Looks Like The Epstein-style Pedo-blackmail Rings Have Compromised Many Within of Our Nation's Leadership

[It is Sunday Zoom Church transitioning into an afternoon with my friend is in order. However, the story that began to break last Wednesday--the MSM regurgitating claims of Russian interference--is being suppressed by our high-tech overloads]

Breaking: MSM & Big Tech Covering-up Hunter Biden Compromised By Communist China

I will get back to writing tonight or tomorrow as more information emerges; meanwhile, share Jones' emergency report from Saturday. It needs to be shared, and I will provide a link to this Sunday's follow-up report.

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Compromised: Owned By the CCP and the Technocratic New World Order

...and just to be fair, let us take a look at a story just-out today that does seem to shed some light on the origins coming from Russia. My guess is that just like HRC's emails were hacked from the unsecured and illegal server at the Clinton's home by multiple governments' intelligence agencies:

[6 PM: I am back]

Once again, much like the Saudis were involved in 911, I also have seen much evidence exists, pointing to the deployment of the Saudi Royal Air Force training in and around Las Vegas as cover for agents participation in the Mandela Bay Mass Shooting!

Moreover, Mossad and Jeffery Epstein's connections with Maxine Ghislaine--her Father a Top British Intel Officer doubling with Mossad--seems to always lead to drugs, under-aged human trafficking for the purpose of compromising and pushing the selling-out of US sovereignty, the result.

This, dating-back to at least the Reagan Era Franklin/Boys Town--George Herbert Walker Bush fingerprints all over this one. Looking-back further, perhaps even Earl Warren (?) having pictures said to have been showed to him with teens, allegedly, may have been used as leverage to arrive at the lone-gunman Oswald conclusion.

...like I continue to be known to say, "Nothing is New Under the Sun."  

Perhaps--I would suggest--we at least grant the right to consent be restored to people of childbearing age [plus a couple more years to counter many's lack of emotional quotient] to the age of sixteen, perhaps even fifteen.

The logic being from this social observer/commentator who lost his virginity at fourteen to someone over eighteen--my idea, I seduced her. In the culture of The Summer of 1975, Sacramento, virginity was something to be dispensed-with prior to sophomore year if at all possible!
...then again, one could peddle-up to the Lerner Gas Station at Arden Way and Fair Oaks Boulevard and by a pack of cigarettes for .55 Cents, no questions asked. Times were different.

People have been getting married and starting families throughout history--abortion became a right at that at about that time, Roe v Wade (1973) as well as the option of keeping the baby and going on AFDC for what is sometimes twenty-years or more. Logically, human beings will continue to have sexual relations when the equipment and passion dictates, many falling-in-love with someone they may spend a lifetime with, marrying, and raising a family.

Why Weaponize It and Have Our Leaders Blackmailed?

Regardless, we could truly concentrate on rescuing children sold into sexual slavery or otherwise wrongfully sexually abused, and stop trying to defy mother nature on what had always been the right-of-passage. When they control our reproduction--just some two generations later--we lose control of man-kinds destiny and truly face a dystopian high-tech merging of humans with machines.


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