Short Post Big on Links: Biden & His Son Owned by ChiComs US Risks Losing Nuclear War MSM News Blackout of March


The Hill: US at Risk of Nuclear Pearl Harbor

Hello again, everyone,

I wanted to park this link here and will be writing about defense related issues after some appointments and my twice-a-week volunteer commitment over the next few days.

Thanks for being here; hopefully, some or much of this is beginning--or if a well researched individual coalescing--to make some sense.




Wow...What A Difference Two-days Makes!



Greg Reese Reporting: Two Weeks After Stop the Steal Million Man March on DC Another 12/12/2020

...the march of 500,000 plus people on Washington you where told by MSM was a few thousand white supremacist or perhaps, you never even knew happened! 

BOMBSHELL: Canada's PM Trudeau Trained ChiCom Troops in Winter Warfare
 Flood Gates Opening Against Biden Corruption A National Security Issues 

Eloquent LA Small Business Owner Talks Common Sense: The Covid Narrative is Falling Apar

Alright everyone,

There is so much news the last few days that your intrepid would-be Mr. Know-it-all from San Francissy is absolutely flabbergasted--do not know where to begin.

There is not a lot for me to pontificate on. I have a BA from a CSU and a lot of education in the school-of-hard knocks; as a result, let me present some evidence from others who are having quite an impact.

In other words, there are a lot of folks smarter than myself employed in news analytics, op-ed journalism, and commenting on the human condition and societal collapse we are enduring.

How about we start with the last hyperlink to an interview aired on December 7th Neil Cavuto interview on Fox Business Insider with Angela Marsden, owner of the Pineapple Hill Grill and Saloon in Smell-A: a native of SF whose Dad's TV Career took him back to Hollywood for a second-time in the mid-sixties, I consider myself from both places--and Sac-of-Pimentos--so it should be okay to characterizes all three or take a swipe at these locales in

That said, It can be listened to in the background as you do your multi-tasking or reading of this blogpost, but let me say, Marsden is hyper-vigilant in making her case and would have smoked me on the Columbia College [CA] debate circuit as many did from Berkeley, SJSU, SDSU, and SFSU at the time!

 Short Post Letting the Hyperlinks Above Make My Point

...My Point? 

My Point is that taken as a whole, the fours links should start a proverbial connecting-the-dots; in other words, the initial talk of a Great Reset originates among previous World Economic Forums--the virus and resulting lock-down clearly being discussed, prior, and presents a larger threat then most are aware.

Biden is compromised--actually required to register as a foreign lobbyist or agent under the circumstances--on both these recent revelations censored when the NY Post covering the story weeks before the election and Big Tech and scrubbing this info from public scrutiny.

What Does the Former Director of Intelligence Know

Lastly, I found an interview of General Flynn which aired on December 7th; at the end when asked what he thought were the odds of President Trump reversing the results proclaimed by MSM and taking the oath of office for a second-term?

Flynn, replied, "...the odds are ten-out-10"  

Obviously, when taken with the previous quotes--IN 2012--by Trump regarding Dominion "...flipping votes from Romney to Obama," and his executive order signed in 2018 making interference in the 2020 election a matter that falls under National Security, Trump clearly has something-up his sleeve, holding cards the public is not aware of.


More on this as it will be becoming a rapidly unfolding story in my next post.



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