This is What A Country Looks Like When Being Conquered

Hello Again,

Today, my volunteer work was canceled because someone's roommate tested positive for Covid; this afternoon, walking around the Tenderloin, I see people washing clothes in the gutter, using water from a hydrant set-up designed to provide water to the homeless camp at Jones and Turk. 

I thought to myself, "The United States of Calcutta, India."

A couple days ago, a man was shot near here; daily, I watch the neighbors on my floor walk over to St. Anthony's to get their three squares; this provides supplemental income--basically--for their drug of choice. At virtually everywhere one looks around here, there is food handed-out in one manner or another. Case-in-point, we have $40.00 per month in fresh food--must be fruit or vegetables--vouchers redeemable at corner stores issued by my SRO's management. 

 not complaining, but...

In another example, if using an EBT card at the UN Plaza/Civic Center Farmers Market, tokens for $10.00 are issued if $5.00 is spent off the card.

In a final example, right next to the food bank that hands-out about $40.00 worth of groceries four-days-a-week is a hole-in-the-wall that also hands out stuff; this, next door to the needle exchange sporting a sign today that read:

"There is no glassware [for Fentanyl and meth smoking] except Thursday...It is not Thursday."

If transporting myself to the tech HQ-heavy South of Market Area [SOMA] not much is better; for the same reason, two of the escalators to the underground MUNI trains--one completely refurbished at 7th & Market shortly after arrival to attend SFSU's Fall 2016 Semester--has been ripped-out; according to press reports, the battle to keep it in service lost to over a 1000 hypodermic needles, urine/feces and tinfoil ["Fenti" again!] gumming-up the gears, if you will.

AP: They Are Telling US How Stupid We Are:

Clearly, the AP story spells-out how deaths are up from the continuing aging of boomers, cleverly skirts any data on suicides resulting from just a few weeks of lock-down to "flatten the curve," and references how many of the things people regularly die from are down--further evidence of the fraudulent coding still being utilized to enrich the healthcare sector.

Regardless, the AP story leads on Drudge Report, this afternoon--highlighted in red--the headline leaving many low-information readers from assuming this is due to Covid or even Millions in the US have died of Covid:

By my calculation [dividing the US population of approx 340,000,000 by 3,000,000 equals a 1.33% death-rate from all causes of death.

...once again, do not trust me on even Arithmetic---U-DOO-DA-Math--yet, we seem to still have an under 0.1% death-rate after it sitting at 0.02% death-rate throughout the first six months of this planned-demic!

So, my work for the blog is done for today. I am hearing a resolute rejection of the narrative being peddled by MSM sources across talk radio, most hosts carried on KSFO have sounded the alarm that I fired-off at the launching of this blog in mid-summer that this is a Communist take-over of the United States.

It was one of my initial posts on, and although I jump around a bit in the post, the effort to establish myself was at the core of the post. In other words, not a conspiracy theorist but someone who has researched government malfeasance, corruption, and how this path to The New World Order has resulted in bringing about the final endgame.

Why Would Anyone in Their Right Mind Take A Vaccine from These People

For those of you just trying to get up to speed [That's have children, grandchildren and a life--I do not for the most part!] I would suggest a couple of books:

Russ Baker's Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America's Invisible Government, Hidden History...

Robert Anton Wilson: Everything is Under Control

These two publications provide a general overview of the history of this multi-generational scheme. 

Exquisitely footnoted, Family of Secrets gets into what has become a connecting-of-the-dots since JFK's Assassination affirming many online theories researched by NY Times award winning author, Russ Baker. Accordingly, Baker demonstrates US Senator Prescott Bush's [The Yale Skill & Crossbones wack-job father of Poppy Bush] involvement with funding the Nazi's with the help of CA based Union Bank, the origins of the CIA, and what President Truman reminisced was his biggest mistake, upon leaving office--the Creation of the National Security Act of 1947.

How about the picture of Dr. Fauci with top Globalists and known Eugenicists Ted Turner [thought to be the creator of the Georgia Guide-stones which spells-out the goal of reducing the human population to 500,000,000,] and Bill Gates who routinely has been documented in flight-logs visiting Jeffery Epstein's Pedo-island almost as often as alleged serial rapist [27 visits & too many rapes to document,] Bill Clinton:

Oh, George Soros Who Funded Much of The Rioting and Chaos is Also Pictured

Why is it so hard for my "reporter"colleagues in broadcast "news" having been rendered unable to see what they are promoting?

Guess, Top 5 Market TV Repeaters are somehow thinking themselves and their family's will survive the coming collapse of the United States and arrival of UN Troops--led by China--that I feel rather confident in speculating upon having a strong chance of coming to pass, according to my research.

Lastly, look into the Strong Cities Initiative (2015) and how the plan to replace our nation's police and elected Sheriff and sheriff deputies with UN Troops is already undermining not just morale but forcing a mass exodus of law enforcement across the nation.

Do any of us really think our peace officers are going to come to work to have things thrown at them or otherwise be assaulted instead of protecting their families and getting them out of harms way? 

Please spread my links and promote what I hope will be my rise-to prominence within Bay Area Media.


If We the People prevail in halting this take-over of our country [hence, there shall come a time of accountability and reconciliation] when those knowledgeable in how we got in this predicament will be needed to rebuild trust and edify the dupes in mainstream media!

It is mid-evening now in SF, and it looks like they are preparing to suspend air-travel to Great Briton or perhaps the rest of the world.

...what a nice way to provide proof that the jackboot continues to apply pressure to our necks, stranding those still able to afford to travel. lovely and Merry Christ included, apparently.

We the People,



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