60 Minutes Pitches Replace Biden with Former Rhode Island Governor US Commerce Secretary Community Leader GLIDE Founder Cecil Williams Passes at 94 Pro Palestine Protest Spread Closer to Home


[April 21, 2024 (20:00 PDT)]

You know critical thinkers,

After arrival from sunning at one of my hangouts, an authentic 2-tacos were served-up streetside with some really authentic SF liberals who like to smoke cigars & sip wine in Starbucks cups outside their building on nice days.

Regularly, they share their offerings with the homeless & less fortunate on the block many of whom they know by name and refer to them as neighbors.

I have been fortunate enough to befriend them, having met my match in sidewalk debates on policy and all things SF politics with one-of-them a brilliant multiple degree feminist right [no Left,] out of central casting!

Just afterwords, I loaded into the pad and unpacked my snacks and whatnot; concurrently, fake news 740 AM KCBS/106.9 KFRC FM was repeating the same stories I had heard before & after church--even having had earlier endured a third time during that horrific quarterly refrigerator cleaning nightmare, mid-afternoon.

Then, Scott Pelley announces tonight's line-up on what simulcasts on KCBS & the HDTV.

So, I'm like, "Okay, time for progandacast," & I flip on Bay Area CBS 5.

The lead is about our current Commerce Secretary, Gina M. Raimondo.

Within minutes, I say to myself, "This is like a total build-up for promotion to. . ." 

Then, it is revealed the former Governor of Rhode Island is not only a Harvard grad but more importantly, a Rhodes Scholar.

God Lord I Exclaim: They are Preparing Her to Replace Biden on the Ticket

Lastly, the interview ends with [paraphrasing & I will find the link and do a follow-up post]

"You Seem Like Someone Destined to Run for President. . ."

Alright, I just wanted to put this out there and know Rhodes Scholars have made up so many of my lifetime's presidential nominees, cabinet officials, and are the gold-standard of picked for the gig--Clinton's coming to mind; however, the Bush Crime Family have long-time Nazi-ties, and neo-cons tend to come from Yale with a Skull & Crossbones linage.

Oh, guess I will double-down on my speculation. . .

Secretary Raimondo reminds me of Jimmy Carter coming out of nowhere:

As a teenager, Secretary Raimondo rode a public bus to LaSalle Academy in Providence, where she was valedictorian of her graduating class. She went on to graduate with honors from Harvard, where she was recognized as the top economics student in her class. She won a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University where she earned a doctorate and met her future husband Andy Moffit. She later graduated from Yale Law School. Secretary Raimondo clerked for US District Judge Kimba Wood and served as founding employee and senior vice president at Village Ventures.

Time to chill watching the movie, BreakPoint.

Love that one: Dead president masked bank robberies, drugs, PCH surfers, fast cars, & women--all-star cast.

Drake with just a hunch,


[April 23, 2024 (9:45 AM)}

This morning, I got around to locating the interview.

CORRECTION: How did I recall it was Scott Pelly? Maybe he voiced the intro (?)

Guess I was busy with the feature event/movie Break Point by the time of the posting.

Legendary SF Leader Cecil Williams 94 Dies

Yesterday, it was reported that a religious fixture of the Tenderloin and Internationally recognized political activist had passed.

Having attended church there for about a year when I first graduated from SFSU, I talked with Rev Williams and his gracious wife, Janice Marikitani on many occasions; definitely, for those of you who like me are students of history, I would plan on after experiencing a service led by Rev White, go downstairs to the room adjacent to the multipurpose community room. Inside, there is a very well curated exhibit of the twos' life of political activism dating back to the mid-sixties.

Another aside, their grandson was a colleague and a BECA Major. We shared a few classes, and he also had a multi-semester music radio show at SFSU's, KSFS.

. . .if I recall, he secured a gig at 106.1 KMEL San Francisco upon graduation.

Speaking of SF State, I would expect some kind of civil unrest in the coming days.

Student Campus Unrest Spreading Call for National Guard

I too have real problems with the indiscriminate bombing of the Palestinian people & understand it being characterized as Genocide. This is not my fight and much like even covering what Biden or Trump are doing is walking the digital tightrope.

There is a lot to cover, but these protest and arrests on the campus of NYU and Yale have been top stories.

(11:58 PDT) Here is the latest:

Washington Times: GOP Senators Urge Biden to Mobilize National Guard

Scouring the web in preparation for our next post,




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