Video: The Deadly History of Vaccines Big Tech Censorship By Ommision & Powerful Evidence of Biden Suffering From Dementia

 Hello Critical Thinking and Reasoning People,

Looking pretty bleak, this current news-cycle leaves your writer & editor-in-chief, scratching his head on where to begin and what to cover.

Regularly, we focus on problems with the--oftentimes false--narrative surrounding Covid-19 & vaccines, military moves in the South China Sea concerning Taiwan, Russian military activities in The Arctic regarding their forward deployment of strategic bombers and submarine launched ballistic missiles--three of which broke through polar ice in unison earlier this month--and the Ruskies closing the Black Sea in preparation for a conflict with The Ukraine.

...I have not used that pejorative since my Cold War US Army Infantry days!

So, let us start with our global depopulation overlord, Bill Gates, and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's latest human experiment foisted-upon the public:

Sputnik: Gates Foundation Funded Biotech Company Poised to Release Genetically Modified Mosquitoes in Florida  

Greg Resse YouTube (4+ Min): Take A Few Minutes to See Why These RNA Vaccines Are Dangerous

For those new to CT&Reasoning, please feel free to find some of my previous reports on Gates recently becoming the largest farmland owner in the US, Gates longtime partnership with Monsanto & GMO food--not to mention the contamination and run-off from Monsanto's Glyphosate-based product, Roundup, drastically lowering fertility rates, and his continued pleas at various public venues--Ted Talks--or in the press to urge for more geoengineering to “dim the sun.”

Sounds pretty far-out Man, in Joe Biden parlance, but I provide links to credible news sources for those new to CT&R--previously, settling for news selected for them through algorithms from their Instagram, Google News, Facebook account, Yahoo, or Apple News.

...this is how we are being taken-over; yes, many of us grew-up thinking the US was invincible--tactically, strategically, and economically, yet, this is no longer the situation! 


AN Unconventional INFOWAR: The Nature of Big Tech Censorship by Omission

While many are aware of the danger we are in and the country is hanging-on by a thread--humiliated and being laughed at on the world-stage, fully the other, roughly, half of the populous just take in pop-culture stories as news, unaware of President Biden suffering from Dementia.

Sensing our weakness, I fully expect the US to be drawn into a conflict with China, Russia--most likely the two working in unison--before years end; unfortunately, other bad actors such as a closer than ever nuclear-armed Iran, and even mischief from North Korea once everything goes-down, are not out of the question.

Here is some inside baseball this April 30th morning in San Francisco:

Not one--but all--Cumulus radio stations, were knocked-off the air by what is being described as the result of a power outage. Calling in-to the John Thompson show [10 AM-Noon] on KGO 810 AM was an impossibility this morning and just moments ago, Pat Thurston's show--the Legal ID and Network ABC News was knocked-off air!

Curiously, is this some kind of beta test? 

 Ala' this Covid-19 is just the beta test to see how easily we comply with foolish orders resulting in a de-facto medical tyranny and soft-martial law? 

[KGO just went off-air again (12:13 PM now) AND, can someone remind Thurston that a Legal ID, "KGO San Francisco" is mandated by law once back on air?]

Anyhow, let us get back on track but many within the not mainstream media or alternative media [streaming, blogging, podcasting and so on] are speculating that unfettered live-time talk radio will be next to fall to the unprecedented heavy-handed censorship that has been rolled-out, ever-tightening since the 2016 election.


Wrapping-up, how about some fact-based sarcastic YouTube fun from AwakenWithJP?

What I Love About San Francisco [Do not miss the take on my neighborhood (2:10) The Tenderloin!]

BLM Leader Goes on Real Estate Spending Spree: Bought 20 Million Bel Air Mansion & CNN Caught on Video Saying Their Propaganda Got Trump Out of Office 

Hilarious Ribbing of Portland  







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