Davos & The World Economic Forum: They Want to Take Everything From You


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Time to Get Organized & Fight Back with the Facts

[Back at Ya (updated) December 29, 2020]

Hello Again Everyone,

Wow, I just spent about a half-an-hour scrolling-through that Lockdownskeptic.org link above.

An extremely detailed and diligently posted site with a ton of links to postings dating back to April of this year. Although it is maintained and run out of United Kingdom, you will find it has an array of information included from our side of The Pond, too.

What I wanted to revisit is this idea of The Great Reset and how much of this was cooked-up ["cocked-up" according to those Brits' which is amusing] in Davos: The World Economic Forum in 2019 and intensified UN transfer of power in preparation of this year's summit.

First, let us take a look from a standard MSM news outlet, The Hill, for an overview.

Second, I think looking at the World Economic Forum's own website will be helpful. It will provide a real eye-opener on how serious or precarious our situation is and the type of momentum this group-think has progressed into as they continue to step-down their foot into it, our neck's, on the proverbial global warming gas pedal.

...within the group-think link, be sure to read the prominently placed story on something called, Servitsattion; couple this with the narrative that keeps popping-up about us "...owning nothing in five years and being happy about it!"

Are they planning to release some kind of Aldous Huxley inspired, Brave New World drug--Soma--to tranquilize the masses?

Hit that last link to be taken to another example of predictive programming so often used by the global elite. As if on cue, the show is just now being rolled-out for a first season with one episode in-the-can as they say in LA.

Using the other synonymous phrase from Hollywood, That's A Wrap, does anyone remember all of the scuttlebutt regarding the Netflicks Black Mirror episode starring Sandra Bullock, entitled, "Bird Box?"

If I remember, the story revolves around people being addicted to screens and if they look at each other they are--read show empathy or intimacy--condemned to death; taking things a step further, many felt the infamous episode was a form of gas-lighting the coming plan to use 5G to accelerate illness, blah-bity-blah-blah.

Without getting into the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville and the supposed perpetrator being an opponent of 5G according to MSM, a key focus of this Trump Administration has been the expelling of Communist Chinese spies and other Chinese nationals on the heels of the halting of ChiCom communications giant--Hauwei--from overseeing the installation of our 5G installation and roll-out on American soil.

Couple this with the arrest of a high level member of the Chinese Communist Party in Toronto earlier this year who was on the board of Hauwei and other ChiCom agents penetrating the Florida White House, Mar-a-Largo, and major universities research facilities; too many examples to list, US Senator Diane Fienstein's--some twenty-year live on-site--chauffeur being a member of Chinese intelligence, her husband's commercial construction benefiting from--another too much to list--political ties, and House Speaker Pelosi's Nephew, Gavin Newsom--a member of the powerful, CA based, J Paul Getty Family.

...think of viewing a photographic image, museum icon, or online photo and not seeing Getty Images--more times than not.

Increasingly, there is a connecting-of-the-dots regarding all of the trade war activity and renegotiation of trade agreements, Trump, engaging in what surmise as a new cold war. Covid-19 having been a strain that was developed at the University of North Carolina (2015) creating an ethics violation/discussion in peer reviewed scientific journals, before the research was transferred to Wuhan, China. After all, Wuhan is where ChiCom Communications Giant, Hauwei had already established the use of 5G. Continually, we hear of or read these different accounts of what this technology could be capable of [thinking of the Internet-of-things] or how it could harm us.

I for one do not know what to think; listen, I just figured-out that in-the-cloud relates to server farms not something akin to a giant dumpster orbiting Earth...good Lord, Davis!

Inevitably, it only took a few days after the Christmas Day bombing for someone to send me grainy closed-circuit footage of what they claimed was a missile hitting the hardened telcom hotel owned by ATT--the RV parked on the other-side of the street, intact, and only then bearing the force of the explosion.

Finding it rather inconclusive like so much of the information saturating our media landscape, I can say this:

As I go back through my notes from months-ago and URL's linking to those University of North Carolina's Level IV Lab peer reviewed studies or comments from Fauchi predicting a coming viral outbreak detailed in a Newsweek post dated October 14th, 2017, I can no longer access this information and will have to come back to this post to hyperlink these allegations after applying further effort.

So, start researching and use Go Duck Go or startpage.com for searches less manipulated or deleted by  Google which just promotes the NWO, pumps-out disinformation, and denigrates those trying to help us--like Alex Jones & Clyde Lewis--portraying them as kooky "conspiracy theorists."


In My Opinion, When Hearing that Phrase, Run to the Information, Not Ignore it


I just went to look for the trailer for "Bird Box," but found this site I subscribed to a couple months ago, instead; JP is a righteously hilarious dude. So, it is the holidays and if I have not lost you already, I do think you will find JP quite hilarious:

AwakenWithJP: When You Believe the Propaganda

What It is Like Living in California

AwakenWithJP: A Communist Christmas


There are so many of these that YouTube seems unable to censor as he is engaged in parody--the legendary SCOTUS ruling back in the early 1990's involving talk radio--Limbaugh and Stern were central in this--that ruling preventing them from censoring JP's YouTube channel with millions of views just on that Cali one. 

Usually, I do not have this number of hyperlinks, but feel that so many of us are waking-up to what is being done to us that linking to such entertaining and talented people seem appropriate, rather than my musings; Lastly, after the following description contained in the next links title, the host and his guest speculate into the use of the Emergency Alert System [EAS] being a tool the President could use to get around the Big Tech censorship to reach We The People:

 Another Act of Civil Disobedience--this after a nurse maimed by the new vaccine speaks-out

Please, I urge you to stop using Google and their rigged algorithm sending ourselves so mach bogus information. 







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