Is Addiction to Screens Causing Unquestioning Compliance with Covid Restrictions

Hello Again Everyone,

I had a great day at the beach with a friend, and all of this being cooped-up needs to come to an end.

The good news?

This planned-demic hysteria continues to lose traction. I talk to security guards at government offices, retired folk on SFMTA or MUNI platforms and buses, working class, and techies [that last group bringing-up-the-rear or oftentimes--still--going along with the official narrative.]


This Posts Title: 

Is the addiction to screens at the heart of people's lack of logic or willingness to apply commonsense, critical thinking and reasoning?
[The following Smartphone link to my colleague's monologue, Clyde Lewis, was added to this post tonight, November 16th, 2020.]

I have a smartphone, yet have some ground-rules governing its use; for instance, I never walk looking into the device, refuse to wear earbuds while walking on city streets or around autos--the scooters & motorized bikes going 25 MPH THE WRONG WAY on Mid-Market SF sidewalks could cause serious injury--nor, will I interface with my phone to write posts, check LinkedIn, or even email.

It is all a matter of preference and everyone can govern their own interaction with the phone they pay for, obviously. Yet, for me, I do not even take it with me everywhere, sometimes for hours it is wrapped in soundproofing and the spyphone is always put away in such a manner, once home for the evening.

Sometimes, I am punished with a run-down battery, a flashlight turned-on when retrieving the phone or odd-apps not solicited being uploaded--usually about-to-be--google play store opening and poised to have me inadvertently touch the install selection as I am turning-on or trying to listen to or watch my favorite streaming shows. 

...sound familiar?

These Devices are Ubiquitous, Intrusive, and Will Be Our Downfall

After two-and-a-half years of living and going to school in Tuolumne County's, Columbia College in Sonora, CA, I wondered what was all of this keyboarding and scrolling among  SFSU students; wrongfully, I asked "What is going-on with all of this texting?" 

Frankly, I was dumbfounded upon arrival in August 2016 and totally perplexed by the constant interaction, preoccupation, and addiction to mobile devices once classes got underway at San Francisco State. Almost no one walked around looking into a phone and interaction was much lower when working on a paper or conducting research or coursework at our campus library or other study areas at Columbia College, for instance.

Upon arrival in SF, my understanding of social media was still minimal, and I quickly learned from colleagues and classmates that much of this was interaction with FB, Twitter, and Instagram--forwarding links and likes, etc. Subsequent material within my mass communication courses and, eventually, several classes focused solely on social media and social media's role in Critical Media Studies and Pop Culture, and Broadcast and Electronic News, led to an understanding that the long-trending decline of broadcast radio over the last decade had now bleed-into a collapse of both national and more recently, viewership of local television news.

Occasionally, the legacy media or MSM does get it right, but most people will not read through an article such as below; for the same reason, whether it is due to minuscule attention-spans caused by interaction with screens, many do not read entire articles. For example, what is known as burying-the-lead [as it is called in print journalism,] is a method in which the reader is compelled to believe what is stated in the first few sentences or even just the title of a story. The link below, discusses the most popular mass testing method--the PRC Test--being fatally-flawed and causing up-to 90% false-positives, yet you would never know this fact by scanning the headline or the first main-body paragraph that every college student knows should be the summary or thesis laying out what is being written about.

Regardless, here is current evidence of hiding things in plain-view:
Although the primary issue gets lost and is not reflected upon or comprehended by many readers, the once stalwart NY Times can now protest loudly, "Well, we reported on that!" 
Of course, the above print analogy applies to electronic media or Internet news organizations, webpages, radio, and TV stations reporting a mention or short report on say a Friday night or early Saturday morning; regardless, something unflattering to the power-structure and their fake news lackeys--such as evidence of a crime or wrong-doing by entrenched career politicians, deep-state actors--you fill-in the blank.

...what do you mean we only report on celebrities, pop-culture, and mostly engage in soft-ball interviews?

"We reported on that!"

Another deceptive practice was illustrated by The NY Times simply burying a story; by design, something placed on page B 7 that should be on the front page--top-fold!
In this instance, across the entire United States all commercial and privately piloted planes having been grounded for four days in the wake of the 911Attacks, charter planes flew into several major metropolitan areas--including a stop to pick-up both the Sarasota, FL and San Diego based logistical Saudi co-conspirators--whisking-away thirty some relatives of the Bin Ladin's and Saudi Royal Family.

...this, without any questioning by law enforcement; how that could that happen?

Continually, both the lagging MSM and our newest overlords hell-bent on censoring websites--Big Tech--manipulate algorithms. Moreover, in researching for this post while ferreting-through email, I read the latest newsletter from the Radio and Television Digital News Association [RTNDA] to which I am a member; increasingly, I have had a grave concern on what has been discussed in webinars I've attended, recently, and the advice given to reporters masquerading as efforts to be more inclusive. To my astonishment, clinical psychologists, trends-type social media influencers, instruct rather inexperienced journalists from small markets, leading the coaching of those in attendance on what can only be described as insertion of creating a narrative to drive the agenda of those rioting, looting, and killing innocent people--oftentimes on the basis of skin color.
...sorry to say, that would be of white skin color, overwhelmingly.
I joined this organization that is the electronic media's counterpart to the more print-media oriented, Society of Professional Journalist; each strives for objectivity, credibility, and many other standards of ethics applied to news gathering, reporting, etc.   

Wrapping-up, the problem--seemingly--is that most people get their supposed news from their browser, mobile phone carrier, or are locked-into what is fueled by their algorithm: BuzzFeed, Vice, Daily Beast, Huffington Post, and globalist controlled sites such as The Atlantic and Politico. Add to this, the increasing use of fact-checking software such as NewsGuard and Snopes; equally important, the increasing deployment of censorship through fact-checking or content-evaluators--YouTube just-down the Peninsula in San Bruno--employing over 100,000 overseeing 4 Million post-per-hour--the tech giants own SJW control freak employees, far-leftist twenty-three-year-old devoid of...

You Guessed It: Critical Thinking & Reasoning

Okay, that all I have for today, but will leave you with this:

 11.1.2020: Fake News The Atlantic Issues Retraction

In closing, be ready for some real excitement on election night; unbelievably, Trump seems to have been closing the last week or so. Does anyone else think he got Covid and recovered so quickly to try to signal that we are completely over-reacting to this medical tyranny or de-facto martial law? 

I never would have thought he would be in this position, but judging by these huge rallies, caravans, and his tapping-into the angry resentment of being locked-down into perpetuity--Joe's faltering with ever increasing cognitive deterioration--it is looking to close-to-call.

Oh, I take that back: Expect the MSM to call it early for Bidden/Harris, lock-down the President's Twitter account, and--in many cases--muzzle 45's comments or declaration of victory if it is a landslide at the ballot-box.

It will be interesting to see if either candidate who took a pledge to "...wait until all votes are counted" to declare victory at the behest of Fox's [CIA Project Mockingbird Program & Son of 60 Minutes' Mike Wallace,] in the first debate posing the question--both agreed to do so.

...and of course, the 80 million write-in ballots causing the planned disruption and chaos in the streets, expecting to unfold on cue! 

We will have to wait and see.








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