The President Tests Positive for Covid

I wanted to state that I think President Trump's positive Covid test will result in one of two very divergent hypothesis:

Either The Deep State is going to kill the president while at Walter Reed Hospital [Remember, Admiral Forestall jumped-out of a window at National Naval Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland supposedly on LSD-25 as part of a CIA Majestic 12 gone-wrong.] The narrative goes something like this:

General Forestall having loose-lips regarding the Nazi/Project Paper-clip and the supposed alien base in Antarctica was forced to--or his bad-trip rendered him to--plunge to his death from the Bethesda Psych-ward.

 ...if this sounds absurd, declassified documents released decades-ago depict something along those lines!

AND, just as a collective guilt-trip fell upon the nation after JFK [...cue: The Rolling Stones, "Sympathy for the Devil" (1968) famous lyrics, "We Shouted-out, 'Who Killed The Kennedy's...When After-all it Was You and Me.'" ] and local municipalities honored the 35th president's by bestowing K-12 schools to then bear the fallen president's name; after all, Admiral Forestall did get an entire class of aircraft carriers named after him. Subsequently, the first bore his namesake (CV-59) nearly sinking while conducting air-strikes off the coast of Vietnam in 1967:

Even Weirder: The Unproven Claim that US Senator John McCain Was Responsible for the Carnage  


Where Are We Going With This ADHD-Boy?

Where I am going with this is that the other hypothesis is that President Trump may be pulling some kind of slight-of-hand; whereas, he may have contracted Covid, but by design, he will have a speedy recovery, demonstrating that even as an obese 74 years-old orange-man, Covid-19 is--no biggie.

Effectively Conducting an End-Run Around the Omissions & Hysteria of the MSM

Let me explain further:

In recent weeks, what had been posted by groups of medical professionals and subsequently censored by our high-tech overlords after posting press conferences and YouTube videos shared by credible whistle-blowers, months ago, continue to see the light-of-day. Positively, more and more of us not only doubt--but completely reject the MSM narrative:

Obfuscate that cases have peaked, continue to not factor-in how testing is now being conducted at an exponentially higher rate, rendering them positive, and since so many have had or recovered from it without even knowing they had it [asymptomatic,] these tests are just confirming what myself and so many continue to assert. This Covid-19 is indeed weaponized. 
Case in Point:
There is a 0.02% US Death Rate for what the CDC describes as Covid-19 Only Deaths          

            Do the Math Baby

235 Million People in the United States v 200,000 dead over eight months, nationwide.

Why are we accepting our leaders manipulating us? 
What about all of the cancer deaths, DUI deaths, Auto accident fatalities, and now--the millions of people dying in the Third World from starvation as supply-chains and the world economy shuts-down?

Does this not give you pause? Ponder what kind of dystopia we are looking at as we become non-essential personnel, AI taking-over to replace those dirty Earthlings.
The never ending lock-down and resulting destruction of our small businesses is being used as cover to circumvent our constitutional protections and civil liberties, plunging the country into even greater turmoil with a contested election. For the same reason, the impending problems with all of these vote-by-mail ballots--some already showing-up disposed-of---many Democratic Party controlled states are asserting that the signatures will not even need to match; furthermore, some states will be accepting and counting votes up to two weeks after the November 3rd Election Day!

As Joe Biden Would Say, "Come-on Man"

In other words, if a war hero and patriot stands-up for what is right [uh...anyone remember General Paton voicing disgust over the pointing of Allied Troops infantry rifles, howitzers, and armored tank barrels at Soviet Troops meeting-up on the Elbe River in Czechoslovakia? Images of the troops Mini-VE Day complete with champagne uncorked and Brothers-in-Arms near french-kissing as the Eastern Front Soviet forces regaining lost ground to the Nazis', finally, meting-up with Western Forces. is a thing,  

Many historians pointing to this event as the launching-point of the Cold War, cemented a few years later with the National Security Act (1947) following the Yalta (Feb 1945 & Potsdam Agreements (August 1945). Those agreements involving The Big Three [Roosevelt Churchill and Stalin] planned for a Post-War Europe, sliced in half--a western sector comprised of France/Great Briton/US forces--juxtaposed to an eastern sector comprised of Soviet/Warsaw Pact to the east; complicating factor being, Berlin had been the seat of power--the Capitol of Deutchland--for what seemed like eons.] 

The US Berlin Brigade and their French and British counterparts or sectors where located deep behind the Iron Curtain in what was a strictly controlled narrow corridor for air/train/and auto movement between East and West Germany with a small number of troops on all sides of the city in order to facilitate a Cold Peace; consequently, the Capitol of West Germany was moved to Bonn, Federal Republic of Germany.

Doomed and dying, some three weeks after the end of fighting--General Patton's was T-boned in a Willy's Jeep at a four-way stop in Mannheim Germany.

Getting back to the celebration as Allied forces meet-up with Soviet Troops on the Elbe River, the party lasted less than 48 hours following Soviet forces--first--rushing-into Berlin, General Eisenhower's forces soon following suit from the West as Nazi Germany was defeated--occupied.

 How About Other Examples of False Flags and so on?

...perhaps in upcoming posts, we can go into General Patton's wife's untimely death (1962) right as she reached a deal to publish her deceased husbands memoirs, the entire passenger plane that Dorthy Hunt [JFK Conspirator E. Howard Hunt had given his wife audio tapes implicating Nixon and others in the domestic coup for the purpose of blackmail (?)] upon trying to leave the country--literally forced-down at take-off killing 43 people at Chicago's Midway Airport, or Hale Boggs of the Warren Commission musings regarding his rejection of the Warren Report's magic-bullet theory and calling-out the FBI on the US House floor for wiretapping Vietnam War era members of congress who opposed expanding the Southeast Asian Conflict as it spilled into Laos and Cambodia? 

Hale Boggs of the Warren Commission and His Daughter ABC's Cookie Roberts--A Tool of the MSM 

History Channel: More on Boggs and Inconsistencies of the Warren Report 

These examples are just the few off-the-top of the bald Drake Davis head, but what I am trying to layout is that it is completely plausible that the heretofore, "...two very divergent hypothesis" referred-to in the first sentence of this post will conclude with some variant of what is to follow if President Trump beats this infection in short order:

POTUS 45 undergoes the regimen of Hydroxychloroquine which enables high-doses of Zinc to penetrate the Covid-19 Cells membrane, followed by a couple days on Erythromycin--The President back in the White House early next week. Thereby, breaking the MSM stranglehold on this virus being hyped as sooo deadly; this, forcing the mask wearing & unquestioning dumbed-down zombies walking around staring into screens to have to apply some critical thinking and reasoning regarding our continued demise as a nation.

...then again, I would not hold my breath regarding the last sentence--most are too far gone!

 Some Critical Thinking Involving Reasoning


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