Unprecedented Censorship is Our New Normal


Hey You All,

Please try to get-over that this 9m Total Run Time [TRT in BECA Parlance,] video from 29% invested Saudi Arabia controlled Fox News having now been posted for your consideration.

We are witnessing those who control the servers in Big Tech, now taking-down the last vestiges of the 1st amendment or enshrined free speech in The United States of America.

...I prefer that label to the really insensitive and inaccurate depiction of our country as "America," Central and Southern America be damned, right?

Over the last few weeks, following some 25 million people or Facebook accounts moving from FB to the fledgling Parler app--in an effort to flee big tech censorship--they have pulled their Amazon Web Services [AWS,] base, attacking the free exchange of ideas and speech on the web:

Carlson on Attempt by Big Tech to Destroy Parler

As every hour transpires, I watch our system of governance, branches of government, checks and balances,--states rights v federal--local control, courts, & The Constitution of The United States increasingly demonized. 

                                        But Wait There is More...

Recriminations of the events of January 6th of this year becoming a huge deal--it was and can be rightfully judged as having been ill-conceived and wrongheaded--as balanced against a year of riots, federal law enforcement officers blinded trying to protect The PDX Federal Courthouse for months, motorists and their families dragged from cars in urban centers, and beaten--major cities in flames hundreds killed in acts of insurrection over the last year.

Tulsi: I Attended Her Event at the Market Street Hibernia Bank During Her Brief Presidential Run

Please find this YouTube video--before it is censored--joining it at about 5min for the story broken by The NY Post and censored in the remaining less than two-months of prior to the 2020 Presidential Election.

Nepotism, Hunter Biden, and the ABC News Network, finally, reporting on the clear conflict of interest, if you skip to [10:05 TRT.]

Sorry to inform you, but my research indicates that President Joe Biden is a compromised Chief Executive whose son, Hunter, and himself should be registered as a foreign lobbyist for the Chinese Communist Party, indicted for influence peddling with Ukraine--Joe having incriminated himself on video in front of none other than The Council on Foreign Relations [CFR,] and receiving pay-offs from the mayor of Moscow. I am not a conspiracy theorist, yet a well versed in investigation....aha, researcher!

This does not make me a Trump supporter.

I am a news analyst and media scholar, according to SFSU's Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts [BECA] program. Now, a CSU degree backing-up my over forty-years of research after beginning to investigate The New World Order, starting with investigation as a teen--the Kennedy Assassination. My first target of investigation, following reading of Mark Lane's Rush to Judgement (1966) in my early teens and Author, Jim Mars, Executive Action (1974) bolstering my credentials.

Hobbled physically and a non-combatant believing, ["The Pen (keyboard) is Mightier Than the Sword,"] I will not give-up my never-ending Oath to Defend The United States of America; however, if in true Jeffersonian ideology--We the People--decide to replace it with, "...New Vanguards of Our Security..."

Well, I may support such a movement; hence, and unfortunately, from where we view the situation at hand, it may be that the level of corruption is so deep, the US Constitution may not be restored or otherwise, be remedied.

Case-in-point, the FBI helped cover-up the events of 9-11. Trumps point-man, former NYC Mayor, Juliani, involved in the foreknowledge and benefiting from the events that day--these people are monsters on both-sides of the isle--the job we must take-on is larger than any undertaking we have ever faced as a nation throughout my lifetime.

I won't be alive too much longer. 

As a once Big L' Libertarian an identity describing myself as continuing to be ideologically or philosophical in alignment with--the party infiltrated and now a side-show--I wish the next generation...well, several generations, their best in deciding what will be the best course of action moving forward for them in the terms-of governance.

Repeating: If the US has Become Too Tyrannical or Unmanageable to Restore...

...now that is something, I never thought I would utter or offer-up for further examination, but it truly is where we are at. 

It is Your Baby.

Signed SF Baby,

Drake Davis


Newborn at 30th and California, Fall 1960

OKAY, MY WORK NEVER DONE, I cannot seem to load this although it is an right-side-up in the photo file picture. 

WTF: Where is Dad's Kodak Instamatic when you portend to need one!

 As we used to say in mid 1970's Sac Valley Cali parlance,  "Totally Blowing-it, Dude"

Umm, I need a tech support team, huh?



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