Pouring Fuel on the Fire: San Francisco Gives Alcohol to Addicted Homeless Slovakian Prime Minister Assassination Attempt WHISTLEBLOWER: US TAXPAYERS FUNDING COVERT UN INVASION OF US


[May 16, 2024 (13:30 PDT)]

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News Nation: Taxpayers in Uproar Over Enabling Free Alcohol to Homeless Program

Corner of McAllister & Leavenworth San Francisco

Well, next door to the City Impact food bank there is a needle exchange which displays a sign that says, "Thursday is the only day free glass [fenti/meth pipes] is distributed." 

Yeah, it is as crazy here as the national & international media portrays us to be!

The Latest Cutting-Edge News from Our Friends Natali & Clayton Morris

Redacted News May 15, 2024 (1:08:08 m TRT)

Assassination Attempt on Populist Leader of Slovakia, Robert Fico 

(6:15) Fico Rejects WHO Treaty & Spoke Against Covid Protocols

(20:36) Minimum Wage Hike Leads to 10,000+ Laid Off & Push for Automation

(40:30) Whistleblower: Hundreds-of-Billions of US Dollars to Transport Feed & House Invaders

If You Liked the Whistleblower Piece. . .

(5:50) Military-aged Men are UN soldiers 

(7:44) The Men are Being Directed to MEPS Stations for Induction into a military Force

That last one I cannot independently confirm; another thing to consider? What if the plan is to take our hollowed-out armed forces & shove fresh meat into the WW III Meat Grinder?

Guess we may as well throw-in tens-of-thousands of Palestinians now that the Gaza Pier is completed.

(9:15) US Senator Dick Durban Advocates for Newcomers Entering Military

(11:40) Illinois Program for Illegals to Become Police Officers

(13:50) Forces Trained in Turkey & Ukraine

(23:00) Lockdowns to Be Tried Again (?) World Health Org (WHO) is the Weaponized Arm of the UN

Vandersteel wraps up with insight of it won't work and people of the US and the World are waking-up and will resist this tyrannical plot.

Hilarious: I Can't Help Myself

Have you seen the viral video by Jimmy Failla?

Bigfoot: C'mon Man Records & Tapes

 "Keep Falling" set to the 1989 Tom Petty Hit "Free Fallin". . . what is next, a Linda Ronstadt remake, "I Can't Vote Joe"

Alright, visitors to CT&Reasoning know we try to avoid party politics, but we have several relevant stories regarding the constitutional struggle between a House Committee and the White House over this audio tape from the special prosecutors' interview of President JB; currently, the WH is claiming executive privilege to block the release and the House has voted to proceed with contempt-of-congress charges on AG, Merrik Garland.

ABC: WH Asserts Executive Privilege of Special Council Hur Audio

"It's a five-alarm fire at the White House. Clearly President Biden and his advisors fear releasing the audio recordings of his interview because it will again reaffirm to the American people that President Biden's mental state is in decline. The House Oversight Committee requires these recordings as part of our investigation of President Biden's mishandling of classified documents," Comer said in a statement posted to X

Just the News: Executive Privilege vs House Oversight Committe

In the meantime, there is a ton of coverage on the supposed hush money trial [truly over a nondisclosure agreement in many legal experts' opinion] so, I need not go there until a verdict is reached.

I will be back after proofreading and will add some subtitles or whatnot.

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