Meanwhile As We Fight Among Ourselves: China Will Move to Invade & Occupy Taiwan

Several years now past, I used my platform on SFSU's streaming radio station, KSFS San Francisco, on my once political talk show [and as news director] to relay developments on the build-up of the Peoples' Liberation Army [PLA] island-base construction and military maneuvers pointed at Taiwan. I even veered-away from the usually lighthearted music show and blog, Simpler Time and Place, to bring news and information on the Freedom-of-navigation and military maneuvers in and around the long-disputed claims regarding The Spratly Islands.


Just this weekend, I pondered writing today's post just before the election; understanding, the odds are pretty high that the ChiComs will launch an attack and attempt to occupy Taiwan as we devolve into worsening civil strife following what surely will be a contested election two weeks from now.

As I perused today's news-cycle, I ran across this:

South China Evening Post: China's Upgraded Missile Forces Fully Deployed Threatening Taiwa

Moreover, let us look what was posted on Sputnik the other day:

Sputnik News: Chinese H-6 Bombers Armed with Hypersonic Missiles Moved Within Range of Taiwan 

The National Interest: More Evidence of a build-up.

It is like shooting fish in a barrel to not predict that China will exploit our descending into continued civil-strife following the election and move with an amphibious assault after neutralizing Taiwan's air defenses. With either a lame duck president or the election results dragging-on for weeks or until January 20th, 2021, the CCP leadership will figure-in---correctly--the US will lack resolve to intervene.

...unless, that is, a naval engagement results in the loss of one our aircraft carriers, for example.

Let Us Shift Gears: The Tightening Presidential Race

Upon returning from the Chiropractor, I saw video of President Trump stating to CNN's Brian Steltzer that [Paraphrasing,] "Joe Biden is a criminal and needs to be arrested...and you in the media are criminals for covering-up for him." 

Then at almost the same time, the "Jeffery Toubin Flashing His 'Ding-A-Ling'" story.

I think the MSM is pulling what I like to call, An OJ:

Creating the phrase in the early 1990's to counter what I declared to be a giant media obfuscation or example of censorship by omission. Literally, everyone was obsessively talking about a man, The Juice,  having been charged with killing two people in my old neighborhood--Brentwood--for what must have been two-years while our country was sold-out, North American Free Trade Agreement [NAFTA] & The General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs [GATT,] barely garnering news coverage upon passage.

Note: The trade treaty known as NAFTA, required a two-thirds majority of the US Senate to be approved under The Constitution as a "Treaty."  Not having the votes, it then became a Trade Agreement and the legislation taking some forty-some years since it's inception just after the close of WW II became law in January of 1994.

However, NAFTA was not the water-cooler talk of early-to-mid nineties, Beaverton, OR; as a contrarian, I used to say to my rental agent/assistant manager office-types when the maintenance guys [sic] took our 10:00 AM break, " I really love the 'O-Jays'" busting into a lame disco-gyration of, "...Tell All the World--Everybody--Join-in, on a Love Train...Love Train'" 

...BUT,  "I really find them to be a national-distraction, akin-to NFL Football or ...what is that one professional sports team we have? Something about the Oregon Trail...The Trailed-blazers, is it?"

For those old enough, back in the day, the passage of NAFTA was a huge issue, but not covered much in the still dominant Broadcast News--more so on the fledgling Internet or electronic media. 

Censorship By Omission is Much More Sophisticated in Today's Media Landscape 

By veering into the episode of these trade agreements, I am hoping to kindle an understanding of how censorship through omission works; accordingly, the elephant-in-the-room or this presidential race's October surprise is the Hunter Biden Lap Top emails that show a clear pay-to-play pay-off to Joe Biden's family, including what is described as The Big Guy, presumably none other than Joe Biden, himself!

Once again, the legacy or mainstream news media and our high-tech overlords are choosing to frame the story as Russian interference in our election, pulling-out the tired and completely proven to be false narrative that has been the strategy of the Deep State since election night 2016. 

"Dark Winter" Uttered by Biden in Last Nights Debate was an Interesting Choice of Words.


Time to say in SFSU BECA Parlance: I need say, That's A Wrap."





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