Hair Sniffer & Chief Stops Short of Incriminating Himself A Masterful Parody of The Scooby Doo & Covid-19 WaPo: US intel indicates 175,000 Russian Troops set to Invade Ukraine as Soon as January French Citizens Occupy Shopping Mall in Mass Over Covid Mandates


Please feel free to enjoy The Quintessential Post-Modern Era Christmas Song

Hey Everyone,

A lot is unfolding and this post will be completed this weekend.

Considerably, traffic has dropped to CT& I am constantly immersed in the daily news-cycle and ready to resume weekly postings. I have an anticipated move in the coming weeks due to a stalker whom has a long history of violence and threats to harm others in this building.

I will post Real news this weekend and in the upcoming weekend.

Thank you so much for your patience and continuing interest in Our Site.


[Back Jack: 9AM December 4, 2021]

Hi There Critical Thinkers,

Let us start-out with an extremely creative comical bit:

Greg Reese Reports: Scooby Doo Just Solved the Covid-19 Mystery [TRT: 1:00m]

Child Hair Sniffer & Chief Has Completely Lost his Mind

Wow, bazaar-o-land 

...In other news today:

Washington Post: According to US Intelligence Russia Prepared to Deploy 175,000 Troops into Ukraine

A few days ago, I met a rather well-spoken person while relaxing in a public space who had a different take and offered-up a spirited debate regarding the tensions between The US, NATO, & Russia regarding what can now be phrased as The Ukrainian Crisis; moreover, the discussion included an excellent understanding of Post-World War II Cold War History and my contention that the West has violated not only The Spirit of our negotiations as first, The Berlin Wall came down [1989,] followed by the collapse of the Soviet Union [1989-1991,] but has become the aggressive party pushing against Russia's borders.

Unfortunately, the debate devolved into the gentleman characterizing me as "A KGB Agent," at which time I began to leave the civic square, yet I do wish I had thanked him for such a well grounded argument.

Critical Thinkers, I will spare you the self-glorifying photos from my two-year enlistment near The Iron Curtain [1981-1983] in what was then West Germany--2nd/48th Infantry Iron Brigade Third Armored Division 7th Army Europe.

...yeah, Communist Sympathizer who was nominated by The Libertarian Party and ran for a seat in The US House of Representatives, 1st District Oregon in 2006--promoting a platform to Restore The Bill of Rights.

Point being, I have been quite vocal regarding the US taking an aggressive-force-posture beginning in Obama's second-term regarding Russia, former Secretary of State, Hillbillery Clinton, collapsing The Middle East beginning with Tunisia and Egypt's Arab Spring, and my adversity to US troops staging Battalion-sized Mechanized Infantry maneuvers in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.  

Add to this the placement of an Aegis-Class Anti-ballistic Missile capable radar system in Poland--giving us a potential hair trigger strategic advantage.

I contend, it is The United States which violated The Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile Treaty.

There I Said It

It does not make me anti-american; I just assert that this foreign policy which lays at the heart of Globalism is unethical and hegemonic [a Cold War word describing communism's quest to expand into new territory.] We are getting dangerously close to a war that we may very well lose or leave much of world an uninhabitable nuclear wasteland. 

Regardless, I have some things I need to attend to her in The Big Shitty and promise to comb-thru the news-cycle and return to this blog-post later today and tomorrow.

I will leave you with an uplifting development.

[Political Cartoon posted after Zoom-summit AM December 8, 2021]

Thanks for being here,



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