HERE WE GO AGAIN: ISRAEL POUNDS IRAN IN RETALITORY STRIKE Declassification: MSM Newsweek Latest to Report on Existence of Weather Weapons A Look at US Nuke Arsenal & Weapons Development


[APRIL 18, 2024 (19:30 PDT)]

Here are some links, critical thinkers,

Epoch Times: Explosions Heard in Iran Flights Diverted

Of all sources. . .

USA Today: Iran Poised to Strike Israeli Nuke Site

. . .also

File Under: I Thought Geoengineering was a Conspiracy Theory 

Alright, we will know more tomorrow, and CT&Reasoning will try to figure all of the latest out.

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[April 19, 2024 (11:45 AM PDT)]

Back to Coverage on the Attack by Israel on Iran

Following-up on what has been reported to be a 3-target strike, critical thinkers,

We are getting new information, again from the US Sun reporting Mossad [Israel's CIA] may have been on the ground attacking a nuke facility.

In addition, I have found a very revealing video uploaded by Alex Hammer [20:00m] who can be found on Rumble & BitChute [be warned that last platform allows for links to offensive content.]

When you get to 7:00m [Fox 4 location unknown,] we see this storm pattern unfolding--first--over Iran as well and I am willing to bet we will have further reports of this being an attack on Iran to some extent; Alex Hammer, has a lot of official admissions from senior government and meteorologist regarding the cloudseeding program in Dubai & UAE

Now some personal reflections on this situation or time & place we find ourselves in

What I do find interesting is the posturing on all sides.

You know, sometimes It feels like we are in some-kind of Truman Show or some spin-of-the Karmic [Dharma (?)] wheel as John Lennon might muse; for instance, I have an acquaintance who was in Federal law enforcement who had worked with in some highly classified positions.

According to him, if there was a strategic nuclear exchange, it would " only roman candles going off." He added, "Those weapons have not been armed for many decades." 

When I pressed him for details [and I am paraphrasing,] he illuded to other beings which we share the planet not allowing such use to proceed; curiously, I replied with something of the nature of, "Oh. . .you mean 'interdimensional center-of-the earth'. . .like they made themselves known after Hiroshima & Nagasaki?"

To which he smiled with a slight head-nod.

That would be quite the biggest fraud ever committed and it is fun--for me anyways--to fanaticize about humankind undergoing some form of Great Awakening resulting in a paradigm shift going into the Age of Aquarius. . .blah-bity-blah-blah, where we would no longer have to take their sh*t.

Swords into Plowshares: Great Migration Part of Plan to End Nation States

We just do not know what is in store for all of us with the coming central bank digital currency, what lasting damage and resulting illness the authoritarian Covid policies inflicted--the unprecedented 3.5-year drop in mortality--and the ongoing instability we have been undergoing on so many socio-political levels.

. . .too many to list here, right?

Okay, I mentioned posturing before heading into the philosophical deep-dive naval-gazing introspection, and I also want to link to the cloud seeding fiasco which unfolded a few days-ago in Dubai.

Within the article is focus on the planned 12 Columbia Class subs which are to replace the current 14 Ohio Class; keep in mind, each of those Ohio class subs hold up to 16 tubes for cruise & submarine launched ballistic missile armed with ten multiple independently targeted reentry vehicle [MIRV.]

According to the Center for Arms Control & Non-proliferation, the Russians have a 16 MIRV missile under development.

Not since taking-in Soviet & Maoist propaganda films have I seen something like this. . .

Click on the top video for 35sec scramble & takeoff.


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