my rather Forest Gump life of--not Happenstance--Serendipity.

. . . meeting & shaking hands with Bill Clinton at The April 2nd, 1993 Forest Conference in Portland while delivering a request to "Restore the Bill of Rights," met with 'thanks' and what I would l hear as, 'I'll get right on that,'" replied the 43rd US President.

Yet, that did not transpire.

Nominated and running for congress [2006 PDX] just a few examples; arguably not a big success financially or on many of my endeavors; however, it has been an interesting ride down the Don Quixote trail.

Okay, gonna hang-up my keyboard and give my carpal-tunnel hands a break!

Finally: It Seems We Are Seeing a Coordinated Push-back Against These Tyrants

I will leave you with this Tucker Carlson outtake from last night; definitely, there is a crossing-of-the Rubicon or turning-the-corner underway as Bongino and Joe Spaggs--filling-in for Sean Slantity's radio broadcast, today, demonstrates.

[Thank you to the late Ed Schultz. I met Ed and 'had a cold-one' at an Air America event held at The Baggdad Theater in SE Portland. In this case, I did get a photo with him!] 


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