As I Have Written About Many Times: San Francisco is in a Free-fall Societal Collapse with 713 Drug Overdose Deaths v 261 Covid Deaths in 2020

Alright Critical Thinking and Writing followers,

It is depressing and alarming what I see when leaving my residence mid-morning in which most of the bus stops have busted-out tempered glass, the once operable Clear Channel digital ad billboards having been destroyed---fully occupied by drug addicts with junk.

Zero Hedge: SF Overdose Rate Three Times Death from Covid:

Usually, these Fenti-addicts, are bent over and picking through whatever trash or minuscule pieces of food on the ground--ass-cracks exposed--and after an hour of such activity--abandon the trash they have accumulated or have extracted out of trash cans to go pass-out for a few hours.

. . . and I thought I had neck pain!

This, as a never ending flow of people with stolen goods arrive at UN Plaza. Some with just under $950.00 of stolen goods up for sale to feed their drug habits. If memory serves, Measure 47 was passed in 2014 decriminalizing shoplifting and stealing in general if under that amount. Admittedly, yesterday on my way to the Farmers Market held at UN Plaza, I did buy four, Choice, Rib-eye Steaks priced at $10.99 per pound and worth over $85.00 for $20.00.

Selective prosecution aside, how would I know if they were actually stolen? May have come from the food banks; unbelievably, every kind of food products are on many corners of Mid-Market and the Tenderloin. I can walk to areas in and around UN Plaza and see no less than thirty or forty people who have set-up shop---many I recognize with a bevy of goods picked-up at our food bank the previous day.

Camping in The Mother Lode Bathing in The Tuolumne River: Been there Done That

I could put plenty of images up of the collapse of our society, or of clients of the SF Rescue Mission also known as City Impact where I volunteer. People who struggle to survive in a neighborhood known as The Tenderloin [TL ] but that could be exploitative; after my struggles with homelessness, it was a luxury to have lived in an old Subaru 4x4 Wagon, Summer 2016, following graduation from Columbia College in Sonora, CA; regardless, I am fortunate to not have fallen into that situation having now graduated from The CSU system, Class of Fall 2018, San Francisco State University. 

                    Getting Up to Pee in a 1 Gl Water Jug & Shower on Campus: Priceless! 

Once again, I was blessed to have compassionate management at a storage area that allowed---pretending they did not know what was going-on---a hand-full of mostly older men sleep in a 10x5 unit, in my case; we had to be out early in the morning, and I was either at the campus radio station, attending classes, or finishing-up assignment at the library late into the next day, oftentimes; mid-morning or afternoon, many of us napped on the third and fourth floor between rows of books which was overlooked by staff.

Your continued interest in Critical T&Reasoning is much savored and appreciated.

I will continue to volunteer at City Impact, attend and be with my Church Family on Sunday, and pray for our nation--up-against-the-ropes---an ala' Mohammed Ali rope-a-dope.

City Impact's partners with larger churches in more affluent East Bay communities and congregations across the country, many sending missionary teams to participate-in feeding struggling people here on the ground in the TL At our dining hall, we sit-down asking about their lives, where they were from--just small talk--eating with those in dire need to find Jesus and faith through the Holy Spirit; increasingly, what many of us are starting to realize what is shaping-up to be The End Times, I am blessed to be part of SF Rescue Mission/City Impact.

...maybe one of these years they will bestow me with a cheap T-shirt that says, "Exist to Intervene."

We are better than this, and what the Globalist have planned for our impending take-down can still be stopped, if we unite and rise to the occasion.




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