The Hill: China Triggers Growing Fears 100,000 Russian Troops Pushing-up on Ukrainian Borders Poking Fun at San FranPsycho

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Good News!

We are awaiting a second atmospheric-river or pineapple-express bearing-down on The Bay Area, yet for this Sunday morning, it is going to be a glorious fall day with highs into the upper 60's Bay-side, Inland Valleys and South Bay into the low 70's, currently, in The City the mercury should eek-out a high of 60 degrees!

...hmm, sounds like a radio weather forecast, no?

Anyhow, as we get back to the weekly blog-posting routine, it has become routine to park a few news stories for readers over the weekend and return to post during the week.

So, I will leave you a reminder of my sentiments of how close we are to a regional war--South China Sea & Ukraine where tensions are running high--or a conflict akin to a world war:

The Hill: China Triggers Growing Fears

CNN: CIA Chief Dispatched to Moscow

Let us hope [...and pray] that our cognitively challenged commander-and-chief is not signalling our weakness and lack of resolve.

Personally and historically, The Ukraine has--for the most part--been in the Russian and/or Soviet sphere.

It is a fools-errand to have US Marines providing training there; although in small number we learned last month, Putin issued a warning to The West which we covered last week.

In closing for now, Taiwan poses a complication of The Mainland having the ability to occupy the renegade province--so quickly--that it would be difficult to route the then dug-in ChiCom troops.



[November 14, 2921]

Wow, did that week fly-by!

I have a lot of plates in the air, and am heading-out this afternoon after what I can only best be described as War on Mice. Okay, I worked in radio and was an on-sight maintenance manager at large mulri-family housing or what you would call "Apartments." So, I know a lot of strategies for this when pest control was not budgeted properly, etc. But these Tenderloin-us-mite-bitus varient or sub-species are particularly agile, quickly nimble!

Glue traps, traditional mousetraps, high-tech contraptions, and even hi-frequency generator [that last one seems to keep them out of half of my residence,] have yielded only one mouse, but keeping all of my lights on--blindfolded while I sleep--seems to have got them going elsewhere for the most part,

Alright, I have speculated in numerous blog-posts about my belief China will invade Taiwan sooner-than-later; with a Commander-and-chief who is cognitively a hot-mess [...and rumors of him being poopy-pants now being mentioned in the MSM,] think they will take advantage of our perceived weakness, lack of positions in the military being filled or replaced due to discharges causing an hollowed-out situation making combat-readiness difficult to achieve,    

Breaking: I Would Not Concern Ourselves in Our Own Deep Do-DO be completed 

[November 14, 2021]

literately, it is block after block like this all over The City

Greetings Everyone from San FranPsycho,

Once again, I cannot stress the sense of danger I posses regarding the eminent war-footing we seem to be sliding towards; obviously, our adversaries are pushing-our-buttons whether in the Persian Gulf [Iran,] Black Sea and now--right alongside a developing border issue regarding refugees and border incursions between Poland and Belarus--Russia has now amassed 100,000 troops on it's border with Ukraine.

Obviously, the leaders in these countries can see how disenfranchised our presidents actions and failing speech-patterns--they read the same posting and have intelligence agencies that know of his incontinence, for example.  

I have some other tasks I need to do, but I wanted to get out in front of these military moves which I am sure is getting little attention on the MSM; however, the Ukraine story is leading on the top-fold of Drudge Report this morning:


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