TOP FOLD DRUDGE: WW III BUILD UP THEY HAVE NO IDEA THE DANGER WE ARE IN: NY WOMEN SUCKER PUNCHING ENDEMIC Creepy P Diddy Videos of Partying with Teenagers in the Nobody Cares Porn Drenched Go-Go '90's Keep Surfacing Predictable: Multiple Conspiracy Hinged Key Bridge Videos Emerge


[MARCH 29, 2024 (17:00 PDT)]

After weeks and months of avoiding covering the military buildup in Europe. . . 


Polish PM warns 'we are in pre-war era' as Putin missiles fire close to border...
Hundreds of millions would die in first hour of nuke strikes...
NATO must be ready for Russia to invade our countries, Baltic ambassadors say...
Vlad can exploit loophole to attack US and NOT trigger Article 5...
Growing number Americans end up in Russian jails. Prospects for release unclear...
Journalist who covered Navalny trial arrested for extremism...
Zelensky fires more aides in reshuffle as Moscow bombards nation...
Finnish diplomats turn to 'sauna diplomacy' to evade Kremlin spies...

Welcome back critical thinkers,

Visitors to CT&Reasoning are serious news consumers & know pop culture is not reported on here.

However, CT&R readers also know, I will not miss an opportunity to callout MSM laziness, inaccuracies, and repeated pushing of a dumbed-down narrative; case-in-point, the local network affiliates and shows like Inside Edition--which got left on by accident--had a story out of NYC on mostly beautiful women being sucker-punched.

Clueless: Who are All These People Like Attacking Us?

Inside Edition: Sucker Punched Chicks

Hmmm. . . not a one of our local Top-5 TV Market anchors who--just recently--stopped wearing trash bag wraparound skirts--seem to be able or are unable to draw a correlation between the invasion we are enduring and the attacks on our infrastructure, businesses, women & children, and worsening Bay Area crime wave.

TURNING OFF TV: Some Fox Fake Wrestling Show

Dating back to the late eighties, I have joked with my friends about peeling-off from BBQs, wrapping-up hanging at the American River, or gatherings to watch primetime network Fake News on cable in The Sac.

Donald Trump did not create this term.

              P Diddy Explains J Bieber 48 hr Sleepover & Grooming of Usher 
 Image Credit:                                              

Here is an interesting Resse Report on the P-Diddy pedo-stuff while I look for the Key Bridge report. 

Many speculate the videos and electronic evidence scooped-up by homeland security will be suppressed and a cover-up will ensue; no doubt, 'Q-believers will insist Trump is still in charge pursuing the Hollywood satanic pedo-rings--just follow the plan!

Promised to Give A Few Days to Digest on Speculation Over Key Bridge

[March 30, 2024 (10:00 AM PDT)]

Last night, I had trouble finding this clip but have it now.

Right now, I feel confident to bring a few reports offering some evidence that this may have been another 5th-generation asymmetrical military attack.

Whistleblower: CCP Remote Towing Tech Hack of Ship in 2017

If pressed for time just go to (5:50-7:42m) for details of yacht Lady May hacking in 2017

Apparently, this Stinchfield cat has more lives than an once Drake Davis, Air Personality, popping-up--however briefly-- everywhere!

. . .was he not on both Fox and then News Nation, recently?

Anyhow, here is another video. 

. . . hmmm, whoever They are? 

First, I post this report because it includes excerpts from a documentary on how these bridges can be taken down; for instance, after an improved replacement bridge has been built, the old bridge is demolished; furthermore, these flashes of what is hypothesized to be cutting charges does coincide with the engineer's placement in the documentary.

Second, the other question--which had not occurred to me--is that all of these major bridges have traffic cams. Here in the Bay Area, high-definition cameras are located on ten or more bridges, tunnels, etc---all have multiple cameras.

Where is the traffic cam footage?

The video maker suggests the obvious: The explosive charges and flashes would be easily recognizable!

I am not saying the bridge was blown-up but am just putting this out there for all of us to take a look at.

Last post, I wrapped things up by stating, "Let the Conspiracy Theories Begin."

We all knew the internet sleuths would seize the moment, huh?

Carpe diem

On this chilly SF rainy day, I will be searching around for more stuff for you guys. 

One thing of interest is the phenomenon of the emboldened invaders breaking into vacant, for sale, or otherwise domiciles owned by people who have multiple homes; last night, I heard a report that the Venezuelan whose video went viral--an instructional tutorial on how to become a successful squatter--has now been arrested and turned over to ICE & is under deportation; apparently, Florida's Governor DeSantis has signed a bill to address reforming the eviction laws in their state.

Definitely, people are beginning to awake to the engineered collapse of our country--if not the bridge remains to be seen. Nothing like having your rental property or second home destroyed by just released from prison Venezuelan gang members making-up the Trojan Horse Invasion Force to issue one a swift kick-in-the-ass wake-up call!!!

Pretty good Davis. . .it rhymes & stuff

To the half of the population still sleepwalking through life staring into a screen watching Tik-Tok:


Be back soon,



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