The Epidemic of the Uninformed


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Oftentimes, I am asked how--what seems to be half of the US population--is so easily stampeded into being vaccinated, still cleaning surfaces under some perceived Covid protocol, and why are they not even aware that the entire basis of the overwhelming majority of Covid-positve diagnosis since the pandemic started was based on the flawed PCR test?


Findings of these studies suggest that the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection via the fomite transmission route is low, and generally less than 1 in 10,000, which means that each contact with a contaminated surface has less than a 1 in 10,000 chance of causing an infection


How would people not know that the FDA issued a recall two months ago and ordered healthcare professionals to stop using the PCR tests due to the huge number of false-positives?

The FDA has identified this as a Class I recall, the most serious type of recall. Use of these devices may cause serious injuries or death.

How about this...anyone...anyone...Hello, is There Anybody in There?

Why the mass hysteria and lack of evidence over something that did not kill as many people as heart disease or cancer in 2021?

As the Graphic shows: Because Most People Get Their News from Big Tech

. . .bet that won't be covered on tonight's network fake news!

For instance, back in a class known as BECA 460: Broadcast and Electronic News, I was floored when we took a look at a PEW study indicating that the average college student spent as little as five minutes a week researching or looking for news.

. . .this in a lecture hall class filled with some 150--mostly--Journalism majors!

Why is this you may be asking yourself?

Overwhelmingly, individuals' browsers and their social media platforms spoon-feed them news influenced and shaped by their very own algorithm.

You know the ones: Yahoo Finance, Apple News, Facebook, Instagram, et., al.

These are just a few examples, but TV networks and their local affiliates also have failed to report this information; arguably, one can predict the cheerleaders who are interviewed for whatever is the latest crackdown on going into restaurants without your CDC card, businesses forcing employees to get vaccinated, or forcing people to wear masks are almost always the folks chosen to be streamed or broadcast?

"I think we need to follow the science...blah-bity-blah-blah." 
"If everyone would do their part, we can get back to normal."

. . .actually--no--we will not get back to normal as a large percentage of new cases are among the vaccinated, and they will keep chipping-away at our civil liberties until we capitulate to forced vaccination (s). 

Why if these people are vaccinated and wearing their germ soaked face diaper are the unvaccinated a threat to them? 

Currently, I am listening to my decades-long acquaintance, Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero, who is also concerned that these safety-police citizens are under some strange, almost, weird mind control that smacks of being in a cult. The masks and our lack of normal interaction with others--expressing empathy or smiling at a passerby is all meant to dehumanize us. People are now afraid to leave their home, again.

As someone who had a father and uncle that served in WW II and Korea, I find the level of woosy-ness of today's men and women so embarrassing. When and if the Chinese-led UN Troops get here as the end result of what we are continuing to allow to be done to us, these soyboys in skinny-pants and PC SJW do-gooder enablers are going to fold like a cheap tent, people.

I see them everyday on the bus, especially compliant and frightened Asian Americans, who grasp a thin napkin or piece of cloth to hold onto a MUNI handrail--only to touch the napkin with their other hand and put it away in their pocket while exiting the coach at their stop.

Then, they take it out of the now contaminated pocket to use on the next trolley, train, or bus! 


How about those people adjusting masks, touching their faces, and then proceeding to not sanitize their hands--myself included; moreover, I made it a point to buy this 3-pack of what can best be described as a neck-tube, so I am wearing a thin nylon piece of cloth that absolutely does nothing. 

Ever wonder why TV news networks never report on the correlation between school shooters'--almost all of them--being on anti-depressants known as SSRIs?

Because Pharmaceutical Companies are Broadcast TV News Biggest Advertiser!

As I monitor TV and Radio news and talk shows for hours throughout the day, the mainstream media never reports on the huge negligence--if not cases deserving of manslaughter charges being brought on a massive scale--regarding four governors and their decisions to put recovering Covid patients straight into nursing homes; undoubtedly, Governor Cuomo (NY), Whitmer (MI), Newsom (CA), and a host of others to varying degrees, are responsible for placing contagious patients into these facilities as family members were locked-out and unable to say good-bye to their loved ones.

Tens of thousands were killed due to these governors negligence.

Anyone Remember the USN Mercy and USN Hope?

These ships were ordered into both Long Beach, CA and New York Harbor for the purpose of helping treat patients and the medical ships' potential to quarantine those recovering from Covid-19.

Sure as I sit here listening to KCBS AM 740/KFRC 106.9 FM San Francisco cut-away--immediately--when President Biden's prepared comments at today's press conference concluded.

I had the TV on too and was very much aware the our befuddled and now thought to be suffering from Dementia, President, looking down to his cheat-sheets or 3x5 cards to call-out the name of reporters to receive his preplanned questions and answers! 

This is not normal.

As our adversaries react to this laughing stock and what many are beginning to believe was a willful mishandling of the withdraw from Afghanistan, Communist China is honing-in their newly revised battle plans for the invasion of Taiwan, the vacuum left to be filled by the ChiCom military [People's Army is the term often used including naval and air assets] when they help getting Bagram Airbase back open.

. . .Can You say, "Xi Jinping Air Base?"

Sure as the battle plan has been announced in Davos by the World Economic Forum, the demise of the nation state--most importantly the demolition of the United States--is underway. Obviously, taking away all of our rights is being incrementally imposed using the planned-demic as the catalyst.

Wrapping-up this segment, it is clear that the merger of Big Pharma, MSM, and the Healthcare Industries enabled by Big Tech Censorship are engaged in a takedown of the United States--the World for that matter--by suppressing and censoring healthcare professionals and information clearly provided within the vaccine inserts explaining the dangers of taking these experimental mRNA gene therapies.

Alright, so much for the "Don't you follow the science?," lemmings.

To which I reply, "I use the CDC's own website and link to peer reviewed medical studies to demonstrate that we are in a state of Biowarfare."


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