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We start-out another weekend after plenty of finger-pointing, unrest that will not be ending anytime soon regarding the banning of Stop the Steal proponents from the web and the six or seven swing-state shenanigans, and even the criminalization and undermining of business people who supported Trump--he is gone, and the media does seem to not quite know what to do now!

                                    NY Mayor Cuomo Should Face Some Kind of Charges

A few blogs back, I continued to restate the mounting evidence that NY Mayor Mario (Brothers) Cuomo whose brother runs cover-up operations for him at disgraced Fake News outlet, CNN, is finally feeling some heat from his---alleged--attempt to boost COVID-19 deaths last spring by shoving Covid positive patients into nursing homes.

I do not take this lightly. There was federal money, ventilators, and military assets deployed to help by that point; sadly, these are peoples’ parents and grandparents who were denied kinship and contact with their loved ones.

The Jacob Javitz Convention Center in NYC sat nearly empty yet was able to accommodate hundreds if not expanding to thousands of recouping Covid patients. Again, remember that the federal government had directed both the hospital ships--I remember these from the Vietnam War--USN Mercy & USN Hope were deployed, one to Long Beach and the other in NY Harbor/St Lawrence Seaway.

RT: A Rather Biased Report yet Factually Correct on Cuomo Timeline and Incompetency

The ship largely sat empty, Cuomo went against many of his own public health officials, and by-golly-gee, the virus spread like wildfire through many rest homes and rehabilitation centers killing as many as 25% of their residents and taking-down a fair-share of LVN's and staff with underlying conditions.

Couple this with the constant taking-down of any-and-all claims by top virologists, pediatricians, epidemiologists, infectious disease experts, and others YouTube Videos presenting evidence the inexpensive drug--Chloroquine--could be used with the supplement zinc in higher than recommended dosages to pierce the cell membrane of the virulent; follow this after a couple days with some old-school antibiotics and you are good-to-go!

When we look at the Mainstream Media [MSM] and their fanning of hate and promotions of civil unrest and violence urged by elected representatives and you see the Insurrection has been across much of the nation for most all of last year; then again, the events of January 6th in our nation’s capital is truly something quite different.

                                People Should Be Held Accountable and Charged

However, we are once again presented with conflicting evidence of relaxed people being guided through rope-lines and posing for selfies with capitol police among many inconsistencies in reporting upon what unfolded January 6th.

We also have learned, President Trump was still giving his speech in an area known as The Ellipse urging protesters to "...march peacefully," when tear-gas was already being deployed close to a mile away, protesters simultaneously breaching the building--forcefully--yet others, clearly being let-in at a different area of the Capitol Building.

Credible news reports and a video of a man per-positioning pipe bombs now has generated a large reward and Be-on-the-Lookout [BOLO as we used to say in The US Army Infantry if you missed your target!] from law enforcement.

So, please explain to me how, then, President Trump incited a riot?

                     Evidence of Agent-provocateurs Some From Our Own Government

Anyone see the story on Proud Boys Leader, Enrique Tarrio [Stupid naming of their organization that begs that there is some affiliation to white supremacy, yet, Tarrio is obviously not white!] 

According to Reuters, Tarrio has been a government informant on as many as six or more investigations.

I learned as a peaceful protester and TV viewer in Portland that you can always tell who had infiltrated groups from law enforcement or other intelligence agencies if you continued to watch closely at who had their charges dropped after highly publicized arrests!

So, we have the usual Oklahoma City Bombing witnesses on local network TV affiliates saying they saw other bombs being removed with the entire ATF office inexplicably not showing-up that morning of April 20th, 1994. The Waco Massacre [exactly one year earlier (1993)] evidenced by flash-bangs deployed following pumping butane into the church through a line attached to an M60 Recovery tank, 1975 Senate Hearings on INTEL CON-Pro, 911 Inside Job, Parkland High School happened but police stood-down and like Orlando evidence of multiple shooters kind-of scenario.


Wow, that was a long rant of a sentence, but you get my point; believe me, I could go on-and-on citing many other instances exemplified by my several appearances on fellow liberty-loving activist TV shows on Late 1990's Portland Cable Access. 

Many of these events—like The USS Maddox (1964) never having come under fire by the North Vietnamese—meet the definition of a false-flag attack; surprising to many and not the way the MSM describes it, the term, False-flag, does not mean the event did not happen, just that it was promulgated for—usually—a variety of outcomes.


Lastly, we have several BLM and Antifa-types among the arrested. Indeed, the majority of whom participated in the attack were Trump supporters with a large contingent of Q' Anon whack-a-doodles for good measure.

It is like we say when it comes to sexual relations:

Nothing is New Under the Sun.

...or as my mother would say, "All is Fair in Love and War"

When I have several people in my building coming up to me--and these are fairly apolitical people who are casual TV News consumers--saying--paraphrasing,"You are right...There is some kind of battle going on within our government and what both the Democrats and the Republicans are saying doesn't make a lot of sense."

We are in the beginnings of a Civil War-type event; accordingly, it will be up to historians to peg-the-date it started. Nor will the vanquished or the Deep-State or establishment globalist--once defeated--write the history, hopefully.

God willing, it will be We the People as we close-the-curtain on the bloody last century and step boldly into a New Age of reconciliation, understanding, breakthrough’s in currently suppressed technologies, and my favorite...whirled Peas & free love.

Spoken like a true native San Franciscan [...or some kind-of dirty-old-man as folks used-to say in the sixties and seventies!]

Which reminds me: 

If you are looking for the lighter humorist aspects of growing-up Cali in 1960's SF, LA, and '70's Sacramento--a Drake Davis memoir of my first two decades of fort building, plenty of exhibition-of-speed street rods vs. CHP cruisers, keggers, sleep-overs, and high school hi-jinks--try my mostly competed blog:


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