Japan Recalls 2.6 Million Moderna Doses Supply Chain Enters a Period of Unrecoverable Freefall Revisiting the Battle Plan to Destroy The United States

Information Liberation: Metal Nanoparticles [. . . still a conspiracy theory with the magnets?] found in batches of 180,000 already administered jabs manufactured in Spain.

Hi CriticalThinking&Reasoning People, 

So, I last posted on the day of Afghan's falling-off of a C-17 as it gained altitude upon leaving Kabul's airport.

Much has transpired in the last two-weeks:

  • There is clear evidence that this lockdown and destruction of our economy is an act of war
  • People have begun to move the grassroots school board pushback into direct protest and demonstrations against mask mandates, being required to carry a vaccine internal passport issued by the CDC to go about ones' business, and be coerced to take an experimental mRNA--supposed--vaccine
  • Despite the disinformation on a bevy of alternative treatments, people continue to take these toxic injections
  • Desert Review: According to Top Doctors at Harvard Yale, a 97% cure rate using Ivermectin in India has cured 97% of Covid patients

A year-and-a-half ago, what I warned about in many previous posts regarding the economy not being like a light switch that cannot--simply--be turned on or/off, and that we will be "...so sorry we are going along with this."

Added September 16, 2021: Bloomberg Business w/in-depth Investigation on Global Supply Chain Logistical Challenges and Shipping Container Shortage

That day is here, and only all of this stimulus and flooding the economy with fresh cash has kept us  afloat; accordingly, people will start losing their residences, get sicker as they accept the third injections, leaving us wide-open for what I believe will be a Communist Chinese-led UN invasion force once we are on-the-ropes medically, economically, and destabilized to the point that the 2nd amendment will be of little consequence.

Let me tell you something, people...

Without air superiority--I do not know how many well-armed and trained US citizens no matter how fortified or dug-in--we can still be targeted by Chinese or Russian warplanes; our own domestic traitors in high office have been softening us up with last year's riots and acts of domestic terrorism, the locking-down to deprive us of real sunshine producing D-3, hampering our being able to talk or organize with family, friends, and neighbors; moreover, getting hit with drastic geoengineering weapons' that further destabilize our domestic energy production & change the news cycle.

Gee, surely eclipsed the bad news from the botched pullout from Afghanistan, huh?

Governor Edwards told the news conference he was pressing the U.S. government for help securing bulk fuel supplies while refineries remained offline.

The crucial offshore oil industry hub of Port Fourchon remained cut off from supply boats, fuel and air ferry services. Dozens of oil and gas companies operate in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, which supplies 1.7 million barrels per day, or about 16% of the nation's oil production.

Less than a Year-ago, the US WAS the Largest Net Oil Producer/Exporter 

CT&Reasoning has--on multiple posts--reported on several domestic pipelines being shutdown, and the collapse and closure of over 100 rigs in the Bakken Oilfields of North Dakota & Eastern Montana.

You tell me this is not a war and we are in the process of being conquered.

I will leave You A Video From A Previous Post and The World Economic Forum's Battle Plan to Build Back Better

Time to Wake Up People and Take to the Streets

. . .or in my case, "Take to the bridge!"

South Tower GG Bridge Saturday, August 28, 2021

The clock is ticking on millions of union members in the construction trades, healthcare, and teaching, for example; expect these protest to grow exponentially as they have been told to get the jab or be jobless as soon as the end of September, in many cases.

Let us hope we have a general strike & work stoppage that will make The SFSU Strike of 1968 look like a minor blip on our historical landscape.



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