Ground Zero for Homelessness: Impromptu Campsites Establishing A Foothold Block After Block



Hey There Everybody,

I just ran across this Zero Hedge story on the poverty rate rising at the sharpest rate---over the last six months--since the 1960's.

In the Mid-Market Area of SF, I get a boots-on-the-ground vantage-point that is particularly brutal as our Mediterranean climate gives way to the lowest temps of the winter--now a huge pineapple-express poised to slam the Cali Coast; unbeknownst to me, just south of here, The Santa Cruz Mountains, just SW of San Jose, gets over 5-10 inches of rain, sometimes, and are being evacuated at the time of this blog posting.

...twelve inches forecasted for this storm and the burn-scars from recent fires--much of the damage I reported on as news director of KSFS while at SFSU dating back to the Fall of 2017 when most Bay Area residents were focused on the devastating Atlas and Tubbs Fire which ravaged the more heavily populated North Bay communities of Napa and Sonoma.

...twelve inches? For comparison, Portland/Vancouver receives--roughly--42-46 inches of precipitation annually, Seattle/Tacoma more like 52-54" depending on who's numbers.

So, getting back to the pop-up homeless clusters we are witnessing here in The City, a couple of folks had a rather large pile of mostly rubbish--among their personal belongings--that grew in size over the weekend; consequently, The Department of Water and Power [DPW,] to which clean-up is assigned, showed-up Monday and the man, let us call him Jason, who remained had a screaming and shoving match to no avail.

Threadbare and exhausted by sleeping on concrete during this cold-snap, he was outnumbered by the five or so healthy men twenty or thirty-years his junior. Somehow, he ended-up with little more than a blanket, and after consoling him with some hot coffee, a quickly but thoughtfully assembled sandwich and --more importantly--January's Our Daily Bread Ministries prayer book, he later received a metallic emergency blanket from an agency or individual as the collection of items began growing again.

Increasingly, we are seeing once thriving restaurants’ and storefronts just emptying-out their once full shelving, furniture, etc. onto the once filled with tourists, sidewalks. For the same reason, one cannot rent a U-Haul in The City and much of the Bay Area--I am hearing from local media--as people flea the deteriorating conditions.

I was going to upload a video of this, yet why add insult to injury. Most likely, Jason will come through my line at the food bank this week.

I like to keep it local when time allows for examination, and this storm will be a doozie requiring national/international media coverage if forecasts are correct; subsequently, when the wet weather roars in as it has over the last few days, the misery index goes through the roof. The result:

Aggressive pan-handling in traffic, moans and sobbing of a pregnant woman carrying twins in the South of Market Area while waiting on a MUNI 14R, and encampments around what is the ugliest federal building in the nation  

,,,architecture of the GW Bush Federal Building resembling an upside-down birdcage placed on a prisoner of war being tortured at Abu Ghraib. Possessions grow exponentially--a permanent part of the landscape/sidewalks surrounding the structure--this is going to only get worse.


Hang-on: they have hollowed-out small business, and they are coming for you next.


We need to get our sh*t together and oppose these tyrants while we still have a roof over our heads, car to live-in, or even food remaining attainable.

Unfortunately, as Nancy Pelosi buys stock in Apple, Disney, and Big Tech, Bill Gates just became the largest farmland owner in the US--these eugenicists elites desire to wipe-out 95% of the world's population. Why would Gates...who, reportedly gave 250 Million last year to Legacy/Fake News TV Networks and other media outlets in exchange for vaccination pimping and pushing, buy so much farmland?

Why would he want to control a large swath of our food supply?

...things are starting to come clearly into focus or should by now, right?

Set down the handheld device, navigate away from the Instagram videos of cats or plates of food, and get real people. Our lives are in danger.

Meanwhile, for those interested in a follow-up to the post on aggressive moves by the Mainland Chinese military's in preparation of attacking Taiwan...check this out:

Forbes: ChiCom Incursions a Dress Rehearsal for War 





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