Getting Branded: Allegations Against Another Alternative Media Figure Follows Actual Playbook CT& Reasoning Obtained Early Last Year NEWSWEEK: FBI GASLIGHTS AMERICA OVER TWITTER FILES PAYING 3.4 MILLION TO CENSOR 'WRONG THINKERS'

[September 18, 2023 (11:00 AM PDT)]

Social Influencer & Alternative Media Guru Russell Brand

Day 3: The Most Important News Story in the World

. . .Really?

A new week critical thinkers,

First, let me thank whomever of you who have been sharing our link within your social media accounts; arguably, this month has already surpassed any month for views--triple the amount for August!

According to Russell Brand, a "Coordinated Attack" is at work and as I look around the alternative media landscape and the coverage this story is receiving, I would surmise Brand is on to something.

What we media-types refer to as a Top-fold Banner Headline [a holdover from print newspaper jargon,] started on Friday September 15, 2023; at first, I thought "what Brand"?

Again, like branding in media--and for some reason the banner headline photo image never appears on my laptop--I realized we were dealing with one of the most followed influencers of the populist anti-globalist, medical industrial complex Dragon Slayer, Russel Brand.

. . .not a right-wing zealot as he is often referred to by anyone who--Left or Right--supports the official narrative.

Here is the Fourth Revision Updated Today

Daily Mail: Alleged Victim Failed to File Police Report Even After Contacted by LAPD 

I have to tell you critical thinkers, this is becoming further biased towards the accuser (s) allegations compared to the earlier publications over the weekend; on the other hand, they have retained Brand's formal denial or press release if you scroll down in the piece. 

I am not going to spend a lot of time on this, occasionally, watching not more than a few snippets or minutes of his shtick when he "cues-up" after watching something on Rumble like Redacted News, Natural New's Mike Adams, or a hilarious satirical skit from JP Sears' Awaken with JP.

Regulars to CT&Reasoning know I try to provide links or post media across the spectrum, yet we acknowledge every one of us has some degree of media bias, myself included.

We all know how algorithms work, right?


As we witness the rise of the many now well-established platforms [Rumble Telegraph Periscope & so forth] which started following the 2017 coordinated purge across the digital or big tech platforms--Alex Jones being the first or test case---thousands of once popular sites went on to be disrupted, shadow banned, demonetized, and blacklisted; subsequently, multiple house committees have shined-a-light on the practice. Recently, multiple news accounts have revealed the amount of censorship administered by weekly FBI interactions involving over 50 agents or personnel directing who and what to censor.

Did you miss those news accounts about Twitter, Facebook and Instagram suppressing stories and studies about the vaccines, for example?

In case a mass shooting or other racist attack obfuscated or pushed the story off of your algorithm ---burying-the-lead--- here is the story from of all places, according to Newsweek

Remember the 100,000's of doctors--from around the world--epidemiologists, and other medical professionals' sites, posts which included credible peer reviewed studies continually taken down throughout the pandemic?

We Published the Secretive Handbook on Legacy Media & Big Tech's Plans to Censor & Cancel 

Take 15 or 20 minutes to scroll through this handbook marked "Sensitive" and not for "further release."

Other than to the CEO's, Top MSM titans of industry, social influencers, a handful of political leaders, NGOs, and nonprofits--think Soros types--who followed through months later deplatforming hundreds of popular sites and now thousands of popular sites.

I guarantee you will see the parallels of what transpired censorship-wise in the corresponding months and years.

Okay, I have spent more time on this new form of Branding, and there is plenty of info out there if interested, but consider this:

1) In the final weeks prior to his termination, Tucker Carlson continued to reveal the evidence of Jan 6th having been orchestrated with hundreds of Feds inside the crowds & infiltrating multiple law enforcement agencies on hand. Carlson, pointed-out the one-sided Jan 6th Committee investigation was not interested in CCTV footage demonstrating law enforcement ushering in hundreds through rope lines & capitol police providing tours to folks such as the self-aggrandized, 'Q Shaman; finally, Carlson was fired on the eve of an interview with the head of the capitol police who revealed himself and others --including then President Trump's request for 20,000 National Guard for the protest--requests were denied, repeatedly, just days prior; moreover, simple chain link fencing--okay maybe a heavier gauge than the fence at your kid's elementary school--requested was also rejected due to concerns about optics by Speaker Pelosi who has the final say on security matters, after the Seargeant of Arms, on Capitol Hill

2) Not crazy about Andrew Tate and do find him to be a misogynist, yet there are a lot of questions about him and his brothers take-down; ideocracy his brand, it is unreal his statements and sites with naked women only inviting trouble 

3) Recall what is still ongoing attempts to muzzle the World's most popular Podcaster, Joe Rogan?

4) Musk has still not restored Mike Adams, Alex Jones, and others many find to be Wack-a-doodles [God, I miss Randi Rhodes!] on formerly Twitter or 'X

5) So many I follow on Brighteon, Bit Chute, and Rumble, complain of having to edit, self-censor, or produce a different version of their shows for YouTube if they talk negatively about Big Pharma, WEF, or any number of topics deemed misinformation

Regarding Bit Chute, I think we are all Big Boys & Girls and have the media accumen at this point to avoid anti-sematic posts or bail on them if tricked by the headline soon after clicking-upon 

I Have Decades of Documented Activism Opposing Censorship

I will be back with other news from over the weekend teasing what is being portrayed as--potentially--an assassination attempt on RFK Jr. in LA, Jan 6th Defendents urge Supreme Court Intervention, and more.





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