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Meanwhile, the MSM repeaters have done such a great job brainwashing so many, an acquaintance argues, "There has never been a mass shooting by a black man."

Somehow, he knew nothing of the Junetenth shooting of 15 in Oakland last week.

I was able to come-up with the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard just over a year-ago and the one last year in NYC; however, as usual instead of arrest coverage, arraignment, trial, sentencing, afforded to white mass shooters, no coverage is given if it does not fit the MSM narrative.

I really cannot blame him. 

If you are a Normie who is not emersed in the news cycle, who would know what happened on Juneteenth 2024 in Oakland, or how I was violently beaten on Juneteenth--by a man spewing racial epithets a few years back--there is rarely media coverage when the 1.5 or 2 % of the black residents who are released over-and-over without accountability continue to attack us on the streets, in our homes, and steal our stuff.

This is real, I live here; constantly, I have to look over my back and pay attention to the defensive weapons I have to protect myself from ongoing attacks.

As to last week, not a word on suspects, or anything from via local media in Oakland.

As usual, no follow-up on the suspect(s) just like when MSM is not covering the weekly rapes & killing by illegal aliens nationwide.

Okay, divisive?

No, just stating the obvious. 

As business after business--now the OAK Airport Hilton--closes, the woman who looks to have suffered a stroke with her left-eye half-shut [vaccine boosters anyone] on KRON 4 is "not sure why the hotel of 50 years is closing."

I promised my acquaintance a list of at least ten mass shootings in the past five years by black men, but I may have to do a little digging because a search query such as "Mass shootings by black men" will be effectively suppressed or censored by Google.

At this hour, I stand by my observations while watching a lunatic being interviewed on KRON 4 spending 5-6 minutes attacking the Supreme Court in a smug TikTok-ish smirk describing how trans kids are only having 18-times the rate of suicide because of lack of gender affirming-care.

That is code for hiding from the child's parents removing a child's reproductive organs and genital mutilation.

There, I said it.

If adults feel a need to transform, I think they should go right ahead. Who am I to judge; however, in my opinion. . .

Globalist use Transsexualism as a Bridge to Transhumanism 

 It is time to go on record regarding this madness as we get ready for the June 30th Pride March in The Big Shitty.

Expect shirtless formerly female people showing off their scars and kids having fat middle-aged men stripping-down and putting their junk in everyone's face.

Think I am Homophobic?

Not so fast. . .I have identified as Bi-sexual since the mid-eighties--largely out of respect for my mostly female partners who polite people would let know before consensual sex--due mostly out of concerns about HIV/Aids; then again, if you really have concern or feelings towards who you are sleeping with, why not be honest about your sexual orientation?

Once again, seems like the right thing to disclose; some women were "Okay Bi" others were "Okay Bye."

It was the right thing to do.

What is not the right thing to do is let drag queens' dressed as demonic satanists into elementary schools to read pornographic books & show images of sex-acts to children.


I have avoided talking about the trans issue, but clearly--just as the Nashville school shooter was not identified as Trans and her/he/she/they/them had the hate-filled manifesto hidden from the public; more often than not, the same has been happening regarding the mass shooting phenomenon resulting in  different treatment of minority or illegal alien shooters and violence.

So, I just wanted to be on record as we slide into our 2nd American Revolution, Civil War, or whatever it will be called in the history books.

. . .if they are not all burned!

I want to be on the correct (not Right) side of History.

There Goes a Big Chunk CT & Reasoning Readers

Let us focus on the top-one-percent of our Globalist Eugenicists Leaders who are destroying our country and hell-bent on shutting-down our energy, food supply & farms, and destroying humanity.

Most importantly: Continuing to Divide Us on Race & Other Cultural Issues

Have a nice day,



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