DEVELOPING: HOUSE OWNED BY OAKLAND MAYOR RAIDED BY FBI Did Not Fit the Narrative: Juneteenth Shooting Now Declared a Mass Shooting Number Injured Climbs from 4 to 15 People


[JUNE 20, 2024 (10:00 AM PDT)]

Good morning critical thinkers,

Drake in the CT&Reasoning newsroom monitoring KRON 4 News which is reporting about 2-dozen FBI Agents removing several large cooler sized containers and a half-dozen file boxes.

Image Credit: Michael Thomas KRON 4 News

Once cleared, other media outlets rushed the door to knock and see if anyone answered; fat chance of that, right?

Funny, many of the agents made efforts to conceal their identity--appearing rattled by all of the media being held back across the street.

As I always like to say during these high level raids such as Mar-a-Lago, Epstein Island, or P-Diddy's sex dens:

"Fortunately, the FBI is on scene in case anything needs to be covered-up."

Here is What We Know at this Hour

Mayor Sheng Thao, now faces recall after a coalition of citizens groups turned in well over the amount of signatures, yesterday; in fact, the number of signatures exceeded the number of votes cast for Thao's run for mayor, prompting the activists to call for her to resign ahead of the November recall election.

It is important to realize Mayor Thao owns four residences in Alameda County and it has not been established if this is her primary residence--neighbors were tight-lipped.

Wrapping-up, one of the primary drivers behind the recall was the firing of a popular long-time Chief of Police, LeRonne Armstrong. The position remained empty for over a year while crime skyrocketed and many were interviewed to no avail. 

A new Chief was just sworn-in.

The mayor was criticized for missing-out on millions in grant money by failing to meet the deadline to file, contributing to the loss of the A's to Vegas, and generally coming across as incompetently managing the cities affairs.

Anyhow, I mentioned in my last post about the violence I experienced several Juneteenths-ago and expressed my disappointment in not feeling safe venturing into Oakland, anymore; sadly, I have a list of restaurants compiled from watching the PBS show, Check Please! Bay Area, and have enjoyed many venues and attractions--including exploring Lake Merritt over the years.

. . .I linked to a full list of every eatery surveyed over the years; note, almost 35-40% of the restaurants' are now closed. Think of all the multi-generational wealth, decent jobs, and economic activity lost due to the PlannedDemic.

Looks Like Laying Low was the Right Decision

[15:30 PDT)

We continue to monitor the developments or lack of further information on the story; currently, several media outlets are alluding to this being the house Thao lives-in. 

I am guessing national media will be covering once the FBI holds a press conference and charges are filed; most likely, the mayor has been advised to not to say much and proclaim she is expecting to be fully exonerated.

. . .then again, as is often the case, it may be "time to 'spend more time with my family'"

If we get a statement from the mayor or a resignation becomes likely, CT&Reasoning will chime back in.



[June 21, 2024 (12:30 PDT)]

Just a quick update, critical thinkers,

Apparently, the reporting of the number shot or otherwise injured--in what looks to be a shootout involving more than one individual--was suppressed by our local TV repeaters.

The incident started with a sideshow when some kid ran across one of the car's hood.

These sideshows are regularly breaking-out on an almost nightly basis, including in the center of the Bay Bridge and in front of the Ferry Building in the heart of San Francisco; oftentimes, another near daily occurrence is the over 100 motorcyclists, Quads, and other ATVs doing wheelies and stunts--even getting on sidewalks--from the Marina [Fisherman's Wharf you tourist people,] through North Beach, Chinatown, finishing-up stunts on Market, SOMA, or the Mission.

They are young and have untold energy. I have no idea where they end up.

Do not get me started on the e-bikes getting as close as possible to clip an old man at 28 MPH going the wrong way on every block of sidewalk on Market.

Crotchety Old Man Sounding Like Clint Eastwood: Get Off My Lawn 

In other words, we are descending into anarchy and chaos whether the retail thefts or the boldness of grocery store shoplifters; regularly, I cannot finish a quick trip to Trader Joes without incident; yesterday, four youths who--according to my security guard acquaintance had a trespassing violation and were not allowed in the store--punched a manager and hit security over the head.

Speaking of grocery stores, top of the hour Fox news on 560 KSFO is reporting two dead in a grocery store shooting in Arkansas.

I Do not know when or if a civil war is underway, but with the Trump sentencing closing-in on July 11th, WW III on the cusp--not to mention the terror cells already wreaking havoc enabled by the hordes of military-aged men crossing the open border--we are headed for a collapse sooner rather than later.



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